Captions 3

Taken from the ongoing captioning game from the messageboards,  All images are property of New Line, etc. etc.
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Frodo with pipe in a tree

Sam, I don't think we're in decent places anymore...
That big pink hippopotomus over there is waving at me.
- Laiquendi

Wait....they filled my pipe with WHAT??????????? - mousechief

Frodo ponders an age old dilemma... "Pipeweed will get you through times with out money...But money will not get you through times with out Pipeweed!"  - Tiger-Lily

Frodo : There's nothing like a pipe after a meal, and that was nothing like a meal !! - Aussieme

Ooooo.....that cloud looks like a bunny....wait......... what was in my pipe.........woah.........- Durin the Deathless

"Did I just see Bigfoot over there?!" - Dinledhwen

If I'm heading into smoky, shadowy ashy Mordor, then why the heck am I making it worse by smoking? Who gave me this pipe, anyway?! It was YOU Sam!! (Just you wait, I'll leave you behind when we reach Amon Hen...) - ElfPrincess of Valinor

*Frodo's impression of Han Solo in Return of the Jedi*  I just got this strange feeling... like I'm never gonna see her again. - Daughter of Kings

"I know we're horribly low on rations, Sam, but if we're going to have roasted rat soup again, couldn't you at least get some younger rats? This tail is stiff!" - Primula

Merry and Pippin at Amon Hen

*Merry and Pippin have just found out that mushrooms are fungi*
- mousechief

Pippin to Merry: "What do you mean...there is no loo?  - Tiger-Lily

Pippin: No, I don't care what you say! I tromped halfway across Middle Earth, and if the Orc want to give us lift, it's dandy with me! I'm sick of walking! We are not running away from the free ride! No way!
Merry: I'm not arguing with you about this! We're going!
Pippin:*grumble*  - Elven Maiden

What do you mean there's no HBO? What about Showtime?...MTV?...VH1?  Comedy Central? ESPN? No FOOD CHANNEL!!! - Lindorie

Pippin: NO! Say it isn't so!
Merry: Not that, anything but that!
*when Aragorn tells them that they're going to have to ration the food and only have one meal a day*Ashlyn

Pippin: Do you see what I see Merry?
Merry: Are you talking about that big purple murshroom?
Pippin: Yeah, that's it. What should we do?
Merry: RUN, you fool!   - Faramirgirl

Merry: "Oh no, Lord of the Rings fans, from the message boards, dozens of them. Run for your life, pip, RUN!" - Strange Elf

Pippin: "I don't believe it..."
Merry: "It can't be..."
Pippin: "It is!"
AN ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET!!!! - Durin the Deathless

Elrond at Orodruin

"I'm not sweating!! I'm glistening!"
- Frodosmiss

"Isildur, why do you have sticks? I have sticks ... you TOLD me to bring sticks! You said YOU'D bring the marshmallows!" - gentle-giant

" ignited this fire how?!" - MrsLGreenleaf

"NICE PJ! What do you mean "Decipher is catoring the wrap-party?!?" Those guys will skip the Caviar and put Mar-mite on the toast points! - Doctor Gamgee

"Don't EVER sneak up behind me like that, Isildur!! You KNOW I'm afraid of heights...and molten lava!" - Frodosmiss

What the heck is Keanu Reeves doing here? This isn't the Matrix! - Neesae

*Lord Elrond is caught with his hand in the cookie jar* - mousechief

I said
shut the door - you're letting in the cold! - Primula

Shoot, I forgot to take the lembas bread out of the oven! - Samsmissy

Theoden being exorcised

Theoden accidently finds where the batteries are in Gandalf's staff.
 - Primula

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! - Lindorie

Theoden reacts to the news that the network cancelled Dancing with the Biggest Loser Bionic American Idol. - Frodosmiss

Theoden: "Hello beastie" - Gandalf the White

Despite Theoden's protestations of its delicious flavour, the look on his face was enough to persuade Eomer to wait for Eowyn to perfect her stew recipe before he tried it. - Firiel

Dr. Gandalf: You would like more novocaine?
Theoden: Yabphh!  - Primula

Theoden:GRIMA!!! Did you switch my face cream with Preparation H again!!!???
Gandalf: Here let me take a look...(accidentally hits Theoden with staff) - Bregotamer

"use the force Lu.. Theoden." - Starflower

The bug is still on my head - hit it again! Hit is again! - Evelyn

Ian McKellen gets made up

Well, if the grimy look works for Viggo getting dates...
a little more dirt on that left cheek, if you please.

- Lindorie

Sir Ian: How come I have to have all this sweat and dirt painted on my face, while Mr. Sugar-and-Spice-and-Everything-Nice-Pretty-boy elf over there gets spritzed with Evian and dusted with glitter and fairy dust and stuff? - Frodosmiss

Are you sure this is the same makeover you gave Britney Spears? Someone bring me a mirror! - Primula

Well, if the grimy look works for Viggo getting dates...a little more dirt on that left cheek, if you please. - Lindorie

Sir Ian, to PJ: Of course Gandalf wore a watch!
He told Frodo that a wizard is never late, nor is he, how can he not be late or early without a watch? - Frodosmiss

Of course this is what every good wizard wears underneath his dress!! - Sylvania

I'm sure a wizard should be wearing a Rolex. - Strange Elf

"Now remember, I want a little unicorn on that cheek, and a rainbow on the other. Are you sure you've painted faces before?"  - Starflower

'Wait, is that a sharpie?' - Bergil

Leave room on my cheek for the other autographs! - Evelyn

I thought blackface was considered passe. - Primula