by faramirgirl

I am thankful for the LOTR'S books. I am also thankful for the shows. For the books and shows have so many meanings, It showed courage, love, coming together for a common goal. I like this one, because coming together for a common goal you draw strength from each other.

It also showed that different races can come together and work together. In todays world we need more of this. Everyone wants to fight each other, and it is sad because most of the time everyone is fighting for the same goal. Gimli and Legolas started out fighting over the difference of their race but by the end of the movie they were best of friends and in the books they went off together. If only the world would take a lesson from those two. Then maybe we were not have so much violence and hate with in the different cultures and even among ourselves. In the EE TTT when Faramir and his man had capture Frodo and Sam and he is looking at the young men he had just kill he made this statement, "This war will make corrupts of us all." And how true is that statement in todays world? Wars are breaking out all over today. And for most of the wars that are being fought is for freedom, but everyone is fighting against each other.

It showed them struggling in life choices which is something that we all to.Frodo struggle with the ring and knowing what must be done. Boromir struggle of wanting the ring. Aragorn struggle of who he is. And how many of us has struggled with something in our lives? In the EE of FOTR when Aragorn is kneeling at his mothers statue and Elrond comes up and tells him that he is the only one left in that blood line and Aragorn says "I have never wanted that power" and then Elrond tells him that there is no other. How many of us as felt the weight of the world of our shoulders? Or when Frodo tells Sam that the ring is his task and his alone. How many of us as felt that we must do something because no other can do it? Or Boromir wanting the Ring and making an oath to help Frodo but the power of the ring is over taking him. How many of us felt that we know what is right and must do but something with more power is controlling us?

It showed the pain of those who dead.Theoden pain at the death of his son Theodred when he said,"No parent should have to bury their child" as a mother I agree with I should not out live my kids. Denethor when Boromir died and when he thought that Faramir had died.

But most of all it showed that any thing can be done as long as there is hope and faith and you believe. How many times throughout  the movies and books did we see those simple words "There is still hope?'" or "There is always hope?"

Of the sadness that is going on in the world today I can alway fine peace in J.R.R. Tolkien books and movies. In Middle Earth there was also many wars and people that fought for the cause of freedom. It is like Gandalf told Frodo "There is more then evil at work here, Some that died deserved death and some that died deserved life, can you give it to them Frodo?" How true is that today?

Yes many lessons to be learned and I am so thankful for the boards and the coming together of some many different cultures.