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Introductions and Profiles for fans who have not been  active in this community
as of January 2006, but we once knew them well and hope to see them again someday.
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I'm Agi, and this is my real world name as well. I'm Hungarian but I'm living in Italy now and I've been a big fan of Lotr since I was eleven. I joined the old message-boards a year and half ago, and now I can't leave anymore, because I love the people I'd met here. I hope that this fellowship will last in the time.

I've been on the boards since shortly after Bag End was added. So in the beginning of 2002? It was great to find a place where I could talk about my obsession and not have people roll their eyes at me. he he he
I come from Washington State, am married and have 2 kids. Boys that love to drive me crazy. ALL THREE OF THEM! LOL I love to garden (although don't ask me the proper names of plants), write and spend time online.

Alanai Elentari
I am Beatrice (Bette) Love, of Boynton Beach Florida, and I have had the wonderful experience of meeting so many of you, either in Canada or at the "Into the West" Oscar party. At the Sheraton's pub, we sang great Hobbit drinking songs and during one of those evenings I was hailed by a young girl who says to me "Hi, I am Agi"...I gave her a hug as I exclaimed "You made it!"

Working with the Scrapbook, built a new set of wonderful memories, my dear Hobbitlove and her family, were preciouss to me.  Every time I left to return home, I felt as like was leaving my family behind...all of you have become a very important part of my life.

We share a love for an author that stood for this world's most important sentiments, love of nature, friends and valor, regardless of the circumstances. We are lucky to have a tremendous set of movies, created after one of Tolkiens books, The Lord of the Rings; and what we as members of this fan club have shared, is truly wonderful.
Mae govannen mellyn,

Ambermayflower -- see Niphrandl

Hi everyone. I'm a cross between a Hobbit (by stature and inclination) and a Ranger (by nature). And if you think that's strange, try being a passionate accountant!! I've been on the boards since around March 2002, with one very high-drama hiatus (for which I now extend a belated but very heartfelt apology. I love you guys. I love ME. I'm really sorry about being a drama-queen.)
I became a fan of LOTR after the FOTR film, and although I love the films, I love the book even more!!! I love all of the discussions, inklings, insights etc that I find on the ME boards. I love the fangirl fun on the FB (Lij - ***swooon***!!!). I love my friends from the ME board, who are so wonderful in so many ways. And I love Frodo - always now, there is Frodo. Because of this fan club I wrote some Inklings and did some drawings, things I had either never done before, or had abandoned long ago.
In the RW I live in western Canada, which is very similar to Ithilien, but colder and the snow lasts longer.  I was lucky enough to go to TO to see the TTT props exhibit, and again to attend the Gathering in December 2003. I was also blessed to spend 5 weeks in NZ this spring and see lots of LOTR film sites, and talk to several people who were involved in production.
When I said passionate accountant, it's not accounting I'm passionate about, it's LOTR. It's been some of the best times of my life here!!

My name is Angel. I am 31, the mother of the cutest 5yr old, and curently taking classes in Early Childhood Development, and Photography. I have a few samples of my photography at my website which is: www.angelgirl73.friendpages.com If anybody is interested.
I watched The Hobbit cartoon when I was little and remember being afraid of Gollum. LOL When I saw the first LOTR movie I rememberd it and became very interested. Needless to say by the end of TTT I went ga ga. (and I haven't went ga ga over anything other than the Xmen) The thing I liked best about the movies are the characters Pippin and Merry. Folks this is me and my younger sister in male hobbit from. Me being the Pippin cause I can't do anything right. I think Peter Jackson studied us before he made these movies.
I have yet to purchase the books, I'm broke! But I plan to in the near future.

Hullo everyone! I am also known as 'Illúvatar' from the the old boards. (unfortunately, that name was already taken) I am not a real newbie, because I have been on the boards for a few months, and because of that, I am also not an 'oldie'. I, like a few other here, only read the books after FOTR came out, but I have been a huge fan since. Thanks to my sister for getting me into it.

My favourite characters are, somewhat in this order: Boromir, Frodo, Faramir, Pippin, Aragorn, Éowyn, and Gandalf. Though I think Faramir is my all time favourite because he is so sweet, caring, and gentle. It saddens me how he is treated by Denethor. yes, I think he's my favourite.

Aranel Eruiel
Well my real name is Sarah. Aranel Eruiel is my name translated into elvish (if you don't know what Eruiel is, good! I hate my middle name. hehe). I'm 24, currently working toward a bachelor's in computer programming (Majoring in Java and Visual Basic). When I'm through I want to get a degree in digital animation (probably motion capture) also, so I'm planning to be in school for a while. I've got no kids, and refuse to get married anytime soon. It's not that I've got anything against either, I just don't want either right now. When I'm not in school I work in a hotel (worst job in the world, I don't recommend it). I've been a member on here for a while, but I don't post very often. I started reading Tolkien books when I was about 9 because I thought it was neat that we have the same birthday (also Bobby Hull's birthday and Mel Gibson's. No wonder I watch hockey and run around the house quoting Braveheart for no apparent reason). My favorite character in the books is a toss-up between Gandalf and Faramir. Other than that I've got an evil sense of humor and take nothing seriously (just ask my bill collectors. hehe).

