Captions 4

Taken from the ongoing captioning game from the messageboards,  All images are property of New Line, etc. etc.
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Aragorn at weathertop

Aragorn was sorely disappointed when his sword didn't glow like Sting.
- Captain-Peregrine

Aragorn's "Deer in the Headlights" look. - onone

"What do you mean this isn't Anduril? I traded 3 barrels of Longbottom leaf, 2 Morgul Blades and Billy Ferny's old pony for what...? A stinking Dwarf Knock-Off!! What is this world coming to?" - Tiger-Lily

"I don't think I should have eaten that last piece of dried meat." - Belladonnatook

"Wait... what do you mean it's rubber?" - Captain-Peregrine

Aragorn! Look at the watch!  You are getting sleepy......  VERY SLEEEEEEEEEPY....  - Frodosmiss

Frodo looks at the Ring at Bag End

"Curse both Uncle Bilbo AND his luck ...
why don't
I ever find anything like this when I buy Cracker Jacks?!?"

- gentle-giant

Gandalf: (Off screen) "Frodo do you see any bight shiny words?"
Frodo: "I see is some says Made in China!"  -  Dinledhwen

While Frodo was grateful that Gandalf had been able to lend him some contacts, he wondered how they would fit in hobbit-sized eyes. - Primula

Frodo was seriously considering Pippin's idea of how to hold onto the ring... but was afraid that a nose-ring would be a bit painful. - Captain-Peregrine

Frodo was finally able to translate the words on the Ring... "If lost, please return to Sauron at Mount Doom, Mordor." - Captain-Peregrine

This has wait, it's just lint.  My bad. - Starflower

Fellowship surrounded at Moria

Frodo: *whispers* Gandalf, turn off your nightlight. You're bringing in the bugs.

*there's never a giant can of Raid© around when you need one....* - mousechief

Can't you read the sign?! It says, DO NOT FEED! I told you not to feed them! You just had to give one, one of your Reeses Pieces! - Arwen 9

Frodo: Just because I said "I do not know the way" doesn't make me stupid. I KNOW this was not on the map.
Gandalf: How was I supposed to know you didn't like Woodstock Middle-Earth? - Captain-Peregrine

Gandalf: [to the Fellowship] Don't worry everyone! I have the situation all under control. *dramatic pause* The dramatic pause was for effect. I have a black belt in karate. - Yaviel of Lorien

Orlando Bloom – “Oh no... the Fangirls have found us…. "
Viggo Mortensen – “Uh oh,  I think we're in trouble ..... bodyguards? Has anyone seen the bodyguards?”
Sean Bean – “Nope,  and they're comin' fast at us .... screaming....with cameras, pens, notebooks....."
Elijah Wood "EVERYONE ...RUN FOR IT!!” - Goldberry

Narrated Voice-Over: Only once before had the expansive pedestrian-ways and promenades of the great Dwarf city of Dwarrowdelf experienced so much congestion ... during the great Mass-Transit Union Strike of the Second Age. - gentle-giant

Gandalf: What's that you say? Crowded? Oh, no ... not really, young Master Meriadoc. And, having posed such a question, I can only presume ... you've never been here on ladies' night .... - gentle-giant

Hobbits gape at the Party

The crowd watched in amazement as the baked beans Gandalf
had eaten earlier sent him skyward with a gaseous multi-colored blast.

- Dinledhwen

No! No! I said say "cheese", not I've got cheese!  - Lithilien Quicksilver

Don't ya love it when they get to dancing in their kilts?  - Lindorie

Good grief! Is that really the price of hair straightners? - Sylvania

Bilbo's party took a strange and sudden turn when he put on a ring and, thinking he was invisible, broke into a Chippendales routine he learned while on a side trip to the forest of Las Vegas. - Frodosmiss

We see London we see France, we see Gandalf's underpants! - Lindorie

All the actors stared in amazement as the set lights turned on to reveal that they were all on the set for Munchkin-land ducking from the Wicked Witch of the West.  - Eruvanne

Due to unforeseen budget cuts, Mr. Shore was reduced to directing a pile of singing hobbits.- Primula

The Annual Legolas Oggling Society & Terrible Casting Alumni's united Scream-a-thon Etc.. (ALOSTCAUSE) started their preceedings with the unveiling of this year's Elven Swim-wear Calendar.- Laiquendi

The crowd reacts as Pippin reads from his new book: "The hailstones leaped from the pavement, just like maggots when you fry them in hot grease." - Yaralindi

As their mothers warned them, the hobbits' faces eventually froze in that expression...  - onónë

Due to unforeseen budget cuts, Mr. Shore was reduced to directing a pile of singing hobbits. - Primula

The party came to a screeching halt when Legolas arrived sporting his new mohawk ... - Doctor Gamgee

Bag End burned brighter than any of them had expected. - Primula

It's the GHOST-Liiiiiiight! - Starflower

pumpkin hobbit at the Green Dragon

Drunk Frodo: "My, that is a beautiful baby!"
Person: "This is a pumpkin you idiot!"

- Gandalf the White

Frodo: "So you're saying if I just look through that little peep-hole I'll get a big surprise!!!??
Farmer giggles fiendishly.....  - Bregotamer

I've heard of "Vodkamelons" but I think "Pintkins" is a bad plan, lad. - Doctor Gamgee

Frodo: "I didn't mean to say your pumpkin looked yellow! Please don't throw it at me!"- Icarus

Just 'cos it's not a watermelon, can I still dance like Patrick Swayze? - Sylvania

What am I doing with this pumpkin, you ask? Why, it's going in my next batch of spiced pumpkin ale, of course! - Ashlyn

Toro! Toro!!! Who took my cape? - Yaralindi

'Squeeze it again! I have two more cups to fill up!' - Bergil