Essay by FAK

I attempted to read Tolkien aged 13, but soon gave up.  However, prior to the release of Fellowship, I got caught up by the excitement and read The Lord Of The Rings in a month.  The nine year gap has worked its magic and I was completely enthralled.

The detail of Tolkien's work was the key for me.  The history he created for Middle Earth, the time taken to create languages amazed me and I was hooked.

Like many fans I was worried about how Peter Jackson would portray this magical realm.  When reading Tolkien, such strong images are created in the mind by the author, but interpretations can differ wildly.

I saw the film on the first possible day and the excitement in the audience was palpable.  With my heart racing the film began, and from that moment I was entranced.  The sets, the costumes, script, actors and music combined to transport me to Middle Earth.  As soon as the film ended I wanted to see it again.

For me the film and the books are intertwined.  LOTR is a magical adventure and a wonderful escape from my hectic life.  It will always be a joy to me.