Essay by Linaewen

LOTR has been a part of my life for over 30 years.  I have loved it and all its related stories since the first day I read it.  Tolkien has taken a fantasy world and made it real for me; Peter Jackson, in making the film, was loyal to that world and made the story more real than I could ever have imagined! It is a tale I can read over and over again and I'll always see something new in it.  I never get tired of it!

One thing I enjoy is the tale's rich detail; it is more like reading a history of the world than a story.  That history is about beings like me who struggle with moral choices and learn to live with their decisions.  They have real-life temptations and failings, yet they work through them with honor, faith and joy.  It is a tale of friendship and loyalty, of treachery and despair, of sacrifice and redemption.

I can say it no better than did C.S.  Lewis when he wrote about LOTR," are beauties which pierce like swords, or burn like cold iron; here is a book that will break your heart."


Addition (not a part of the contest):

I have devoured all things Tolkien since I first discovered Middle-earth just about 35 years ago (I was in 8th grade), and haven't stopped since. Because I was living overseas I did not know about the movies coming out until I happened to see something at the Decipher website (my first time ever on the internet!!!) about getting the rights to the movie for a trading card game. I said to myself "Movie? What movie? This could be interesting if they can pull it off!"

We returned to the States a few months before FOTR came out, and I started hearing a bit more, but it wasn't until I saw one of the TV specials on the upcoming movie that I was hooked into investigating the films more thoroughly. I could hardly believe it, but those people they had chosen for the Fellowship matched my imagination of them -- and I can tell you, my imagination was pretty much set in stone after 35 years!

After seeing the movie (my greatest fear being what will they do with Boromir, because I was already a confirmed fan of his), I was hooked on LOTR, even more than before, it that is possible! I still did not know about this fanclub however.

I think I found this messageboard because I was investigating subscribing to the fanclub so I could have the magazine come to me when I returned overseas. I had little hope of seeing the remaining two films where I was going, and I wanted something that would help me keep track of what was going on. I joined the club a month or two after the first film came out, and signed on as Linaewen in order to take part in some really fascinating discussions that were taking place here at the time... on Aragorn and Frodo, as I recall.

I was impressed with the quality of the discussion and the knowledge of Tolkien on this board, and the willingness on the part of the community to share with one another. Although I was part of a Tolkien discussion group in high school, there had been nothing since, and so I really latched on to this place as somewhere where I could talk about something that was very important to me; not just the films, but the books, because they were my first love.

I have stayed because it is just that; a community of people that I care about and whom I consider life-long friends, no matter what happens in the coming years to this particular site. I continue to be able to share my views and insights, as well as gain insight and encouragement from others. It has become a forum for me for exercising my creativity with my inkling writings, as well, because the openness of people here allowed me to overcome my shyness at writing something and putting it out in "public" for other people to read.

My love of Tolkien led me to the films, which led me here, and now that I am here, I won't be leaving until they show us all the door. At which point I trust we will find a new home for our family -- because that's what we are, a family, even if some of us don't ever meet. And that's why I keep coming back. It's definitely more fun and more fulfilling to enjoy this thing we love -- Tolkien, the films,the characters, whatever -- together.

As usual, Linaewen waxes eloquent! Thanks for listening!