Hello.... I am Arwen75 - a longtime poster/lurker on these boards - I go back to the famous days of the One Board. I think I joined the day after the original board opened And I have been here pretty much ever since, although I have tended to be more of a lurker than anything else.

I am British - and a lecturer in electronic engineering in real life. I am a 2nd Generation Ringer - my parents are both fans, as can be seen by the fact my middle name is Arwen (hence the handle - 75 is the year of my birth which makes me 29). I also have a younger brother who is a fan (Grimbeorn) and is probably lurking about somewhere......
I haven't written anything in this fandom although I have in my other fandom (Horatio Hornblower) and maybe now my PhD is out the way and I have finally completed this semester's marking I might find time. However I will sometimes join in discussions at ME.

Hello there. My name is Aussieme. I Love all things Tolkien, and have a serious Love of Hobbits. LOTR has got to be one of my all time favourite Books and Movies. My real name is Mandy. My username comes from the fact I was born in Australia, but live in the UK......I Love to chat to people, and would Love to chat to you....... T T F N xx


Mae govannen, mellyn nin! My name is Lyrkalas, and I from a small town outside of Chicago called Big Rock.

My husband tried and tried to introduce me to the books when we started dating about 10 years ago, but to no avail. Not even when FOTR come out did any interest spark--that, I only saw on DVD. However, the whole thing changed after I saw TTT in the theater! All of Middle Earth opened up to me and it was complete and utter love, lust, obsession, you name it.

I've read the trilogy, The Hobbit, and some of the Sil and have studied a bit of Sindarin. Our 5-year old son and 3-year old daughter have seen FOTR (though we won't let them see the last 2) and they know the whole story and all of the characters. Grandma got our son the full Fellowship action figure set for his fifth birthday! My brother has even nicknamed our daughter "Smeagol," to which she responds earnestly.

Being a part of the club has opened up a new world and has graced me with the gift of new local friends like Lizmybit, Hobbitlove, Sierra, Tori, True, Vanariel, and others not so close by, like Truss and Prim.  It's a joy to be here.

Beruthiel's Cat
Hi I used to lurk about the boards and haiku with Loth when I lived in north of Western Australia but have moved down south into the cold to be with my true love. Met lots of lovely ringers then ( who I have missed while away )!
No more roos but cats in this palace.

i'm boriel (known to some as Rangeress, skanky ranger, or steel-hearted ranger)

i hail from near Vancouver, BC, Canada and have been on the boards for, well, i guess close to two years? I'm married, three stepsons of varying ages, the youngest of whom just graduated this year. I have two cats, and a jack russell doggie and have changed occupations so many times in the past 10 years that its not funny...but each job description has to do with the construction industry and/or first aid and safety.

i'm a definite boromir convert - i never liked him much in the book, but sean bean's portrayal helped find a place in my heart for the big guy. I"ve always swooned for aragorn - i mean... strider, and still do. There something about a guy that can start a fire without matches, find his way in the dark, and still maintain a sense of dignity and honor as well as mirth.

being on these boards has enabled me to learn how to write again - especially poetry and i have met some really special people as well.

Hi all, I'm Deanna from Lower Hutt, New Zealand.  I've been a member of the LOTR club since 2002, but only started posting on the boards this year (2005).  It is great to know that there is a communitiy of LOTR fans who enjoy discussing every aspect of the books, movies, and ANYTHING to do with the subject of LOTR.  I know this communitiy will become a home away from home for me.

Brave Hobbit  (our dear Brave Hobbit left the shore of Middle-earth and sailed away from us in the autumn of 2012, we honor his memory)
Mae Govannen, Mellyn! I've been a 'breeze-through' on the old message boards when looking for information, but I've never really understood how to 'post' and all that...three days ago, I finally took a step outside the door, "not knowing where my feet will take me", and got internet at my place! So, although I probably won't have hundreds of posts to my credit, I'm looking forward to checking out the community.
I live in Maine, near Portsmouth, NH. During my early childhood in Montana in the '70's, I had heard of "Hobbits" and something of an "in-between earth" (or was that a "Middle-Earth"? ). I never gave it much consideration since, except at Christmas of 1990, when my brother came to live with me in New Hampshire and to finish up high school. He checked out a book that he had not ever seen in Wyoming, from the high school library, called, "The Lord of the Rings"...something about a ring of power...I refused to hear about it just because of the word "power" ...He replied, "But...but...but...." as he tried earnestly to explain, but I was stubborn... Then, 2 days after Christmas of 2001, some friends told me about a movie that I "should really go see..you'll really like it". Well, there was NO way I was going to go see a movie about a 'ring of power' and black riders and fellowships and hobbits...but my friends kept INSISTING, and REALLY said I OUGHT to go see it...so, I relented and went on the 27th of December (I still have the ticket stub and a scrapbook now )...WOW!!!! Was I ever underprivileged! BUT, I didn't know it was a "trilogy"...Aarrgghhh!!! That was NO way to end a movie! But, then I went to my school and looked it all up on the internet....whew! Some guy named "Peter Jackson" (did I spell that right? ) had filmed it all at once! It would be released every Christmas for three years in a row...BUT, I COULD NOT wait! For the first time in my life, I actually went and read a book because of a movie! I even bought a television and DVD player JUST because of the movie! I bought a DVD player for my sister in Houston, JUST so she could see it! (she's now a MAJOR fan! ). My brother (same little brother with his profound, and rarely exhibited, patience!) recommended this order: "The Hobbit", "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy, then "The Silmarillion". Wow! I had been DEPRIVED since childhood!!! Longer story shortened: I'm a MAJOR fan and enormously appreciative of Tolkien/Jackson and the WHOLE M-E community! I was fortunate enough to see "Trilogy Tuesday" (in Springfield, Mass.), and I've already reserved a slot for the member's preview at the LOTR exhibition at the Boston Museum of Science on July 31st. If the exhibition had gone anywhere else other than Boston, I would not have been able to make it...The stars of the Valar were smiling upon me! Since I can't afford to make the "Pilgrimage" to New Zealand or England, it will suffice, for now, , to have elements of the "Pilgrimage" brought here! I look forward to interacting on these boards with all of you.

