Captions 16

Taken from the ongoing captioning game from the messageboards,  All images are property of New Line, etc. etc.
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Merry, Pippin and Aragorn blurred, wrestling

"We're caught in a tractor beam! It's pulling us in!!!"

"Kum-ba-yah... haha! Now let's sing it really really fast! Kumbayahm'lordkumbayah...!"  - Primula

And here are the boys with that nice chap we met while at the Huorn Hyatt.
Of course, they could never stand still, but don't they look like they're having fun?!! - Yaralindi

Dom: "Viggo, check out this new chord Billy and I learned on the guitar today!" - Icarus

Aragorn couldn't quite resist taking Merry's dare to stand up on the roller-coaster... his first and last time.... - Primula

"Here we have a picture of Aragorn, Merry and Pippin. Unfortunately for Merry and Pippin, the camera snapped just in time for the two hobbits to sneeze at the same time. Aragorn did his best to get out of the way and fast.." - Babidi Buu

Frodo to Sam: Wait... where did this picture come from? And this one? Sam! Did you "borrow" my camera?? - onónë

Fran to Phillipa upon seeing this picture: "Peter's going to KILL that screen editor!" - Icarus

Sam pushes Merry and Pippin away from the Gaffer's home brew. "Me Gaffer was right! Keep away from this stuff. This WILL put hair on your chest...and a bit more." - Doctor Gamgee

"You put your head in. You put your head in and you shake it all about!" - Yaralindi

Who knew Aragorn was a dementor? - Frodosmiss

"Hwooah! Elrond's white Oliphaunt may be faster than walkin', but I think I'm gettin' seasick." - Primula

The head-banging craze reaches Middle Earth... with disastrous results. - - onónë

"For the Shire!" - Icarus

True, Aragorn was still sure his one parachute would work for the three of them, but only now did he realize he hadn't left a free hand to pull the cord... - Primula

Gimli should never have used habanero peppers in the coney stew. - Yaralindi

Aragorn: You heard Lind, lads. Put down the cupcakes and back away from the craft table... - Doctor Gamgee