Essay by Flame of Thangorodrim

It began when I was in fourth grade about 5 years ago...

I was walking around my house when I noticed two large leather books set in a special section of one of our "stands". One was green and the other red. I picked up the larger one (red) first and began skimming through it. My mother took the book out of my hands and told me I could never read this book unless I got it from the library or bought a cheap one. That was her "special copy" of the Lord of the Rings she had bought in either the late 60's or early 70's. The green one happened to be the same type of edition, but of the Hobbit, with protective coverings and all.

I read the Hobbit during school that year and loved it.

In fifth grade, I advanced to the Lord of the Rings when my godmother bought me the 1,108 page paperback copy to read. Any free time I had in school, even my entire recess, was spent reading the book. This made things bad for me, though. I was made fun of constantly because I have a hearing loss (I rarely hear high pitched noises like the telephone ringer)and have hearing aids, and because I constantly read. But many of the people who taunted me didn't bother me. Some were even jealous of me because despite the fact of being an A student (another "uncool trait"), I am also very athletic. I took starting positions on the 'A' teams in basketball, football, baseball, and volleyball. That helped a little.

All the teachers in my sort of small grade school (400+ students)were impressed that I was reading such a huge book that I truly enjoyed and could remember stuff about without having any difficulty.

The next year, in 6th grade, I read the Silmarillion.

Then, as I was rereading the Lord of the Rings, I noticed that on the back it said that LOTR was being made into a spectacular movie, that was when I decided to join the Fan Club. Here I am now, enjoying life without being taunted, writing my own inkling series, and "conversing" with people like me. The people at the boards are like another family for me. At least I can come here to lighten up.

I forgot to mention that my brother (2 and 1/2 yrs older) is the one who makes fun of me the most for liking LOTR. He saw all the LOTR movies and admitted they were pretty good, but he said he makes fun of me because I am obsessed with it, that it constitutes my life. He always walks by room and than jumps in hoping to catch me on the boards, which he does about 50% of the time. If he catches me, he punches me and calls me names and says something like, "Oh my gosh! What a LOSER! You are on again?!?!?! What is wrong with you you freak?!?!"

This place is like a haven for me, a place of rest for me from the RW. I do have a lot of friends, so I'm not hopeless. But anyway, that's my journey and my life today.