Do Hobbits have Fat Fingers?

by onone with responses

This is such a random thought...

But I was walking through the mall today when I saw a huge poster about something being "one size for all" . . . and, of course, the connection popped into my head about "one ring to rule them all" . . . and then I thought...

How does the Ring fit so many different people? I mean, I wear rings... and they don't fit ME some days. Must be a colossal One Ring Fits All thing.... Either that... or hobbits proportionally have really fat fingers so that they can wear the same size as ... well, Sauron, at least.

But then... maybe he had really skinny, long fingers....

But I digress. ... No wait... this whole thing was a digression!


Rosie:  As I understand it, the ring shrinks or enlarges to fit the finger of the bearer. How it does that is a whole other question!

Primula:  Yup, that's what it said - that it would make itself larger and slip off of the finger if it wanted to, which is why Bilbo kept it on a chain. Stretchy gold? Golden elastic? Loose molecular structure due to being partially in another realm/dimension?

Which also makes me wonder if its mass remained the same - thus it would have been a very thin ring for its master (fashionably thin to avoid notice?) to be relatively 'normal' in thickness to the hobbits.

OR- yeah, they just had really, really fat fingers. Greasy ones, that rings easily slip off of..

I think the ring was made of the same material that my jeans are made of...I could have SWORN these things were a size 12 yesterday, but today, they feel like a 10!?!?!? The only difference is that unlike the ring, the jeans don't size themselves to fit the wearer....

(at least the ring doesn't have a zipper that must be pulled up with the help of some heavy-duty wizardry!

Rosie:  Hehe.. I have several jeans of power, too.

Erech the Undead: 
Oh, glorious speculation! The Ring was imbued with a survival mechanism that compelled it to resize it's way off a finger, but what about heat, meaning did it contract for density in high heat?, or maybe expand like most objects undergoing heat transfer? I mean like Elven foundry heat, not Bilbo's fireplace heat. There are different types of energy transfer: radiant, convection, and at least one other. I can't remember. Does it do more than just reveal it's inscription?

Gandalf 921: 
Nah, the ring shrinks/enlarges to fit the hand of its owner. So once on the owner's hand, it can make itself very difficult to remove - in the case of when it was on Sauron's hand, it required Isildur to slice off his finger. Frodo also had great difficulty taking it off at Weathertop, and required Gollum to bite off his finger in Mount Doom.

I seem to recall when it was heated (or close to Orodruin - which could be "heated by association?") one of the descriptives given to it was that it "seemed heavier and thicker" -

Which leads us to the conclusion that it was made of cotton, of course, or possibly some kind of plastic. Ever accidently melted the edge of a bread-bag by a hot toaster? If that wasn't thicker I don't know what was!

Since we all know that matter can't be created or destroyed, and since a thicker ring would feel most uncomfortable... perhaps it gets WIDER for people with smaller fingers. I can see it now... you put it on a little kid and it goes all the way up to their second knuckle!

Ok... still random thoughts.

Someone really should look into the physics/chemistry behind the Ring. I think it would be fascenating... but it's been too long since I've taken chem.

And maybe the Ring got the "fits all" bit of the magic... and our jeans (yes, I have a pair, too!) got the other half!

Maybe it was just 'squishy' - like that goop stuff they sell in the stores... or like Stretch Armstrong.

Mathom can't explain it by physics or chemistry or any other science, because, as you said yourself Onone, IT'S MAGIC!

Erech the Undead: 
It may have swelled in size a bit, on its chain, and increased in density. The primary ''weight'' of it, though, was the debilitating effect on Frodo's mind, body, and soul. It ''felt'' heavier. The Ring would be free of it's bearer or corrupt them to its own purpose. Only Frodo's purity of spirit and stout hobbit heart allowed him to last as long as he did. I also, always wondered about the integrity of the chain. Was it Elven; did it need to be?

Also, Frodo didn't need ''fat fingers''. The Ring wanted to be found. One of it's best options for being found, was being worn by Frodo, thus exposing him in ''shadow''. The Ring would've been content to stay on his finger while he stood exposed to the Wraiths and the Eye.

So you're saying it was made of sponge?

Somehow every "logical" explanation can be turned around and made to fit our warped sense of humor.

I am reminded of those condensed dry sponges that they sell for talking along on backpacking trips - if you cut one into a sort of cheerio, and it were a 'spiritual sponge' that soaked up vibes instead of water...

Daisy Gold: 
I'm only glad Sauron decided to wear the ring on his finger and not through his nose, ear or elsewhere...
He wasn't a punk rocker then.

Erech the Undead: 
I don't know about the Ring, but I'm sure Gimli kept one of those sponges in his beard, you know, for soup and stuff, and, don't get me started about gollum, ''fishes makes big messes, yes they does, preciousss...''

Oh, and 'spiritual sponges', I believe they sell those at the Scientology Center.

Sauron may not have had more than a ''piercing'' Eye, but Jack Black sure did on SNL...funniest Rings parody I've seen...

I look at it as an exercise in thinking outside the box ... or just ignoring the box all together.  I'm liking Prim's idea of a sponge ring.  ::trying to picture a metalic sponge.... and not succeeding.::