Essay by Pennquare

The LOTR trilogy, and The Hobbit, have been a part of my life for over 25 years. The books, and now the film, touch a deep part of my soul ñ the part that led me to major in medieval English in college, name my first grey cat Gandalf, and now name all of our home network components after LOTR characters! Bilbo, Frodo and the members of the Fellowship are as real to me as my kids. The depth and artistry of the written words of JRRT move me to tears, still, after so many readings at many different points in my life. I think itís the eternal nature of the tales that draw us all together. I never expected to be reading message boards daily! nor seeing a movie (at my age) multiple times! and yet here we are, brought together across the entire world by the magic of JRRT, Peter Jackson, Howard Shore & Co. If thatís not magic, then I donít know what is.