Captions 10

Taken from the ongoing captioning game from the messageboards,  All images are property of New Line, etc. etc.
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Wellinghall by the Hildebrandts

Now where did I put that can of Raid?? 
- Traevynn

Treebeard to Merry and Pippin: "I swear to you, the fish was THIS BIG." - BelladonnaTook

Treebeard: PJ, look at! LOOK at me! I told you we shouldn't let Tim Burton do the animation! - Elven Maiden

"I don't care how good you think your pipe-weed is. This is a no-smoking establishment." - gentle-giant

Honey, I shrunk the kids! - Traevynn

As a matter of fact I DON"T think it's funny to put glow sticks in Quickbeam's soup. - Frodosmiss

Gandalf muttering: I give up! I spend all that time on a useless spell which blows up in my face, trying to make Merry and Pippen less bothersome and all it does is SHRINK them! - Doctor Gamgee

No, thank you young hobbits, but I would not care for a bowl of hasty pudding! - Frodosmiss

"I love you this much little brown hare!!" said Treebeard. "Well your hair ain't that brown and short anymore old man!!!" said little brown hare. "And by the way I'm not your little brown hare anymore. I'm teenage punk-rock blue hare!" he said. - Samsmissy

Aragorn & Gandalf in Edoras

Aragorn: 3000 years and not ONE new joke . . . 
- Doctor Gamgee

Aragorn thinks, "Grey Wanderer? Grey Babbler!! 'yawn'" - Anna Estel

"How do I tell Gandalf that he suffers from chronic halitosis?" - Frodosmiss

Gandalf: Yes Aragorn, we have to take the Dwarf. Don't worry, he'll sober up soon. - Strange Elf

You would think they could at least leave the horses outside for that, wouldn't you?  - Primula

Gandalf: Looks like the dwarf's about to blow big time! I hope Legolas knows a good dry cleaner! - Dinledhwen

I don't mind that Merry and Pippin are dancing on the tables, but do they have to do the Macarena? - Frodosmiss

4 hobbits between Moria and Lorien

Totally disregarding the others' ingnorance in the matter, Frodo continued unabated:
"I pledge allegiance to the flag .... "
- gentle-giant

The Rohirrim may be our friends, but I'm never eating Eowyn's stew again!! - Anna Estel

No matter how long the journey, the hobbits never got used to seeing Gimli in a thong. - Traevynn

Sam whispers to the group: "I wonder if Mr. Gandalf realizes that, when the sun hits it just right, we can see his  Harry Potter undies through his white robe?"  - Frodosmiss

Great Wizard's breath! THAT turns into Legolas???? With just one cup of coffee?? - Lindorie

"All right, let's try it again from the second measure. Where's our baritone? Merry! Get up here, and for the last time, you may not sing lead!" - Primula

The hobbits were amazed to discover the entire world was made of dirt. - Evelyn

Elrond and Elves of the Last Alliance

*Elrond to self* I knew I shouldn't have missed that last meeting!
- Ashlyn

You would think I'd be the first to get a helmet. - Strange Elf

Elrond (to steal a line): "Right, where are we going?" - Anna Estel

(sings) One of these elves is not like the of these elves just doesn't belong.... - Frodosmiss

It's the Dark Land of the Dark Lord, who thinks to bring sunscreen?!? - AnnaEstel

Elrond suddenly realizes that today is NOT Casual Friday... - Frodosmiss

Nah. No helmet today. Don't want to muss the 'do. - Traevynn

I SO need a facial and a manicure. - Lindorie

"Wow. Deja vu!" - Primula

Now how did that go? "Back and sides go bare, go bare - In front wear armor here and there..." - Treblemaker

Gimli faces a hand of the Dead

"There are how many Dwarf women?"
- Gandalf the White

Gimli learned his lesson about peeing on Sauron's electric fence... - frodosmiss

"Umph. Excuse me! Too much ale!" - Icarus

"Great Caesar's Ghost!" - onónë

Gimli, wandering through the paths of the dead, stumbles upon a dead man's party.
Ghost bouncer says, "Everybody's welcome, leave your body at the door." - bregotamer

Gimli learned a hard lesson about the dangers of shuffling his feet on the shag carpet in the Golden Hall.... - frodosmiss

OOOO... Now THAT's Longbottom Leaf! - Icarus

"Oooh, scary hand!  Yeah, yeah... Show me a whole body and go 'boo' you Ghost-school dropout." - Primula

Gimli, ever the gentledwarf, went to kiss the ladies hand. - Strange Elf

"I ain't going anywhere near them trees" shuddered the mine-dwelling dwarf! - Sylvania

Seen on a billboard in the South Farthing....
The flavor of Longbottom Leaf will reach out and GRAB YOU!!! - Doctor Gamgee

Gimli, watching the Ghost of Balin's Hand frantically waving about, really wished he taken that Dwarvish Sign Language class. - Primula

For my birthday, I wish to NEVER have anything to do with the Army of the Dead again! - Icarus