Essay by Vison

Electric fans are better.

For some time I have intended to write a long and certainly fabulous essay on this subject: What LOTR means to me, and why I came to Middle Earth and stayed.

But I have no time! The short version? Well, until I visited this Board, I had never had a "conversation" with anyone who loved LOTR as I do. I only knew two other people who had read it at all, and they were not "fans" but only dunderheads who thought it "a nice fairy tale". Imagine!!!!

I make no secret of this truth, that the movies don't mean much to me. Even though I think they are super movies, mind you.

But being able to visit here, electronically, virtually, wirelessly, however you want to say it, why, that has meant the world to me. Being able to come here has got me through some of the worst times of my life, and I will be forever, forever thankful to Decipher and to all the people I've met here.

You are all wonderful. This is a wonderful place. I never want it to end.