I'm a Canadian by  birth and a Middle Earth resident by heart.  I am from the West end of Canada in Vancouver BC.  I have been a fan of JRR Tolkein since I was 13 years old( many many seasons ago)  I longed for some good movies to
portray my much love stories but wow,  Peter Jackson has so outdone all expectation. So even though I am a long time ringer, I'd have to say that passion was rekindled into a bonfire like I didn't think possible.  I have a 3 year charter membership and I plan on keeping that going for as long as I breath or they keep offering it.  I have been a semi regular to the  boards ever since they first started but I just recently became more active in my posting and participating.   It
is great to be with so many like minded people.    I have 4 sons and one hubby who, while they don't understand my love for these stories, they still love me and let me enjoy my LOTR's.  Besides it gives them sure fire  gift ideas that never miss. 


I am currently doing a diploma of 3D computer animation, along with another person on this board, it is due to this person that I know of the Pony's existance.
I only really have one (kinda) claim to fame, and that is that JRR Tolkien and I were born in the same city.
*Does a little happy dance*


Aiya (Hello),
Essenya Ara Baggins, or in Westron Dawn. I was born in Salt Lake  City, Utah and moved to Tucson, Arizona when I was 7 1/2 years of age with my  parents, mum's parents, and sister and leaving behind the rest of my family.
My interest in Lord of the Rings started when I was young and in SLC  with the cartoons, which got me into the movies at an older age. My love for  Lord of the Rings goes to the point where most fans would love to live in my  room and the Youth Pastor of my church thinks I am absolutely nutters. I have  been a member of The LOTR Fanclub since December 31, 2002 and I am also a member   of "The Scottish Fellowship", "The Alaskan LOTR Fanclub"(ALF), The local  "The
One Ring.net" Line party, and various Yahoo groups. 
I have a very interesting personality with experiance and  talent. I am an actress working my way up to the status same as the cast of LOTR  and I am also a singer. The more experiance and exposure helps out  much. My Auburn Hair and unique look set me apart from other  actresses.
Hope I did not bore you! Tenn' enquetielva(Until we speak again).  Cuio Mae ar LaitaEru!(Live Well and God Bless!) Namárië!

Diamond Took
Hello, I am DiamondTook and I joined the old boards back in november of 2001, before FOTR came out. I joined as Mrs Pip but later changed it, but my name still means the same thing. I chose this name because Billy Boyd's/Peter Jackson's interpretation brough Pippin's character to life for me that I never found merely in the books.

I first read LOTR when I was 6 years old, and have loved it ever since. I would not have called myself a fan (or a ringer) until the first movie came out, and I was blown away. I became a 3 year charter member and have called these boards (now both old and new) my home since that time, even though I now lurk alot more than I used to.

I used to be very active in the unnoficial chat, and hope to be again if we can get more people to participate. It is found at http://shire.pointy-ears.net/ *plug plug* I hope that that can become popular again .

I am very excited to have graduated high school this year, and I am leaving my home in NYC (though it has temporarily been CT, long story) to go to Biola University in LA, California. Besides LOTR, my passions include any kind of art or craft, sewing, architecture, etc, as well as animals (I am a vegitarian), ancient mythology and history, music, languages, and many other things that do not come to my mind at the moment.


I've been visiting this terrific site ever since I discovered it, which would be two days ago. I'm a teen and live in the US and I'm VERY VERY excited about this site. *Especially the literature* Finally a great website with polite fans and wonderous content! =)  I've loved LOTR ever since I saw the Fellowship of the Ring and I can't wait till PJ creates (rumor has it he is going to) the Hobbit.

Elf-Princess of Valinor

Hi, I'm the Elf-PrincessOfValinor.  I live in Indiana. Nobody else in my family can stand Lord of the Rings except my older brother, Pierre Monteux. In fact, it was HIS idea that I read the books in the first place, so I guess I have him to thank. Oh, and it was Hobbitlove who told me about these message boards. Ever since I registered, I became addicted!

I first started reading the books in March, and now I am hopelessly obsessed with LOTR.

