Haunted by the Credits

by Fan Forever

I woke up this morning with the haunting image in my heart and soul of the amazing drawings of the credits... I was thinking, they are fabulous works of art created by the most talented and inspired artist, but... more than that, something else lies within them, and it came to me that each single one of them was, above and beyond the portraits of those dedicated actors, a reflection of the spirit of the very character they embody. They appeared to me as if the characters were emerging at the forefront, leaving the actors behind in great humility; these sketches simply shine with their own light, pure and denuded of artifice, almost idealised, as if the artist had been able to extract the very essence of each of our beloved characters. It must have been such a moving experience to draw them, one after the other, and I would not be surprised if that was Mr. Lee’s own personal farewell to both the actors and the films and this incredible journey, yet keeping the characters alive for us all to remember in their pure essential form.

Sigh... I hope they will be made into a book some day... :-)