Captions 5

Taken from the ongoing captioning game from the messageboards,  All images are property of New Line, etc. etc.
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Frodo seated at the Council

"No! The Spanish Inquisition got me and put me in the soft comfy chair!
Soon they will poke me with the squishy pilows!"

- Elven Maiden

"Boromir break-dancing? That's so wrong...." - MrsLGreenleaf

'I just KNOW it: not five minutes will pass ... and the Dwarf will be telling someone they may have that axe!' - gentle-giant

"Now is the WRONG time to tell me we are out of toilet paper!!" - Tiger-lily

Frodo thinking to self: Pippin, if that whoopee cushion I just sat on was your idea.......
Elrond thinking to self: Ha ha, he'll never guess. - Holly Baggins

Frodo didn't mind having larger companions to help the hobbits on their Quest, but did they have to strap them to papoose boards?  - Primula

What are they ... ... no, it can't be! Yep, it is! Gandalf and Elrond playing Rock, Paper, Scissors! - Ashlyn

Frodo: It can't be ... Aragorn's got furry feet, too! - MiddleEarthMunchkin

Frodo tried to hide the Elven chocolate bar in the back of his coat, but it was just too big. - Starflower

Legolas on Caradhras

"If you think I'm cleaning THAT up, Gimli, you are sadly mistaken!"
- Frodosmiss

After switching his regular hair care product to a bargin brand, Legolas is horrified to discover that even elves can get dandruff....... - mousechief

Despite having pointy ears, Legolas still couldn't quite manage the raised eyebrows... - Laiquendi

Tsk! Those boots DEFINITELY don't go with that outfit, Gimli! - Frodosmiss

Legolas: NO! Oh that did not just happen.
Gimli*from below sight line*: What?! What didn't just happen?
Legolas: I dropped my bathroom kit! You know, the one with my shampoo, conditioner, face mask cream, tooth brush and paste, eye brow comb, lash curler, hair brush, AND my mirror. This is a sad, sad day, Gimli, for all.
Gimli: How "for all"? It's your stuff, not ours.
Legolas: It's "for all" because without my kit I'm not gorgeous and I'm the most gorgeous and adored member of this group.
Gimli: *tries to hide a snicker and a snide comment behind a cough**he fails*
Legolas to Gimli: *whack* - Wanderer

Of all the dark weapons of Mordor, I never expected pillow-fights. - Primula

Aragorn and Eowyn in Edoras

A: Take two of these and call me in the morning.
E: thag you very buch  

- mousechief

Aragorn please!
Aragorn: But it's getting late!
Eowyn: Just one more time!
Aragorn: Oh all right! But this is the last time I read Goldilocks and the Three Bears to you tonight! - Dinledhwen

I'm sorry that Arwen snubbed your invite for the slumber party, but Cheer up, Eowyn. We can still put each others hair in curlers, pop some popcorn, give each other facials before we do the latest Valar Quiz: "Are you and your match compatible?" And then for the grand finale, we can give each other Hobbit Pedicures!  - Doctor Gamgee

Eowyn: Wait, Aragorn! Don't let go yet!
Aragorn: But, oh how can I put this.....................I have to use the little Dunedain's room.  - Yaviel of Lorien

*Aragorn runs in and shakes Éowyn awake*
Aragorn: "Come quick, Éowyn! We're needed for an advert on bed-hair!" - Laiquendi

I don't wanna go to school yet.... Five more minutes... - Bergil

"Ya that I look at you more and more, that color eyeshadow doesn't look half-bad on you...." - MrsLGreenleaf

EOWYN: I dreamed ... we saw a great wave climbing over green lands and above the hills. A green wave; thick and heavy ... carrying with it a multitude of green ... lumps. I could only stand there ... waiting ... waiting for you to ... understand. For you to realize, Aragorn; what so much Pert shampoo - so many bars of Irish Spring soap - might be for .... - gentle-giant

3 Hunters search for traces of hobbits

Aragorn: Who the Udun made Hobbits so small anyway???
Legolas: Uh oh. 

