On Geekiness

by NorthStar

I read earlier posts regarding geeks, geek-iness, geekdom and other forms and definitions of a generally uncomplimentary label.

I asked Mr. NorthStar what his definition of a geek was. I asked him because he has been involved, at one time or another, in various activities and pursuits that would be deemed "geeky." He's a die-hard Star Wars fan ( even forgiving George Lucas for the last two films) who proudly boasts a stormtrooper PEZ dispenser on his desk at work, and has a large poster of SW villians in his office. He loves Star Trek. He's played Dungeons and Dragons through its three phases: cool, dweebish and back to cool. ( Hey, even EW plays D&D and is proud of it!)He's played in, written and administered live-action role playing games. He is even, god help him, a computer systems administrator - hold the pocket protector! Is he geeky? No. No. No. (really, he's not).So he's qualified to weigh in on this question.

It seems that geekiness occurs or is noticed when it becomes pervasive in your real life, to its detraction, and when its an interest that falls outside the mainstream. For example, are 3 foot tall kids wearing Shaq and Kobe basketball jerseys geeks, or are they just fans? Are the "fans" who cause riots when their teams blow it in the playoffs, geeks? According to the common thought, no. They might be maniacs, but not geeks.

Why? Are sports more important than literature or film? I don't think so, you all might not think so, but many others do. Are you a geek when you're real life is so rife with ME references that people look at you oddly? Or are you a geek when you don elf ears and cloak to go to the grocery store and scream "I wield Hadhafang!" when someone butts in front of you in the express lane? Is my obsession with all things medieval geeky ( don't answer that) or is that just an eccentricity, and intellectual bent, while my orc Frodo and Sam on my desk is symbolic of geekdom?

I'm not sure. I know that I have referred to myself as one, at home, especially when I bounce up and down over some new LOTR nugget or toy, or trailer, etc. But the main thing is, I don't care. I enjoy LOTR, this board, my friends on said board, and the community we have all built. So give me a shirt with a big "G" and I'll wear it proudly.

Along with my ears.