Essay by Arwen75

To me Tolkien is a great writer. Since I first read LOTR at the age of 11 I have re-read it innumerable times since - at least once a year. Even now, 15+ years later I still find myself lost in the world he created.

As to the film - I never thought I would go to see a film more than 10 times in the cinema, and love it as much the last time as the first. PJ hasn't destroyed my images, just enhanced them - and given me a deeper understanding of the place and the people.

For me the main joy of the Fan Club and its community is the people I have met. From the people there in the early days of the boards to the crowd who inhabit them now - you cannot realise how much the place means to me. I am solitary by nature, and find making friends difficult - but I can express myself here. The support that has come to me in the last few difficult weeks has been wonderful, and I can't think of a place I would rather be. This is my first fan club, but there will never be another one like it.