I hate school, but I love reading books and playing the flute. My goal for the summer was to learn how to speak Sindarin, so I have started visiting The Council Of Elrond, a place online where they teach you Elvish, among other things. I like to talk here a lot, but I am really shy about meeting people in person, and I never have any self-confidence. My life's ambition is to be as good a friend as Samwise Gamgee, but I can have a really nasty temper sometimes!

Hi everyone, I just recently joined the fan club a few days ago. I am originally from Oregon, but now live in Anchorage, Alaska. I am 23, married and have a soon to be six year old son, and a two year old girl. I first heard of the LOTR when I was eleven years old. One of my friends was very passionate about it; her name was Katie Colvin (Where is she now?) This is where I also get my handle from. She would recite Frodo Lives every time she could! I thought she was crazy! A few years later, I went out and bought and read the books, and fell totally in love with them and fantasy writing. After a while I forgot about my passion for LOTR. Then in Dec 2001 the first amazing movie came out. I loved it and the TTT also. I decided though that I wasn't going to act like my friend, and didn't get too excited until the ROTK came out on video about a week and a half ago. That is when I stayed up for 3 nights straight watching all three movies over again from the
beginning, with the first two including all never before seen footage, and special features. For the last week I have heard nothing but LOTR lines, and have had dreams about hobbits, especially Elijah (Well I hope my husband doesn't read this:-)). Finally I decided to join the fan club and be that crazy ringer person I should have been twelve years ago. I think my next step will be to read the trilogy again. As I said earlier I love fantasy writing, especially anything to do with LOTR, but also other stuff as well, and poetry. I am not especially into literature, but enjoy it more as a hobby. I am currently attending the University of Alaska Anchorage, and am majoring in social work. I am so glad that I have decided to join once and for all and to declare my love for The Lord of the Rings!

There is so much going on around this site that it takes an age to go from forum to forum and thread to thread.  I think it'll take me a long time to catch up with everything that's gone on before.

I first read LOTR when I was studying for my A levels at 18 or 19 - I borrowed the book from the school library because it was new and felt good when I picked it up.  I started to read at the same time as I was listening to the live set on Pink Floyd's "Ummagumma", and when I was supposed to be learning my lines to play the Inquisitor in Bernard Shaws's stage play, "St Joan".  Needless to say, once I had passed the first few chapters I couldn't put the book down and then had to read The Hobbit to see what I had missed. 

I didn't read LOTR again for quite a few years but the story and the characters never left my mind - and for a long time influenced my own writing.  I did watch the cartoon version when it came out and was horrified because it was so awful, had destroyed my vision of the books and wasn't even finished.  Because of that, I didn't bother to see Fellowship or Twin Towers in the cinema because I expected them to be the same atrocious attempt to portray on screen Tolkein's marvellous work.  Sure, I saw all the trailers but they did nothing to encourage me to the cinema.  Then, out of curiosity, I bought the theatre version of Fellowship on DVD and, from the opening scenes, I was completely hooked and couldn't believe how well Elijah Wood had taken on such a typically "English" role.  Peter Jackson had not transformed the book after all, he had painstakingly created a masterpiece on film. 
I went out then and bought the extended DVD package of Fellowship and Towers and watched them over and over, including the extras and listening to the commentaries - and I was straight to the cinema to see Return of the King when it was released in the UK (and wished then that I had seen the other two on the big screen).  Needless to say, I bought the extended DVD package of King as soon as it was released and am still haunted by Elijah's on-screen beauty and his incredible portrayal of Frodo.

I have lots of other interests - I play guitar a little and poorly now, I write occasionally when I get a commission, usually features or articles for newspapers or some poetry or stories, I have published many poems and stories over the years but not yet a full volume of my own work or a full novel.  I have always listened to music as well and can easily live without tv as long as I have music.  My tastes are varied, current popular music, indie, folk, motown, some classical and opera, musical theatre.  Favourites at the moment are Damien Rice, Muse, Radiohead, Eliza Carthy, Les Miserables, Miss Saigon... I'd better stop there or this list will go on for pages.  3D art occupies a lot of my time, learning all the time and still trying to stretch the limits of my computer, expecting it to hold and complete pictures that really should be done on a massive machine.  But that's typical of me, always reaching for something better.  I guess this comes from one of my university lecturers who told me never ever to reach for the moon when you can have the stars with just a bit more effort.
As a college graduate I guess I am expected to be a solid, mature citizen but I don't think any of us ever really grow up because inside we are always so very young, always learning and always wishing we could have known back then what we know now.

There's a lot more I could write - perhaps my biggest problem is never knowing how to precis and just loving to fill up a page with words.  If there's anything else anyone wants to know, message me, it's good to talk.

