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Taken from the ongoing captioning game from the messageboards,  All images are property of New Line, etc. etc.
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Pippin informs Gandalf of Denethor

As part of their bonding experience, Faramir shows Pippin
 the wonders of the chain mail WEDGIE!!!

- Icarus

I just saw Gothmog in a thong! - Yaralindi

Here we see Pippin's expression just as he slips on a Banana Peel which he, unfortunately, didn't see. - Babidi Buu

How tall do you have to be to go on the quest, journey, thingy? - Doctor Gamgee

No second breakfast? Horrors! - onónë

"I wanted the ice-cream to be big, but i didn't want it to be this big!" - Babidi Buu

"Your horse is standin' on my fooooot!" - Primula

Pippin was rendered speechless when he saw Aragorn with freshly shampooed hair. - onónë

Quick, where's the loo! It came in pints! - Yaralindi

"Gandalf! It's Denethor! He's startin' a weenie-roast and we're goin' ta be late!" - Primula

Pippin finds out the hard way why men's voices always seem higher when they get off a horse.- Yaralindi

Saruman watches an orc be throttled

Orc: But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
Saruman: Next!

- Primula

... and after that, none of the other orcs ever teased Saruman about his long fingernails again! - Icarus

Saruman: You there, small orc-thing, dictate: "Home made Botox trial #456 no good. Back to the drawing board. - bregotamer

Unbeknownst to Peter Jackson, Eve Plumb snuck into the editing booth to add her special touch ... "Lurtz, Lurtz, Lurtz!" - Doctor Gamgee

Saruman delighted in winning the Pudding Sculpture Contest every year... - Primula

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! She always gets all the cute boys! - Icarus

Okay, I admit it! Saruman MADE me give you that wedgie! - Yaralindi

Saruman: Little girl? Little girl!...I wouldn't try that if I were you!!!
Uruk: What's happening to her face? You're turning all brown and roast beef!
Saruman: It's always the same. They always turn into roast beef. Huh, well, on with the tour!
- bregotamer

Lurtz: This is how you hit the high 'C' in the finale! Don't make me tell you again! - Icarus

Saruman, thinking, "Hmmm... I knew there was a reason I have someone tasting my food before I eat it. Note to self, fire chef. Again." - onónë

C-SPAN finally gets permission to turn the cameras on for the health care debates. - Yaralindi
Pelosi watches as Obama "personally encourages" a Senator to vote for the health care bill. - Icarus

Why orcs don't like going to the dentist either. - onónë

Orc behind Saruman: Timmy!? Timmy! Where's my Timmy!?
Saruman: Stand back madam! We think this Mordor maggot may have swallowed your son!
Uruk out of frame: Spit 'im out!! Spit 'im out, or I'll never let you have another play date again!!!
- bregotamer

Snogzat's yodeling was the life of Saruman's parties, especially when he used other orcs for the warbling high parts. - Primula

If I told you once, I told you twice, don't eat the Legos!- Yaralindi

And now.... The Larch. No wait, that's Lurtz, sorry! <crack>
Saruman: Cut them all down, even The Larch!
- Yaralindi

Aragorn gazes on the Palantir

Aragorn introduces Cosmic Bowling to Middle Earth.

"Alas, Poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio!..." - onónë

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall....wait, I'm holding it. Are you guys sure this incantation will make it talk to me?"- Fíriel

Aragorn introduces Cosmic Bowling to Middle Earth. - onónë

Aragorn in best Verizon commercial voice: "Can you hear me now?" - Dinelleth

When they asked if I wanted a digital reader, I thought they meant a Kindle! - lindorie

"Arwen's cooking needs a little help here. But I just have to keep smiling and pretending everything is OK ..."
It took 15 minutes and a mithril crobar to get the Arwen's Elvish Muffin off of Aragorn's hand...
- Doctor Gamgee

If your Christmas ornaments are brighter than most of your family - you might be a redneck. - Yaralindi

Much to his companions' dismay, Aragorn was thoroughly enjoying his new Magic 8-Ball. "Does Arwen love me?" "Will I lose this battle?" "Am I ruggedly handsome?" "Do I really need to bathe?" "Is my hair receding?" - onónë

Professon Trelawney said that Aragorn had no talent in reading the crystal ball, but did keep mentioning that she saw a large black creature in his future. - Lindorie

Aragorn catches his reflection in the Palantir and thinks, "2 years without a bath, and still a good lookin' guy!" - onónë

Aragorn thought that being the referee at the Hobbit basketball championship sould be a LOT more fun than this! - Icarus

Wow! On the contrary, I didn't think I looked THAT good! - bregotamer

So, the Arquillians are going to blow up Middle Earth if we don't give them the Galaxy. Agent F, you take The Ring and head to Mordor. Maybe destroying that will distract them somehow.
Aragorn whispers to self: The truth is, I make this hair look goood!
- Yaralindi

Aragorn: "A little to the left... no. No, there was a clearer picture where it was before. No... now it's gone all cloudy again. Pippin! Will you stop messing around and get the antenna in the right place or we're going to miss CSI:Minis Tirith!" - onónë

Now that'sa soma spicey meatah ball! - Yaralindi

I see a tall, dark and unwashed stranger in your future... oh, wait... that's me. - Daughter of Kings

Okay, Mr. erm, Sauron is it? Can you turn your head and cough please? - Yaralindi

Aragorn marvels at the fact that after 3 days of sucking on it, the giant jawbreaker was the same size as when he started. - Frodosmiss

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