Four Hobbits And A Wedding

by Varda

It seems a long time ago when you look back to the start of the trilogy, and the beginning of The Fellowship of The Ring, but if you do you notice how the films are rounded off. We started with a party, Bilbo's birthday party, and we end with Sam's wedding day.

There are many similarities; fancy waistcoats abound, Frodo's silver one is particularly good, to use Pip's phrase. Pip eyes up a future partner at Sam's wedding as Sam did at the birthday party.

More seriously, after both there is a departure, Bilbo after his birthday party and Frodo after Sam's wedding. In the book there is more time in between but the wedding still marks the fact that Sam has embarked on a new life which does not revolve round Frodo, and so in time he can bid him farewell, albeit sadly. Frodo is the one left behind in FOTR, and he is quite bereft, and it seems that Frodo is destined to leave behind, or be left behind by, everyone he loves.

But despite his sadness, Frodo leaves the world, and the Shire, a better place for his life in it. Bilbo left a legacy of bitterness, the ring. Frodo saves the Shire and leaves Sam an account of it in the marvellous book, of Bilbo's and his own adventures, and leaves pages free for Sam's own story.

The film Four Weddings and a Funeral was a comedy, but the death of one of the central characters jolts the others into realising the value of life, and so leads to a wedding in earnest. Frodo's departure is almost unbearably sad, but it makes the others value the more their life in the Shire.
'You have so much to do, and be...' as Frodo said to Sam.

for now, that is, for the journey does go on and on, and in the end Sam might take up the adventure again...

Just musing....