Essay by Sky


When I'm sitting there in the dark, comfortable womb of the auditorium, I forget who I am as I have left everything about myself at the door.  My pulse quickens then slows while I hold my breath in anticipation as fantastic electronic pixels take form on the screen.

Then slowly as if by magic, I become absorbed within film.

The opening narration, which flows all around me, steadies and fortifies me as I drift into a sense of calm.  My all to human heart is overwhelmed by the strong vibrations rolling out from the industrial machinery and begins to beat in sync with the dominating musical score.

I am now one with the Fellowship.

The outside world dissolves and becomes a memory.

I see everything that the characters see and physically feel for them what they cannot.  I am the silent warrior who helps them fight against the Orcs. I am the invisible friend who gives them a helping hand on their quest. I am the unseen partner who cries out as Boromir falls.

At the end when the film is done, the lights come on and I am once more myself, I smile.

You see when I first entered the cinema, I was world-worn and weary, but now I am refreshed.

I am ready to face whatever the modern world may throw at me because I have faced evil in its purest form, stood fast and stared it in the eye.

All of which was done with the help of a fellowship of friends.