Essay by Avondster

I was a very lonely child, loved by my family, but ignored and often misunderstood in social life.  I was a highly gifted child, and other children my age couldn't figure me out and thought I was weird.  I felt abnormal and very much alone.  I seldom talked and locked myself up in my own little fantasy world.

One day my Dad gave me a book called 'The Hobbit'.  Not to be dramatic or anything, but it changed my life.  The fantasy world, the perfect world I always dreamed of, was there, for real! I read it over and over and when investigating my father's bookshelf I found another book by the same author, 'The Fellowship of the Ring'.  I started to read it, but it went very slow for a child my age.  I stopped at Rivendell because I was frustrated it went so slow, I wasn't used to that since I could read huge books in a few days and not this one.  But I knew this world existed, and that gave me hope.

Years later I came it again, and started reading again and never stopped.  That was only three years ago.  It may be a coincidence, but since then I have changed.  I started new education, and met friends who understood me and loved me for who I was.

When I heard about the movie, I refused to go and see it.  I felt that this world as I had it in my mind could never be shown so perfectly in a movie.  I never saw FOTR in the theatre.  Half a year later we bought the video for my young cousin's birthday.  I was sick at home that day decided to watch it.  The rest of the story you can guess, I think...

I absolutely owe a big thanks to the Prof, for creating this world I could run away to when reality was too hard for me to handle, for creating characters I could identify myself with, and for discussing themes that are crucial and timeless.

April 2003