- Eärrámë

Aragorn to Legolas: "Don't think we've quite got the idea of this line dancing yet Leggy!" - Sylvania

Aragorn: "You put your right foot, Leggy, your RIGHT foot!" - Anna Estel

Judging by the signs, Legolas, it's official:
Disco is dead. - Doctor Gamgee

Be vewwy vewwy quiet... I'm hunting hobbits... - Lithilien Quicksilver

Aragorn, to Legolas: Why can't you wield a sword or an ax like the rest of us? I get sooooo tired of searching the ground for unused arrows!  - Frodosmiss

Viggo: Geeze Louise, Orlando, you were supposed to CATCH the keys to the SUV.... Now we'll be late for the cast clam bake! 
Orlando: I said "toss" the keys, not throw a fast ball.....blimey.
John: Once again, the pointy-eared pretty-boy blocks my closeup!   - Bregotamer

Aragorn and Legolas in their rendition of "where is my hairbrush?":
Leggy woke up and searched frantically... No hairbrush to be found, whatever shall he do?
"Aragorn, have you seen my..." Leggy thought to himself, 'Nevermind. he never uses the hairbrush." - Pippin's Sunshine

Aragorn, to Legolas: If you weren't so vain and just wore the darn glasses, we wouldn't be wasting time looking for your blasted contacts! - Frodosmiss

Middle Earth Musical Chairs:
Aragorn: When Gimli stops the music, I'm gonna grab THAT chair and win this thing once and for all!!!
Legolas: Oh, oh, who plays this song?   - Bregotamer

"Tread with great care, Legolas! Since the orcs were too afraid to go into those woods, there's no telling where they WENT!!"
Legolas' nose crinkles up ever so slightly at the thought....   - Frodosmiss

They looked frantically for most of the day, in vain. Orlando had lost one of the last pair of blue 'Elf Eye' contacts. For the remainder of the film, he would appear to have to have brown elven eyes.   - Lindorie

Aragorn: "My superior Ranger tracking skills would say the Rohirrim had something to do with this."
Legolas: "You mean there's lots of, er, meadow-muffins."
Gimli: "Did someone say muffins?"  - Primula

The thing I hate most about caddying for Gandalf and Elrond is looking for those darn golfballs!  - Frodosmiss

Gimli to Aragorn: "Hey, I said rest your knee on the rock, not your foot."
Aragorn: "Wha-ah-CHOO! My Legolas, how many times did I tell you not to put on cologne to try to impress us? Hello here, but I have allergies to that disgusting stuff and trust me it is far worse than your ear-allergy, err, sensitivity. And Gimli, I told you that I am the King, not you."
Legolas: "Ugh Aragorn, do we need duct tape? Oh never mind, you turned your head when you sneezed."  - gustaf

Viggo forgot which movie he was doing and started an Indian dance from "Hidalgo." Orlando quickly joined in since he didn't know if Viggo had gotten the latest from PJ and the script had been revised to include this rather strange dance. John just watched, chuckling quietly to himself.  - Eruvanne

Eowyn at Theodred's funeral

Dwarf women look just like the men....ewwwww! 
- Lindorie

Saddle sores are nothing ... it's these HOSE that chaffe. - Doctor Gamgee

Ditch me for the Elf, huh? Just wait til you taste your wedding cake! - Lithilien Quicksilver

"Gondor needs no pants? That's just scary." - Yaralindi

Background woman: *gasp* She mixed gold and silver jewelry!
Second woman: Oh, the fashion horror! The horror! Avert the eyes!
Eowyn: Crud, not again...  - Primula

Eowyn: Yeah, and who helped you pick out your wooly ensemble..... - bregotamer

"Botox certainly seems to have worked - how long before I can talk?" - Sylvania

I refuse to sing him that stupid Barney song again, not even for his funeral. - Primula