Essay by Overlithe

Anyone who's ventured to delve deeply into this timeless story is "doomed" to love it.  The feelings that develop are born of love and empathy for the characters. It's a classic conflict, of Good against Evil, Light and Darkness, It overshadows all within the pages of the text. These feelings are parental and driven by the need to experience all that the characters feel. For me it is an emotional journey, I have always had deep empathy for Frodo. Our quite, reluctantly brave hero.

Since the movie release the emotional turmoil that I have always experienced when reading has been multiplied to almost unbearable levels.  Frodo has always broken my heart. Forced to witness the agonies of body, mind and spirit that he must endure is painful. But to actually "see" Elijah Wood flawlessly portray that pain is a level of agony I have never known. It is an exquisite pain one that you want to stop. Yet one that you are afraid you will never feel again. The depth of the feelings is profound and true. LOTR has awakened in my heart the knowledge of my own ability to care and the bravery to act on that knowledge.