Essay by m4sure

I have always been interested in Mythical & Medieval tales.. nbsp; I felt close to the stories of King Arthur, Merlin & the Magical world that they lived in.nbsp; It was truly a place of fantasy & Legend..a safe haven from the real world.nbsp; I would dream of going to such a place, to explore it's see the beauty of the forgotten Worlds, Kingdoms & Cultures peeping out at me from every angle.

Then along came L.O.T.R.nbsp; It was like a door opening in the wilderness, beckoning me.nbsp; At long last I felt that I belonged somewhere.  I watched the film in awe & all those long lost memories came flooding back into my troubled mind & it all made perfect sense again.

The L.O.T.R story was one of Unity, Friendship & Support through the Darkest of days & this inspired me to pick myself up & to face the outside world again, knowing that I was no longer alone.

The Fan Community has the same warm element about it.nbsp; It feels safe for everyone & we are all equals there. Maybe fate has bring us all to this special place...where Peace, Unity & Friendship Resides.