Honorable Mention:  Aragorn by m4sure
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Aragorn by m4sure

Materials used: Acrylic paint, glitter glue, gel pens, straws,
string, tissue paper, silver foil, & the all-important tissues!

   (Top View)
Main background...Orange for Wisdom
Here depicts the words
"Aragorn" and "Lord & Master"...My Hero to the end!
At the far end stand 3 Trees...strong & tall. A sign of renewal of beauty & also of memory.

(Front End View)
Here waits "Brego"...Aragorn's trusty Horse & friend.
Above can be seen the "Rohirric" words that Aragorn speaks to tame Brego's wild spirit...when they 1st meet.

"Stille nu faeste...Hwaet namnath the?"
"Quiet now, steady...what do they call you?"

These words have a double meaning for me also...for I too was entranced when 1st I met "my Lord & Master"
(((Much Respect Viggo)))

(Right side view)
With a Dark blue background...here lies "Narsil" reforged.
The sword of Kings...Aragorn's weapon of power. The surrounding words tell the tale of Legend...

"Renewed shall be Blade that was Broken"
"The Crownless again shall be King"

(Back end view)
A Map of Rohan & Gondor
A little reminder of the lands that Aragorn defends in his battles
 against the Dark forces of Middle Earth & the Triumph over Evil.

(Left side view)
A two toned background (shades of purple for healing)
On the left...Aragorn is depicted in his Armour clutching his all important sword, as he readies for battle
On the right...above the R.O.T.K insignia are some Elvish words which mean..."Viggo goes in search of Maria" These words will
bring me much comfort...when the end comes...for in my heart the dream will never cease to exist....as long as I believe.
The whole surrounding area is finished off with white to definition.

Comment: Lots and lots of time and effort in this one, and it uses all sides too.
Much thought went into the choices of scenes.