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Boromir at the council

I hate it when it's Gimli's turn to cook. Dwarf hair in everything.
- Lindorie

****.... knew I shouldn't have eaten that superglue...  - Evermind

You'd think that the Master of all Lore would be able to brew a decent beer. I've had better swill at a cheapside pub in Pelargir. yuck! - Lindorie

*Homer Simpson voice* : Mmmm.. Forbidden Ring of Power...  - Laiquendi

Though fashionably full-lipped, Boromir found he regretted his most recent collagen injection at the Council of Elrond.  - Primula

"One does not simply walk into Mmmm... walk into Mnnnmnmnmmnm... walk into Mnnooorrrr... One does not simply walk into Mmmnnnm..." - Primula

*Looking at Legolas* "So what if my hair doesn't look as clean as yours"  - Strange Elf

Can't...get! - Peredhil

From the moment he saw it, Boromir knew he'd bitten off more than he could chew. - Overlithe

I left my denture adhesive in Rivendell! - Overlithe

The quest had left a bad taste in his mouth, and it was not Sams cooking. - Overlithe

s that chicken? I dont remember eating chicken! darn Elvish food... - Durin the Deathless

*Boromir's high school year book picture* Boromir of Gondor: Class Clown  - Tiger-Lily

Merry in the tent, with his sword

Haha! OOPS! Sorry.  You look better with a shorter skirt on anyway!
- Wanderer

Merry: Is this the end I poke people with? - MiddleEarthMunchkin

Does this helmet make my nose look flat? - Lady of Light

Are you sure this one will work? Because the last one they gave me was plastic! - Laiquendi

"Eowyn does this sword make me a cut above the other Rohirrim?" - Dinledhwen

Oooooooooo...... Pointy!  - Durin the Deathless

"Oh, I can see my reflection in this sword, and I look pretty darn hot!" - Strange Elf

Can you imagine, Eowyn, this is real steel, this is! - Silivren Ithildin

"...Yes, ladies and gents, the reason I'm dressed as an eggplant is to demonstrate to you how this Ronco Slicer-Dicer will change your life! You too will find no shame in dressing as exotic vegetables after you spend an afternoon whipping this Slice-o-Matic through a heap of salad fixin's - And if you order one Today, you'll get not one but two Smithy brand sharpeners!" - Primula

Isn't this just a teensy bit of overkill for chopping carrots? - mousechief

-Is this legal?
-Why are you giving me this?! I could poke my eye out!
-I don't think this is long enough for me to be able to reach the orcs' heads.
-Why does it say "Wish you wellness and health"?
- I've got soul, I've got looks, I've got brains, but I ain't a soldier!   - Wanderer

Sharpe! Oh wait, that's Boromir's line.  - Strange Elf

Uurrgggh!! . . . (Maybe if I hold this and grunt, I will finally be able to intimidate someone!) - Loverofhobbits

Bilbo with plate in Bag End

Bilbo suddenly realizes the slice of cake he offered Gandalf
had his missing dentures baked right into it.

 - Primula

"Since when do you like goat cheese?" - Gandalf the White

What do you mean, "my cholesterol is too high!?"- Lindorie

"What's so funny?? All I said was I cut the cheese!"- Frodosmiss

I've got to find a good hiding place for my supper. Ever since Lobelia started teaspoons are safer, but the cheese...! - Lindorie

For the last time! Stop calling me 'GrandMa Baggins'! - Eärrámë 

Bilbo sees Gandalf "accidentally" discover his secret stash of rice cakes. - The1Ring

Please, Gandalf, don't tell anyone about my habit, especially Frodo. What would he say if he found out about my stealing cheese from the mousetraps? - Eruvanne

Pffffffffffffft--------- - Doctor Gamgee

"Blast!" Bilbo realizes he has been caught on Frodo's Diet Cheaters cam... - Frodosmiss

Bilbo hoped Gandalf wouldn't notice the 'bit of sponge cake' really was sponge, though the bubbles threatened to give it away. - Primula

Frodo and Gandalf in Bag End, Bakshi

Bilbo: Will you marry me?
That's not funny! Just give me the Ring and get out of here!

Pull my finger. - Doctor Gamgee

Make a wish! - Lindorie

Frodo and Gandalf play "Itsy Bitsy Spider" - bregotamer

Bilbo: Pick a card, any card.
Gandalf pulls the ace of spades.
Bilbo: That's the death card! - Gandalf the White

Gandalf: You know, I prefer spearmint gum, but Gaffer's home brew left such a bad taste in my mouth, a bit of peppermint will do. - Frodosmiss

Voice Over: Mentos, the fresh maker. - Doctor Gamgee

Frodo: Look what I found Gandalf?
Gandalf: *with a disgusted look* You don't expect me to actually touch that do you?
Frodo: *hold out object farther*
Gandalf: Fine. *uses finger-tips to pick up worm*   - Eruvanne

Here Gandalf. Can you pop this last kernel for me? The popcorn machine missed it. - Starflower

Frodo, with fear in his voice: Here, Gandalf! You take this ring! Take it!
Gandalf, in a I'm-not-kidding-around-here voice: I can't take the ring Frodo! Forget the fact that through me, it would wield a power too terrible to imagine. It has hundreds of years worth of Gollum germs on it! Ewwww....I can't even make myself touch it! - Frodosmiss

...And look, if I go like this, it looks like a rabbit on the wall! - Primula

Nazgul kings

This year it was a tie for the Ugliest Granny Contest.
- Starflower

See-No-Evil and Taste-No-Evil wait for the rest of the Evil Family to show up.  - Primula

Luckily for Aragorn, Eowyn tries out her new recipe for Lemon Tart on two of the Rohirrim, before offering him a slice. - Ringwraith-Wife

Hey, who turned out the lights? - Tom Bombadillo

I warned you that Aldamir's parties were terminally boring..... - Lindorie

Can't find the hobbit,
We got the only two-wraith blues... - Bergil

Two by two, hands of blue. - Evelyn

Mrs. Stewart's Bluing...use it or die.... And now, back to our feature presentation. - Primula