Captions 12

Taken from the ongoing captioning game from the messageboards,  All images are property of New Line, etc. etc.
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Celeborn & Galadriel

I thought I told you not to play with the Chinese finger cuffs.
You got stuck again, didn't you?

 - Ashlyn

Well! I guess we all know NOW just WHO stole my hair crimper, don't we!?!? - Doctor Gamgee

Honey, I didn't mean those things I said the other night! - Gandalf the White

Celeborn: My dress doesn't look too much like yours, does it? - Strange Elf

Celeborn: Rapunzel totally pwns u! -  Eärrámë   (translation by Lai - pwns is one better than owns (since it is one letter up). )

Yes, yes ... I know we saw Gone With the Wind just last week, Celeborn ... but truly, I do NOT recall the scene in which Rhet scuttled Scarlet up the stairs; still ... what's your point? - gentle-giant

Celeborn and Galadriel to Hobbits: Remember to be back by 10...
...and no drinking... wild driving...
...and we know what you were doing in that car last night - HobbitNaga

Hmmph ! Her hair may be golden but mine is silvery fair. - Feanor

"You know, I really like the random blue floaty things in the backround but seriously, we need a change. How about green or even disco balls. Come on! We need to add some flair before we leave for the Grey Havens." - The1Ring

"- You have a Hobbit under your shoe.
- So do you!" - Veline

Celeborn: "Did you use the last of the hair gel??" - Traevynn

Gandalf walks in the fields

Dangit... I'm sure I dropped my wallet somewhere no, here....
no... maybe over there?
  All these %@*#! grassy hillocks look alike.

- Primula

RICOLA! -  Eärrámë

How far is that darn Gondor anyway?  'Grumble'.  - Feanor

- Come on, this way, my little friends!
- But... how do yo know that, Gandalf? ask the Hobbits, running hidden by the grass. (how convenient!)
- My hat always points out the wrong direction, that's the key! - Veline

*Gandalf leaps round the corner and starts to sing in his gruff voice*
The hills are alive... with the sound of magic!
With spells they have spun for a thousand years!    - Laiquendi

Darn! My hat fell over my eyes again!  - Starflower

When I find that darn wabbit, I'm going to whack him right between the eyes w/ my staff. "Just turn left at Albequerque" he says! BAH! - Frodosmiss

Traveling through the highest mountains to the lowest valley. To every place in Middle-Earth it's..... Ring Trekker! - Starflower

*Sings as he marches along* "We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz(giliath)" - Strange Elf

From the SARUMAN RULES Collection:
GANDALF the A-Grey-Vane
This functioning weather vane will let you know which way the wind is blowing. Any resemblance to the Grey Windbag is NOT Coincidental.  - Doctor Gamgee

(voice from outside the frame): What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow?
Gandalf: mutters to himself....BLAST! Why didn't I listen to Radagast when he was talking about the birds and bees....And I was worried about Balrogs. - Lindorie

*huff, huff. Stops to check step counter* Oh, darn. Only five hundred steps. Here we go again. *huff, huff*  - Eruvanne

"Not Slytherin, not Slytherin..." - Eärrámë

"Now...hmmm...if I don't know which way to go, always follow my that means I should go...O WAIT!! Do I smell barbeque!?" - The1Ring

Now...was it over the river and through the woods....or through the river and over the woods? - Frodosmiss

Frodo & Sam watch for Oliphaunts

I don't usually hold to foreign food, but this cow's grass, it's not half bad!
- Frodosmiss

Mr Frodo, is that a Heffalump or a Woozle? - Eärrámë

"Well fry my taters, there she goes again! Look, Master, when Mrs. Galadriel lights up, the trees n' bushes look almost like it's day!
"Yes, Sam. I just wish she weren't a strobe..." - Primula

'I wish Gandalf were here. He'd know what to do.'
'Well, you can ask him yourself, Mister Frodo, he's right there next to that tree. '
'Sam, that's another tree.'
'Oh.'  - Eruvanne

Frodo: Sam?
Sam: Yes Mr. Frodo, sir?
Frodo: You know that big chocolate gateaux you brought?
Sam: Oh, you mean the great big triple chocolate gateaux made by my dear old Ma before she departed this world, bless her soul, that she filled with special chcolate given to her by Gandalf, decorated in Lothlórien with mystical Elvish frosting by Galadriel, carried all this way avoiding the sticky fingers of Nazgûl, Balrogs, Orcs, Uruk-hai, Gollum and even that sneaky cake-stealer Gimli, my prized possession, my joys of joys, my one last memory of home, and the one thing that reminds me of all the good in this world?
Frodo: Mmm.. yes. That gateaux.
Sam: Why, Mr Frodo?
Frodo: Because I think I just laid on it... - Laiquendi

I just know I dropped the ring around here somewhere!! - Traevynn

Frodo: See here, Sam, I planted some taters ready for the return journey around here somewhere...where are they?!
Sam: *Burp* - Arthur

We're doomed! PJ is at the crafts table again, and there's only one donut left. - Doctor Gamgee

Okay, Sam. I'll give you a few minutes to crawl over behind Legolas and at the count of three, we burst from the bushes and pants him! - Frodosmiss

Aragorn tastes Eowyn's stew

Eowyn: "Ah, dear Aragorn, dost thou agree... The slugs are particularly fine this year, are they not?"
 - Ringwraith-Wife

Eowyn's stew gives "gag me with a spoon" a whole new meaning...  - Lithilien Quicksilver

Don't know how much longer I can keep this gruel in my mouth before spitting it out - if only she'd turn away for just a second .... - Sylvania

Aragorn was too late in spying Legolas' silent "Don't eat that!" gesture while the elf stood off camera. - Dinledhwen

Aragorn: *looks over to where Eomer is and catches his eye* *says with his eye* Eomer!! diversion please!! You know how gross this is! Help!
Eomer: *grins and says with his eye* No thanks! I'm going to just let you suffer. - gustaf

Aragon suddenly relises that the 'melted chocolate' is Marmite. - Starflower

Aragorn: I hope she leaves before I have to eat this entire spoon. - Eärrámë

Bilbo spots the Sackville-Bagginses

Bilbo (in a haunting and mysterious voice): Pull my finger!
- Gandalf the White

Uh! Frodo.....I swallowed the worm! - bregotamer

Frodo, do you think I should've gone with the lighter wig tonight? - Icarus

How dare you even suggest that, sir! I wouldn't DREAM of wearing a toupee! What, Frodo? It's crooked? Why didn't you say so earlier? - onónë

*Bilbo, in his best, late 70's Steve Martin voice:* Well, Excuuuuuuuuuuse Meeeeeee! - Frodosmiss

(Dramatically) And! - Primula

Ian as King Lear: O, that way madness lies! - - onónë

Frodo! My finger! I can't stop it!!! Ahhhhhh! - Icarus

Does THIS look like a successful Botox job to YOU!? - bregotamer

Look at this face! Do I look like I'm lying? I'm telling you...the woman's purse was FULL of spoons! I think I might have even spotted a spork poking out of the side pocket! How weird is that? - Frodosmiss

I had ONE...ONE piece of cake! - bregotamer

Mmmmmf!  Mmmf  mmmmmmmf!  - Starflower

You can't have my ring - I turned it into gold fillings! - Primula