Essay by Tuilelindowen

I am recovering from a stroke from which I awoke with no speech and no movement.. nbsp; It has been a slow recovery. My comprehension time is still short, and mental activity, as well as physical therapy, is tedious and painful. How delightful it was to find the Elvish Medicine that everyone has been providing for me here.

The short and simple posts are invaluable in times of weariness when I absolutely cannot think and just need the touch of a friend.. nbsp; The longer and more involved posts are invaluable when I need more mental and physical stimulation to help keep me on my path. All the posts provide the life-sustaining ingredients of wonder, hope, and awe, which are necessary to survive, to be consistent, and to persevere.

I use many posts in my diction therapy.. nbsp; Some I use in my coordination therapy (learning to write again -- I am keeping a calligraphy book and embellishing as I go). Some I print out so that my husband can read them to me as bedtime stories when I am tired and cannot go on, but need the heartfelt journeys and places they take me to so that I can rest with the knowledge that there is a tomorrow and more journeys of wonder to come.. nbsp; I used to sing and play the harp, and some posts I would love to put to song. I can already hear them in my mind and heart.

I just do not know where to start to thank you all for helping to give my life back to me.. nbsp; You are all a part of it now. At some point I know I will maybe, just by having everyone's "magic" so close to me, be able to repay you all for your lovely posts by creating some prose and poetry of my own. I admire the witty and concise as much as the dreamy, detailed, and long. And I aspire to them all. I want all of you in my life. I think we all learn from and teach each other as we go. Tolkien was a teacher, and here on the Message Board we are carrying on his legacy.