Dreading and Anticipating the Return of the King

by Lizmybit

I find myself sitting here both dreading and anxiously anticipating Return of the King. After the two new teaser posters came out today, and my heart recovered from the shock, these are the thoughts I am left with...Forgive me if I am to over the top on this, but this subject is very near and dear to my heart and I just had some thoughts I would like to share.

Frodo, how horrible and heart breaking! That picture is a horrible foreshadowing of what is to come. Frodo is almost unrecognizable. There is not much left of the hopeful, blue eyed hobbit of the shire we saw in the first movie. The deterioration of the character of Frodo breaks my heart. All that he gave up in saving his beloved Shire and ultimately Middle Earth is priceless! I am still in awe of the wonderful way that Peter Jackson has brought this book to life; all the actors and actresses have done a wonderful job. None I think better than Elijah. The beautiful way he has brought the character of Frodo to life! Elijah is now and forever will be Frodo in my mind!

I am reminded of the scene in the first movie where Frodo comes to the realization that the ring can not stay in the shire and his simple response is "what must I do?" Willingly taking the fate of Middle Earth upon his shoulders, knowing it is ultimately going to be his demise.
And now I see these posters of a worn, tattered and hurt Frodo! I could just scream! Why is the beautiful people are always the ones that are hurt the most? This picture speaks a 1000 words to me. As I look at it I am struck for the first time how changed Frodo is and that perhaps he never will be at home in the Shire again!

I have never liked the Grey Havens. I have always kind of considered them a cop out. Hospice for Hobbits I often deem it. I felt as if it never could really be home for Frodo. After seeing this picture I wonder if I am correct. If Peter Jackson can do what I feel is impossible and make me understand why the Grey Havens are necessary for Frodo, than I shall be happy!

My final comment is on the relationship between Sam and Frodo. Was there ever a greater love shown by one person to another, than the love Sam has for Frodo. Few people in the world would show the love and devotion that Sam has for Frodo. And I think that in the end Frodo has for Sam. Starting out the relationship is very much master and servant but by the end Frodo knows that he would never have made it without Sam! That picture of Sam Cradling Frodo on Mount Doom just breaks my heart! The horror those two beautiful hobbits endured is beyond compare. We should all be so lucky in our lives to have a companion and friend as Sam!

For me the relationship of Sam and Frodo and of this movie can be summed up with one quote

Love suffers long
And is kind.
Love envies not.
Seeks not her own.
Thinks no evil.
Bears all things.
Believes all things.
Hopes all things.
Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4-6