Essay by Lady of the Shire

Can I tell what the air that I breathe means to me?
Or measure the notes of the mockingbird’s song?
Shall I chart the moonlight’s path on the lake,
Or find where the fairies have gone?

Have you ever been driftwood out on the sea
With no map or star as your guide?
Profoundly alone, adrift and forlorn,
At mercy of wind and the tide?

December 19 changed the course of my life -
How little I knew on that day
That nothing would ever be quite the same -
A hobbit would show me the way.

No longer adrift, no longer alone
My heart and my voice found their song,
Intensity blazing, my spirit set free,
In a land where I know I belong.

New friends of the heart, new friends of the mind
On this journey through Middle Earth
Inspired and yearning , on mountain tops burning
A road beyond measure or worth.

Perhaps there are words to describe all these things,
And perhaps there are none for me..
Some things just are…they are part of your soul,
As salt is a part of the sea.

For all that you’ve given – your passion and art,
To Jackson and Tolkien I bow,

With canvas of sorrow, of friendship and grace,
The bittersweet story you told..
A luminous tale that abides in my heart
A treasure more precious than gold.