Hi! I'm ElvishObsession or EO on the boards and I am usually found over at the Fellowship Board swooling and drooning.... *blushes* er, I mean swooning and drooling unabashedly and having LOADS of fun. I do lurk at the PP and at ME when I have time.
I was introduced to all things Tolkien in December 02 by my teenage son who had seen the movie. He was so excited about it, that I finally went to see TTT in January 03. WOW! I immediately purchased LOTR and read it from cover to cover and then snatched up The Hobbit and The Silmarillion. I was hooked. I just had to know more, I went searching for info and lo and behold, I found the Fan Club Message Boards. I lurked for a while and then started posting. Since then, I have met people who "understand" and share this love for Tolkien. I have also gotten to know several other posters who have become dear, dear friends and have made my life richer. I hope to get to know more of you!
I am 41 years young, happily married (16 years), and have four children (5 to 15 years). My children are also huge LOTR fans... they watch the movies at least once a week. (And I swear, I had nothing to do with that! I only bought the movies! ) I am American Indian (Lakota/Dine) and live in New Mexico. I am a graduate student and am finishing an internship this summer in Educational Diagnostics. I will reenter the work force in August and graduate in December. Being able to lurk and post on these boards late at night has helped alleviate some of the stress associated with the grueling work load of grad school. Thanks to all!  ((((((((((Everyone))))))))))

I'm still in highschool and I've been a member from the start!! I read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings when I was about (thanx to my dad, a huge Tolkien fan since he was a kid!), but still only managed to get half way through the Silmarillion.  I've LOVED every minute of the films, I think all the actors are perfect, and I admire Peter Jackson & crew for their talent and dedication.
I was born in Australia, went to live in New York for 2 years, then back to Sydney. When I was 10 I moved with my family to Italy. I love art, music (I play the oboe), acting and travelling (I've been to France, Spain, Potugal, Greece, Switzerland and England).
I don't post that much on the boards due to lack of time, but I thin it's great that there are so many talented people here.

Eowyn of Ithilien
I fell in love with LotR after seeing FotR in December 2001 - before that, I had always apppreciated Tolkien's work, but never really loved it the way I love these films...

I joined the Fanclub in the spring of 2002 and apart from the terrific magazine I love the fact that the Fanclub is a real (online) community. I have been a Star Wars fan for many years now, but somehow the SW fan community I know has never been as nice as the films are. This is so different; yes, people on the boards do not always agree, but "we're here on common purpose".

In real life I do not live in Ithilien, but in a non-descript city in the south of the Netherlands. After getting my Master's degree in philosophy I ended up working for an insurance company where I got to spend LOTS of time online - and consequently on these boards. That has changed in the past ten months or so, as I am now teaching English to 12-17 year olds! And I can even share my love for LotR with some of my students.  When not teaching or watching LotR I love to write (LotR poems and my own fantasy work...), read and collect books of all sorts (English literature, children's books, Tolkien, Star Wars, Britain, space...), teach myself to play the piano (yes, I can already play several pieces from LotR!) and watch other films.

As a final note: why did I choose this name? Eowyn was one of my favourite characters from the books - I used to share her feeling of wanting to change half the world single-handedly, but like her, I now know that "valour without renown" is even more important. Hence the "Ithilien": that is where Eowyn's future lies.



Hello everyone, I have been a massive fan of LOTR since FOTR first came out and now seem to spend most my time reading Tolkien and watching the movies over and over!   In the RW I am 29, I live in Devon ‘Shire’ in the UK and work as a marine biologist studying whales and dolphins (www.ketosecology.co.uk) and also
write about marine wildlife for magazines.  I have eavesdropped on the boards for ages but finally found the courage to de-lurk in December 2003 - unfortunately my offshore work means that I am often away from the boards for weeks or months at a time, but I visit as often as I am able.  My favourite character from LOTR is obviously Faramir, whom I really related to after I read the book and became even more besotted with after the wonderful David Wenham played him so well in TTT.  I am also a huge admirer of Eomer, Theoden and Eowyn, and their RW actors/actresses.  Sadly, my anti-social
lifestyle and tendency to compare every man I meet with Faramir (which of course they cannot remotely measure up to!), means I have not married nor had any children!  The thing I most enjoy about the LOTR (and the message
boards) is the sense of hope and comradeship – something which I personally find sadly lacking at times in the RW.  Apart from LOTR, dolphins and the ocean, I enjoy horse-riding, all wildlife, reading and travelling.  Any of you visiting the UK – give me a call!

I am Firienfeld...aka Ang...mother of 5--nearly all LOTR fans (I'm working hard on the 7yr old, but she's just not quite old enough to "get it" yet, lol).

I don't post much, but enjoy very much learning about all aspects of middle earth. I'm always reading LOTR to one of my kids--currently my 10 yr old son. I have started collecting the toybiz figures, and my kids can't understand why I don't open the boxes so they can play with them. I was very pleased to find "Merry" this past week, who has escaped my eye every time I have looked for him--even while vacationing in France last month!
I do love being where the fans are!

Flame of Thangorodrim
Hey, my fellow Cormari! I'm the Flame of Thangorodrim. I come from the suburbs of Chicago and will be a sophomore in high school next fall. I've been a huge and devoted fan to LOTR since I read it 5 and a half years ago in 5th grade. I have reread the book every year...it's kinda like a tradition now. I joined the Fan Club just after the Fellowship was released in theaters, and then I joined the boards slightly thereafter.

Other than LOTR, my main interests include playing many sports including basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee, reading, writing, exercising, eating, sleeping and getting comfortable to watch a good movie. I also love music, from rock to classical and the LOTR soundtracks. I'm a huge fan of the Notre Dame Fightin' Irish.
I hope to become an accomplished writer someday.
Long live LOTR, it's fans, and the boards!

