For Those who don't Understand

by Hobbitlove
I recently recieved an e-mail from a dear friend who was experiencing problems at work because of orcs who don't understand her love for LOTR. Well, I responded to her and others and they all said I should post this, so here it is. I'm sure many of you can relate.


It is a constant amazement to me that some passions/hobbies are aplauded and encouraged and some are looked down on. Consider the following:

The Sports fan: Wears his Bears jacket, watches the game every week without fail, even taping it if he won't be home to see it. Would gladly pay $100 even $1000's of dollars to go to a game and if given the chance to attend a superbowl in another city would jump at the chance no questions asked. Knows the names of all the players and their stats. They can tell you the final score of the championship game played 20 years ago by their favorite team. There's a house in my town where the owners have painted the Packers team logo into their lawn.

But if a LOTR fan spends money to go to another city to attend a fan event or see a star from the movie, we're obsessed!! And if we wear a ring on a chain around our neck we're over the edge!! And goodness! We know the names of the actors from the movie and have a clue about other movies they've been in. Horrors!! Can't we just get a life?!

The Cabin owners: These people spend thousands of dollars to buy a cabin "up north" and go there as often as they can. What do they do each weekend that they go "up north"? They fish, they sit around in their cabin, they swim, they sit around in their cabin, they fish, they swim...ok, what else do people who have cabins do? I don't really know. But it's the same cabin! and they always go to the same place! And do the same stuff.

But if a ringer goes to see LOTR more than once..."haven't you already seen that? How can you go see the same movie over and over again, doesn't it get boring?"

Longaberger basket collectors: Let me preface this by saying that I do own a couple of Longaberger baskets. I think they are very nice and are a nice addition to my home décor, but Come ON!! Have you seen how expensive these things are? It's just a basket people. And lets talk about taking a road trip to go to the home office and headquarters and Dresden Ohio. (actually, I have been there. We had a family reunion in Ohio a couple of years ago and we did visit the factory. If you are ever near there, it is worth a drive if only just to see the home office building. It looks like a huge basket!!)

But let a LOTR fan spend some money buying action figures or bobble heads or anything else for that matter and we need intervention.

You get the idea here. (no one has ever called me long winded before ;-)

Everyone has passions that give them joy and make life interesting. It is after all, our passions that define us. There is obviously a line that could be crossed where it would become dangerous. Fathers who spend no time with their children because they do nothing but watch sports 24/7, people who end up in major debt to pay for their cabin up north because of the status symbol they see it as. However, if that father is watching sports WITH his sons and daughters and playing football in the back yard with them and if the cabin owner is spending time with their family at their cabin and growing closer together then where is the harm? And if I love LOTR and love to spend time with my kids and my husband going to LOTR events and talking about LOTR things and I'm not neglecting my responsibilities then how dare anyone tell me that my passion is less important than theirs.