Essay by Time Warrior

I am a creative sort having always been drawn to art, theatre, cinema, animation and great literature. The root of it is in the telling of great stories and the human relationships in them. I'd say there are only 2 things that so spiritually and emotionally jolted me in my life: 60's Japanese animation and Tolkein's 'The Hobbit' and 'Lord of the Rings'. It was my Aunt who introduced me to the gold boxed set of 4 books with the different tile designs of the high houses of the Elven and Edain of the First Age of Middle Earth. It was a graduation gift going into high school at the time. That summer was all mine to wile away with reading while mainly at babysitting jobs.

When I first opened them and begain reading, I could hardly put them down. And when done I wept and wept in a hard tempest. No literature had ever affected me so deeply like that before. I thought how could anyone have so great a gift of writing prowess, to elicit such reaction in a reader. My inner core had brushed with true literary genius with my eyes passing over the text, falling into the lives of the Middle Earth characters - the hobbits, Frodo in particular and the parting at the Grey Havens. Then the tale of Aragorn and Arwen (ROTK Appendix A) in the back pages. I read it 5 more times over that summer. Then once about every 5-7 years after that. When the first movie came out, it had been about 15 years since the last read. Amazing what I'd forgotten in 15 years. After the first movie, I read it over 5 times again, so great was my passion rekindled like when having read it the first time.

My appetite for all things LOTR remains insatiable at present. I find that this time is better because I have found all of YOU. The Internet has brought me here with all the great Inklings fan-fic and fan-fic sites elsewhere. It has filled this need between the movies and I hope it continues for years to come. Our inspired fellows writing Inkling fan-fics keep Tolkein's spirit alive through text. I think in my deepest self that his spirit still touches us from beyond the grave - he must be talking to us. So, may you writers always allow this to channel through you however you get the urge, whatever muse inspires you. It could very well be HIM whispering in your ear.

We keep it alive my fellows and I hope it continues long after the ROTK EE DVD - the entire trilogy box set with every scrap of extra goodie thereafter. Hopefully (done ONLY by PJ) 'The Hobbit' movie thereafter that!

To you, I'm the text that you see right now. Some of you know my face with this text. And I love you all.

5-Dec- 03