Essay by Lirien

It means my life! My first reading of the trilogy opened me to wonder, other dimensions, beauty in countless forms, and much more.  The most important thing I gained from it is a love of words that has lasted for at least 25 years. Reading and writing form the core of my being. Reading the trilogy was like uncorking the magic bottle; the Muse popped out and has been running wild ever since. LOTR encouraged me to read other published authors and thereby further enriched me. Recently, the outpouring of creativity on the Message Boards freed my Muse from five years of slumber. I began writing about Frodo to further explore his character; my efforts received so many compliments I was emboldened to continue.

Since starting the segments, I feel more alive than I have in years.  I continue to learn about the characters, the art of writing, and myself. I have met like souls through my writing. I continue to grow and expand my mind because of that. I am more alive than I have been! In a real way, I owe my life to Tolkien and LOTR and I will be forever grateful.