Essay by Lithilien Quicksilver

I love The Lord of the Rings.  My intensely positive reaction to the film prompted me to join the fan club. I feel a sense of true fellowship with those who share my passion for LOTR.  While I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting several of the celebrities involved with LOTR, it is the time I have been privileged to share face-to-face with other fan club members that has meant the most to me.  They are my Fellowship of the Ring.

"There is a union now between the two towers....." of literary and cinematic masterpieces.  Nothing comes close to either.  I never grow tired of reading the book; in 62 viewings, I have not even begun to exhaust the wonder of the film.

When I first read the novel 31 years ago, it spoke to my heart;I knew I had learned much about myself from the reading of it.  It called out imagination and passion I had never known, and I allowed myself to dream dreams for my life.  I had thought those dreams long dead.  Now, I have returned to myself and to those dreams.  I will not so easily give them up again.