Essay by Eglerio Hyn

My Journey

After hearing about LotR on and going to see Fellowship soon after...
I started out as a very freaky, fanatic LotR fan. Mostly consumed in the "he is so cute" and "ohmygosh he had better not die cause he's my favorite..." among other crazy things.
Then as I read the books gradually after seeing Fellowship, and coming and lurking on here for many a day. My fangirl side fell away (though it can still be revived on occasion. lol) and rather a deep love and bond was created with the books, characters, the film and a respect for their author. Tolkien. I remember checking Two Towers out at the library soley to find out if Legolas and Frodo died, and then later laughing over my pettiness. Realizing the deeper meaning and parallels to my faith in Jesus Christ hidden beautifully in this story of good and evil and so much more.
I finally joined here with you all last January. A year much has happened since then, I've read so many awesome stories, poems, and musings drawn from this book Lord of the Rings. It inspired me as well to write and post some of them, and I really appreciated all those kind comments. I wish I could write donw each of your names...but there is so many. I've enjoyed your writings, talking, musing and laughing with you all.

I want to thank you all for this journey and I will be here as long as this board sticks around to share in the future of LotR with you all.
God bless you and may you find Him on your journey....:)

What was your journey....I'd love if any of you shared yours.