Essay by Lizmybit

I am very new to this whole fandom thing. It's just about a year ago that I first saw FOTR on Cable. I never saw it in the theatre. I fell in love with the movie straight away. I watched it three times in one night and I was hooked. I had this strange feeling while watching it that this was a turning point in my life. I just couldn't explain it, and I didn't share it with anyone, people would have thought I was crazy!

I remember sitting at my computer a few day's later and searching for anything I could find on the subject of Lord of the Rings and Tolkien! I was not prepared for what I found. It took me days to wade though the millions of web sites. It was there that I came across the Fan club. I had never been a member of a fan club in my life! I felt a little silly joining at first, something else I didn't share with anyone in my real life. I have never, however, been happier about a decision I made! I have met all of you wonderful people, discovered talents I never knew I had and made friendships that I know will last for years to come!

I am forever in the debt of JRRT and all of you for making my life richer and happier! I love all of you, and I know that the memories of my time here will last long after the movies are shelved and the boards are gone! Thank you for loving me as I am and accepting me! You are all Samwise Gamgee to me!

God Bless you!


Longer "non-essay" essay collected before the above concise one:

I have often found myself being asked this question by many of my non-understanding friends and relatives.  I recently had a friend ask me “How can you possibly read the same book or watch the same movie over and over? Don’t you get tired of it?” I told her in all honesty and sincerity no.  At first I wasn’t exactly sure what drew me to this movie.  Actually I have a confession to make, I did not even see the movie until this past December! I was completely oblivious to LOTR and JRRT Tolkien! I had a friend that tried to get me to go see it when it first came out…and do you know I told him I wasn’t interested!  That friend now thinks I am insane!  I had read the Hobbit when I was a young girl, and even had The Rankin-Bass album as a child, I never read LOTR! Shocking I know!

Anyway this past December I was recovering from surgery and was pretty much confined to the house.  One night Starz was playing LOTR and there was nothing else on so I decided to watch it.  Well, needless to say I was hooked! It was being played repeatedly on 3 different channels that night and I watched it 3 times.  I spent the next 9 hours completely engrossed! And I am not afraid to tell you I bawled like a baby.

The next day I made sure I had the book, which I read cover to cover in less than 10 days!

I think I have figured out the reason for my infatuation with this beautiful story.  Number one is the absolute unconditional love and friendship between Sam and Frodo.  Sam loves Frodo so much that he is willing to die for him! Not very often in life do we ever get to experience such total love and friendship from someone.  I Think for me it is a longing to experience that from others, and to be Sam for other people! Friendship is so important and this story is such a beautiful example of that.

There is also the thread of friendship that runs through the entire fellowship! JRRT took bings from all different walks of life and put them together on this quest and they learned to love each other, again so much that they are willing to die for each other! That is what I love about Boromir, even though he is so torn and tries to harm Frodo. Ultimately, he redeems himself, and sacrifices himself for Merry and Pippin’s sake! That is why I love the line in the movie when he tells Aragorn “it is over!” Sob!

We have so much we could learn from JRRT about tearing down walls and accepting each other as we are.

For me this movie, and book came at a really good time in my life.  I have been dealing with the loss of a job, returning to school and having to give up a lot of things in my life that I was used to i.e.  my really nice car and great vacations. Because I can’t afford them any more! L But, because of Tolkien, and all of you, I have discovered so many new and wonderful things about myself! I know I have posted this a million times and you are probably tired of hearing it, but I never, never, never knew I could write! I was actually in LD classes in H.S.  and basically told I would never amount to anything that I shouldn’t even try college!  But here I am, much to the chagrin of you guys, family and friends because I make everyone read my inklings, going to college and actually looking forward to the writing class I need to take next semester!

I just wanted to let you all know again that I am glad to have found this online family.You are all really special to me because we share the Love of JRRT and his works.

I think it’s very important that we tell people that are important to us that we love them every day, so this is my “I love you guys” today.  And thanks for “listening”

April, 2003