Essay by Ladyhawk

Through the catalyst LOTR, I have learned to fully apply the Atonement of Christ in my life.  Longing for the change of heart that shows in your face, I knew not how to proceed.  I realized that Gandalf's wisdom in Bag End/Moria applied to all survivors, to me.  Frodo's story was my story.  I knew what it was to be touched by evil, wishing the 'ring' had never come to me.  Though I did not choose what happened, I now choose what I do with the time given me.  I fully understand now that because of the Atonement I will heal from the wounds and though the scars will remain I will cease to fear them.  Though innocence is gone, I may know peace.  Passion frightens me no longer; it has grown into a force for good in my life.  I will not be ruled by fear.  I am learning to be brave, to trust, to have hope, and that love can be good and pure.  I am exploring opportunities to delve into the dark corners and dust off old dreams as well as enjoy the richness of life and share it.  Such a little thing, changing a life.