Captions 2

Taken from the ongoing captioning game from the messageboards,  All images are property of New Line, etc. etc.
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Legolas at Helm's Deep

'Is that a conga line they're forming?' 
- Ashlyn

Aragorn, where's the solvent? That dwarf super-glued my eyebrows together again. - Primula

I wonder how far I can throw that Dwarf? - Faramirgirl

If i squint hard enough, maybe they'll give me x-ray vision! - Laiquendi

"Did I just hear a "toot" come out of the back of that Oliphant?"  - Neesae

"Sweet Elbereth! And I thought that we Elves were flexible! Is that a leg? How did...wha...but..." - Lindorie

No, I do not look like an Armadillo, Pippin. - Strange Elf

Split ends?! Say not those foul words!! - pi

Legolas was suddenly shocked to see an pink clad Arwen fighting along side of him at Helm's Deep one second and then gone the next as if she had been edited out by some great all powerful being!  - Dinledhwen

But, that uruk's DEAD! I shot him! Twice! and is says in the script that anything shot by me will die. I don't care if you have a wife and kids at home; you're supposed to be dead! - Durin the Deathless

Did you just call me a pixie? Nobody calls me a pixie! - Daughter of Kings

I told you to stop touching my hair! - Daughter of Kings

Galadriel blesses Frodo

Herbal Essence just makes me want to.......ahhhhhhh!
- Strange Elf

- Ahhh! My nose hairs are caught in you hair! Ouch!!

- *yawn* So tired...falling asleep...leaning forward onto Frodo's head...zzzzz 

-  I bow to you Frodo of the...OUCH! You stand to close! I hit my nose on your head! - Wanderer

*whispers* If you keep that slimy Ranger away from my granddaughter, I'll make you rich beyond your dreams. Find a way to get rid of him permanently, and I promise you a place in Valinor.....I have friends.... - Lindorie

Mmmmm.... it has been so long since I have eaten Hobbit. - Laiquendi

And when the Lady of the Light bent down to kiss the young Hobbit, he not only failed to turn into a handsome prince, her lips got stuck to his head! - Tiger-Lily

Ummmm....smells like chicken!  - Lindorie

Galadriel: "And Frodo it you dare give my cell phone number to that creepy dwarf I'll turn YOU into something unnatural!" - Dinledhwen

Sam with Elven rope

Wow, Gollum sure has long boogers. 
- Starflower

*thinks to himself* Hmmm, I gotta figure out how to get this elvish dental floss through my teeth..... - MrsLGreenleaf

*thinks to self* Sam, you Ninnyhammer! You brought the pots, but left the crochet hooks with the Gaffer! - Doctor Gamgee

"What did Galardriel say to do with the rope?" - Faramirgirl

Well; what'cha know? Mister Frodo was right ... this two-hundred-foot-long shoelace turned out to be useful after all! - gentle-giant

Great! Legolas gets a bow, and I get rope. Wadda my gonna do, challenge all the orcs of Mordor to a game of Cat's Cradle?!?!  - Doctor Gamgee

"Mithril-plated spaghetti! Imagine that." - Primula

Sean Astin thinking to himself... "I don't need Cue cards, I'll just use this Rope..." - Tiger-lily

I bet this lock of Legalos's hair will fetch a pretty penny to the nearest fangirl! - Samsmissy

One rope to rule them all
One rope to find them
one rope to bring them all
and in the darkness bind them.   - Tiger-lily

5 hobbits & Gandalf at the Grey Havens

Well we're sorry, but we don't think that new,
expensive miracle face cream is really worth the money!

- Sylvania

Sam: Okay, when the train completely stops, we'll all link arms and try to get in the same compartment...
Frodo: Yeah, yeah. Whatever.
Merry: Are you sure this is the right track?
Pippin: Where are we going?
Bilbo: You call the subway an adventure?  - Primula

Sam: what is that?
Frodo: I don't know...
Bilbo: It's my old ring!
Merry & Pippin: whoa! - Gandalf the White

Pippin: After the Roller Coaster of Death, can we go on the bumper cars?
Sam: Are you sure this thing is safe?
Gandalf: Remember, keep all appendages inside the car.  - Primula

Voice from above: Number 3, step forward.
Behind the two-way mirror: Is this the hobbit who took the last cherry tart, Master Elrond? - Doctor Gamgee

Gandalf looks on as the five hobbits are enthralled by the huge conga-line going onboard the ship...
Pippin: Can we join?  - Pippin's Sunshine

Bilbo: I booked a cruise ship to Valinor and they send the SS Minow.
Sam: Is THAT the Skipper?
Pippin: Where's Maryann?
Merry: If Ginger isn't on this boat.......
Frodo and Gandalf have same mental comment: Hobbits!   - bregotamer

Frodo seemed to be the only hobbit not shocked to see Mick Jagger still wearing tight leather pants at the age of 98. - Frodosmiss

Merry: When does the game start?
Pippin: What sport is this?
Sam: That scoreboard doesn't look safe - are those bolts tight? And that guy isn't wearing a helmet.
Bilbo: What kind of nonsense is this? Hobbit-sized bleachers should hold more than five hobbits. This is ridiculous. Why when I was on my Adventure, I saw bleachers that would hold hundreds, nowadays no one really knows how to build proper bleachers, gluteus bleesha in the old language, or 'seats for the buns' in the translation of the Westron...
Frodo: Yeah, yeah. Blah blah blah, Uncle. Blah blah blah.   - Primula

Though most of the hobbits were most anxiously awaiting the winner of Image Captions, Frodo's mind had wandered off to the "Who Am I?" thread..... - Frodosmiss

Pippin looks up in Gondor

"Which mushrooms did you eat, Pippin?" Gandalf inquired sternly...
- Fíriel

"Oooh, lookie Gandalf! All the pretty black birds up there!" - Primula

Legolas has perfectly coiffed nose hair too!?! - Doctor Gamgee

Gandalf: Welcome, Pippin, to FAO Schwartz - Lindorie

Methinks those mischevious elves added an extra ingredient to the last batch of Lembas bread! - Sylvania

Pippin watched in astonished delight as the Miracle-Gro Ent Draught he'd snuck into Gimli's beer took effect. - Primula

Gandalf's voice from above: "You are a Lost cause!" - Eärrámë

Wow! Minas Tirith isn't just a white's REALLY a White Castle! Look! Mushroom sliders on their dollar menu! that Denethor running the char-broil grill? - Frodosmiss

Gandalf's hand puppet was SO lifelike! - Sylvania