FrodoGirl -- see Dawn Baggins


Hello, there! I am Gimli2. For the past 4 years I have wanted to join the fan club. Now I have!
I became a Ringer in 1994. Maybe earlier than that since I watched The Hobbit cartoon in 1985 and loved it. My mother introduced me to Tolkien's world and soon I was the owner of The Hobbit and each novel of The Lord of the Rings.
Currently, I am working on novels of my own inspired by the writings of Tolkien and other fantasy authors.
I truly enjoy this site and love reading all the opinions given. You guys make me want to read the books all over again...and again...and again! See you in the boards, folks!

Gimli's Sister
I've only been around the boards for a tad over a year (it seems longer!), but I first read LotR sometime in the late 80s or early 90s. I love the books and the movies, but I've only seen RotK (gasp) two times! The first time I saw it was during Trilogy Tuesday, and I was completely and totally drained afterwards. I wasn't ready to see it again for some time afterwards, but I really enjoyed it so much more the second time. And I'm almost ready to see it again!

This message board has been so great that it inspired me to start a board for a group of friends! I've really enjoyed being here and think that I can even handle the change (and I don't like change!).

I love to read (when I have time) Mysteries, (Almost) All Things English, Historical Fiction, etc., etc., etc.; cook (just about anything - especially Tea Things and New Things); listen to and play (piano) music; and I especially like to dream about opening a Tea Room!  I work part time in our family's business, part time baby sitting, and part time teaching piano. So that doesn't leave me with a lot of extra time - and the extra time is usually spent here. (Or on my healthy addiction, Online Boggle! )

Gondorian Girl

I'm GondorianGirl. I started out as Gordonagirl (my RW nickname is Gordon) just about a year ago. True_Gaudior, my brother, is married to Hobbitlove and Tori*Took is my niece. I owe my involvement in LOTR to HL. She would go on and on about her friends on the boards. I was in college at the time studying journalism and radio so I did a research paper on the LOTR phenomenon (got an A) which led to a radio documentary for NPR (local only) which led me to a mini-moot at HL's house. Lizmybit hornswaggled me into getting a handle on the message board and lo and behold...I was enraptured into the LOTR society! I have read the whole trilogy and am currently reading the Silmarillion and the Role-play at Buckleberry.net (very funny people...verrrrry funny!)

I went to Toronto in December where I met many of you and won the One Book in the raffle for pro-literacy. (I am up for visitors and trips with the One Book!). In fact this coming Saturday we (the One Book and I) are going to a Butt-numb-a-thon at a friend's house.

The characters I identify with are Aragorn and Pippin, but I love Haldir as well. As far as the actors? Craig Parker, Billy Boyd, Orli (great eye-candy) and for some odd reason Dom Monaghan is growing on me. *shhh* don't tell Tori*Took...I have made fun of his ears in the past!

I started out in Rockford, IL - moved to Chicago for school and now I am just south of Nashville, TN. I have also lived in Austin TX and St Paul MN and have visited 47 of the 50 states, Canada, and most of Europe. I love to travel...can ya tell?
I currently work as Assistant Producer/Research Director for a Nationally-syndicated Christian talk show host. www.theprayerroom.com I love radio, the buttons, the voice-overs, the music, the callers....all of it!

I have an extremely random love of just about everything. You can also find more about me at www.livejournal.com. Just look for me, GondorianGirl!

Hey, I'm GuyFal, a generic shortening of my actual name, Guy Falotico. I live in Stratford, Conn. Became a fan after seeing the films, and now I'm growing more and more into the books. I have not done any "mooting", though I did make it to Boston when the exhibit was there in October 2004. Hard to find the time. Basically I enjoy reading the many takes out here on everything from issues in the books to nuances from the films. See you on the boards!


Heartland Hobbit -- see Triba

Hobbit Nurse

Well I'm Hobbit Nurse. I first got into LOTR with the release of the films. I had tried to read LOTR some years before but never got into it. This time I was determined and started with the Hobbit, and then got hooked (was half way through the hobbit when I saw FOTR). I then joined the old decipher boards in March 2002, and used the unofficial chat room lots.

Well I can honestly say I've met lots of people because of LOTR. Had some great times, been a lot braver than before. If I hadn't have been brave in August 2002 I would probably still be on my own. What a difference some things can make.


Illuvatar -- see Apple-Cider-Elf

I am Isilwen from San Antonio tx. I have been here since the first age, as Isil. I am a 30 yr old single mom who is a horse trainer by trade and has a BA in history. I love LOTR and have been a fan for almost 20 yrs now.

Ye-ello there. I am itchyelfdude. I'm from Scotland.
I just left college after 3 years recently, studying graphic design. After a year out, I'll be going to university for computer animation and digital art, like LOTR. As for LOTR, I only got into them when my friend bought this first film on dvd! After that I just got obsessed. I've been a member here since last november I think, although I take gaps from when I'm here. Also I like football/soccer. Other than that I think I'm a boring guy, or not...



