Essay by Boriel

I found the fan club very late in the game -I saw the first movie and was so affected that in less than a week i had re-read all three books and created a
website devoted to LotR. I was looking for fan art for my site and found a sketch by Tinidril. That led me to emailing her and then I found her website,
and found a link that led me to the Boards.

When I found the Boards, especially the Middle Earth Board, it was truly a blessing because first off, there were a few fellow christian ringers there
that I had gotten to know from our 'Fellowship of the King' group, and because here were people who were having wonderful discussions, and writing poetry and
stories, that all loved LotR and had been as affected by the movie as I had!

The people that I have come to talk to and make friends with have become very special in my life also. It truly amazed me in the first weeks, how a
personality could shine through with a few conversations that were just a series of words written down. Each had their hopes and dreams and joys and
sorrows and it was like some great soap opera/family reunion thingy.

Because of the round about way I found you all, I firmly believe that I was led there purposefully. I'm very glad for it too.