Essay by Cadsuane

The film has re-awoken the feelings of the teenager that I once was, hoping to escape from her everyday world into a marvellous book, engrossed in the characters and their individual trials and stories.

I am still absorbed by the spectacle, the fantasy and the magic. This is more than wizards and elves, this is to do with emotions and wonder, even awe - of admiration for a man who could conceive such a unique world.

I accept totally the timelessness of the story, helped by the non-technological world of Middle Earth. It is a place that is comparable to an old oil painting in print, an old master on film.

The book attests to the belief in the indomitable spirit that can lie within the most unlikely person; the understanding that hope can triumph over despair in difficult, and exhausting, circumstances.

The support of friends, and the fellowship that can form under hard conditions, is a theme that has had a significant effect on my life. So much more can be achieved by a team of people with the same goals, with the same interests. This could explain why I hold my friends in the Fan Club in such regard!