I am Kathryn (yes, I know, not very creative with the screen name LOL!) from Tennessee. I have been a Ringer since I was 12, which was a l-o-n-g time ago (don't ask)! I didn't even know any other fans until I heard about the movies that were going to be made and started finding websites. I am a charter member of the fan club and I think I was on SOME old board with so many people everyone talked over me every time I tried to post in a thread. I think one person said hi to me -- EVER - on that one. I got discouraged and just kept enjoying the hobby, books and movies by myself until one night when I was surfing LOTR sites and stumbled upon the new board... which I LOVE! I have several other hobbies and am a sometimes political forum junkie as well as being involved with lots of contemporary Christian music forums. I work for a Christian music website and live with a hobbit scale dog (a Papillon).


Lady Tigerlily

I'm Lady Tigerlily and I've been on the boards since the end of 2002 (3yr charter member also). I'm 41 (ouch, did I just say that out loud??) and I live in sunny South Florida with my husband and 2 children. I'm an artist and I paint murals and faux finishes.

I've been a fan of The Hobbit and LOTR books since I was a kid and was SO excited to see them come to the big screen. I dragged my sister (a newbie to the LOTR world) to each of the movies and she is hooked now as well. One of the funniest things that happened was when I took her to see FOTR. She had not read the books yet so she was brand new to it all. At the end of the movie she said (rather loudly) "That's it? What happens now? You mean I have to wait a YEAR to see the rest?" It was too funny! We also went to Trilogy Tuesday and had the best time! I've stopped counting as to how many times I've seen the movies. But every time I watch them I still cry at Boramir's death, as well as Aragorn & Arwen's reunion.

I don't post very often though because work, and family keep me pretty busy. That and the fact that I'm always fighting with the kiddies for the computer! But I do visit when I get a chance. I look forward to "many meetings" with you all.

Hello! My name is Lindsay, aka Arwen to most of my online friends. But I decided to go with something a bit more original this time, so used Laerlass, a Sindarin name I came up with which means 'Song of Joy.' KingundertheMountain gave me the link here the night before the boards switched, so I decided to join I (obviously) love LotR, and my favourite characters are Arwen and Aragorn, though I love Frodo, Sam, and pretty much all the others too I was homeschooled from first grade all the way through 12th, and I graduated last year. I now do some studying at home, though not as much as I should, and one of my greatest dreams in life is to be a published author. I used to think I wanted to do more journalism, but when I read LotR autumn of 2002, I decided I wanted to write fiction, and Tolkien became my role model, though it was still a while before I actually started writing more. I started writing poetry last fall, and have written some fanfics about elves. I hope to write a lot more, and hopefully get something published someday! I also love music, and I play the guitar. I love to read as well, and have a long list of favourite books!

Hi, i'm Leggy Pants, but you can call me LP.....i live in maui, but am moving to LA in the fall for college. I love singing, playing guitar and piano, and acting, as well as LOTR!!!! hmmm....not much else to say, eh?

Legolas 78
Aloha, I am Legolas 78 and form the island of Oahu.. I became ahuge LOTR fan when I saw the FOTR and I was hooked.. I wanted to know more about Middle Earth and my co-worker is also a huge LOTR fan though  I never knew that.  She started talking about it with me. My father has the LOTR book and I started reading and couldn't put it  down. From there I just wanted more and more! Then my co-worker got me to sign up with theFanclub and I became a part of their Tolkien Society here in Hawaii. I can never go back. I really enjoy being a part of the Fanclub. I don't post messages but I do love reading and looking at everybody's feelings towards certain subjects, and the beautiful pictures that everybody posts of our Fellowship. So, now I have read almost every book by JRR Tolkien and what an amazing author he was! I wish he was my Dad!

I am Legolasgirl3, or, as I used to be nicknamed before I went into lurking mode, LG3. *curtsy* Yes, I am a fan of Legolas, though I love each of the LOTR characters equally well! I've been a part of this lovely LOTR community for nearly three years now, and I, like most of you, enjoy every moment I spend on the boards. Unfortunately, I became more of lurker the last year or so as I devoted most of my energies to my senior year of high school, though my heart never wandered far from the old Pony, which was my first online community and a second home to me. As a result of my long periods offline, I didn't discover that there were new boards until yesterday, and so here I am, posting so late! *hangs head in shame*

In "real life", so to say, I am a student about to enter college in the fall. I am a violinist and a semi-pianist, and am an avid fan of classical music. I am a Ringer, obviously, but I am also a phan (Phantom of the Opera fan!), as well as a lover of Star Wars. I enjoy many things, including reading, being crazy, hanging out with my friends, and being overly creative. I hope to major in some sort of engineering in the next few years, and hopefully attend graduate school.

Hello. I am Lhunhyandowen (you can call me Lhunhy since Lhunhyandowen is so long). I live in America, and I have (sadly) never traveled outside the country. I am still in high school, and I will be a junior next school year. I became a member of the message boards in June '03, but I usually just lurk because of my shyness. Unfortunately, I never read LOTR until I saw the movies. Now, I am obsessed with LOTR. My favorite character in both the books and movies would have to be Legolas, but I also think that Aragorn is great. My favorite actor is Orlando Bloom. In my free time, I like to draw, read, occasionally play video games, and (obviously) watch LOTR. I currently work at the cafeteria of my town's college. As far as careers go, I hope to become an artist or author (or maybe both!). I love animals and nature.

