Aragorn, the Perfect Man

by Frodowannabe
A little musing for Aragorn Day

 I'll admit that I've been in love with Aragorn since I first was introduced to him several years ago. In this I speak of Aragorn of the books, not the movies, which did not show the depth of his character. I realize that this is a limitation of movies and in no way am I criticizing Peter Jackson. But I digress...

Aragorn possesses all of the characteristics that are generally desired in a man, and he has these to the nth degree: strength both physical and mental, courage, valour, leadership ability, health and vitality, ruggedness, height and handsome good looks.

Unfortunately in the real world, men who typically have these masculine qualities tend also to be somewhat harsh- leaving their women longing for a closer relationship. Yet Aragorn, in addition to being a definate "manly man", also has many of the characteristics that are generally considered feminine. He is soft and gentle when appropriate, intuitive, expressive, patient, loving and kind. What woman could resist a man who is both masculine and tender? It is a rare thing. And he IS the perfect man!