Peter and Fran's Most Important Work

by Celedor

To say that LOTR is important to Peter Jackson and Frances Walsh is an understatement. To say that the films are challenging is to state the obvious. Peter and Fran have spent nearly every day of the last six years working on and overseeing every aspect of this mind boggling complex project. Here's what's really amazing:

The Lord of the Rings is not this twosome's most important project. It's not even the most challenging.

What the heck am I talking about? Have I lost all my marbles? No. What's remarkable is that Peter and Fran are able to successfully do their important work while still entertaining us (the fans) so greatly. So what's more important than LOTR?

Katie and Billy Jackson.

The two are now 7 and 8 years old respectively, and while they've grown up in the eye of a hurricane, their parents, Peter and Fran, have always kept the center of the storm a calm sanctuary. The Lord of the Rings is certainly fun, and it means so much to so many different people. But it's pretend. Katie and Billy are real.

Obviously, being a parent is challenging for everyone, from the rich and famous to the unknown and poor. But for the infamous Peter and Fran, the difficulty is magnified. Overseeing a project the size and scope of LOTR requires an almost omnipresence- and time is critical. If one parent was involved with this, it would seem a difficult task for the children to be given the time and attention they need. With two parents involved (at the top level), it seems an impossible feat. And yet it's done.

Peter and Fran use their patience, their intelligence, and their creativity to keep Billy and Katie involved with their lives. From cameo appearances under the bright lights to quiet time with Mom and Dad as the sun sets, the two children are not only given care and love from their famous parents, they're given the well rounded normal childhood they deserve.

Being "Mom" and "Dad" may not be gives Fran and PJ their glamour. The jobs pay rather less than LOTR too. But Billy and Katie are only entitled to one childhood. Thankfully, they're getting the best their parents can give. And that's Peter and Fran's most important work.