Essay by Agi

In response to "Why I love LOTR..." My case is really different however it can explain my attachment to the books and not to the films.

I was 11 and I hadn't a happy tell the true it was infernal.  And the books helped to me to survive it. When I read them I was living in an other world that I thought it was only mine.  Lotr mean LIFE for me as it is in the reality.  With pain, sorrow but with happyness too.  It teached me to live, It teached me to fight to be better every days, It teached me that it's everything is possible if I really want that thing but it teached me too that there is no happyness without pain. I was only 11 but it changed my life because I saw hope before me.  And I was Frodo who had the quest with his doubt but with his strenght to go on.  And I was Gandalf who took joy for the little hobbits but who was a light for his friends.  And I was Gimli in his tenaciousness...etc.  I created beautiful friendships and as Frodo without them I've never made it.

I'm grown up by now but the books are always something special for me.  And I'm happy that here are so many people who love them as I. You all are beautiful people I only dislike that I cannot explain myself as I want.  But every day I'm a little better.

April 2003