I was a major contributor to the boards from the early days (I joined around the same time as Linaewen), and wrote a number of inklings. In fact, I was there when we decided to use the word Inkling in our topic line, and the very first to use it! I even wrote the first extended storyline: The Tale of Tolman Gamgee

The writing of LOTR fan fiction changed the direction of my life. The reason I became less involved in the board is that I am in the process (the very loooong process) of turning that tale into a children's novel. To my sorrow, I cannot divide up my time and write Inklings any more.
So these days I occasionally lurk, occasionally make comments, but I do miss the cameraderie of my obsessive days!

Lyrkalas -- see Bamslawler


Hello to all... melbryn here and i joined at the beginning, i guess sometime when FOTR was released. I recently completed an applied graphics certificate program and am now hoping to enter the design workforce. I have two high school teens, a great husband and am wishing for some wonderful shire weather here in northern california. It has been too windy of late and i am less than fond of strong wind! I always try to keep up on the stories, poems and other stuff but cannot always find the time to post. i usually have to think of what i want to say before i commit it to screen and then that particular discusion would be over and too far gone to hope someone would read it!! i would however start a new thread if it was that important to me. most times though, i simply did not have time to participate in most of the discussions but i do lurk every so often and love all the entertainment. i hope i can attend more parties here but life is still so hectic.
so, until the next time...

Hello everyone, my name is Minyavasiel. I'm from Illinois about to start my last year of high school before I venture out into the great big world all by myself! I've been looking at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale because I hope to major in Public History and minor in English (hopeing one day to write). A little nerve racking, but I keep reminding myself to have faith! It's so great to be here with others who love Tolkien and Lord of the Rings.
I am a newbie thanks to TruElvenPrincess who 'has been my friend through many dangers' (((TEP)))
Well, what else can I say except that I can't wait for wonderful convos, beautiful poetry, and my first handful of goo!

Hi there, *waves hi*
I'm Mel formerly known as "Ulaerle". I've changed my nick to "Movieaddict" cause I'm loosijng track of all the different nicks and I am a movieaddict so it perfectly fits.
*bows to assembled crowd*
I hardly posted at the old mb but the new one seems to fit me better so hopefully (given the time) I'll post more often and get to know some of you

oh well I've been a LotR fan since I read the books for the first time at age 14. have read them several times since and of course seen the movies dozens of times. I love the books and I love PJs films!


Howdy! I'm Nisimaldar because my real name translates to fragrant forest and Nísimaldar means fragrant trees... aww yea  .
Unfortunately, I couldn't find an avatar of the elven brooch so I shall stick with an avatar of merry and his elven brooch! Good ol' Merry... Add 4 inches to his height after his ent-draught and you've got my height.
I'm a hobbit at heart who has the hair of an elf and the feet of who knows what. They aren't big. They aren't hairy. (not that hairy at least) Speaking of body parts, I'd love to have elf ears... Maybe I should be an elf-hobbit... hehe...



Hello, Brian/Orcrist here.
I read LOTR in years ending in '0' Read them the fisrt time in 1980, again in 1990 and before the movies in 2000.
Compared to some of you I'm not a rabid fan - only saw the movies twice (3 times for FOTR) in the theatre, but did go for the 3-year charter membership.(So my name will be on an Oscar(tm) winning movie DVD!) And I did joing the Chicago Fellowship in viewing the Tolkien archives at Marquette.

ok this isnt too hard, there isn't much to know about me. so heres things to know:
-i live in florida
-i love to write(now isn't that obvious?)
-i've got some friends
-i'm considered a "genius" in the eyes of others
-LOTR is my favorite book and movie
-i hate math (i barely pulled an A the last quarter in algebra)
-i can live off of the computer
-i love fantasy related stuff
-i'm a fan of the Chicago Cubs and Tampa Bay Lightning(i mean a real fan, not someone who decided to like them after winning the Stanley Cup)
-im JUST NOW learning to swim(my parents never learned)
-i can doodle, but can't draw
-i don't know what i'll do with my life yet
- i get along with most people
ok -thats enough about me.




Hi, I'm Ruby and although I've been lurking around the old boards for awhile I have only posted there about twice. Anyways, I'm a elementary education student at the UofA in Canada and minoring in early childhood education, for some unknown reason I have decided that I would like to teach kindergarten. So hopefully in 2 years when I'm done school that will happen. I have also been working at a daycare for the past 3 1/2 years which has been fun as well as challenging at times.

Ruby Sandybanks
Hi I'm Ruby_Sandybanks(A.K.A. Ruby). I have been on since October of 2004. I live in St. Paul Park Minnesota. I am part of the Science Club at my school (since science is my second obsession). I love music. In fact I hope that someday I will a famous singer. Well, that's me, Ruby, hope to see you around the boards.


Shieldmaiden of Rohan
I'm at the FB most of the time, although I lurk here occasionally to see what you folks are up to
In the RW, I manage a computer lab/library at a state university. I'm a big Elijah fan, though, as we say at the FB, I'm an equal opportunity swooner.
I enjoy movies, reading (fiction mostly), and music--jazz, lounge, bossa nova are my favorites. I collect pottery, love cats, and my favorite food is anything someone else cooks!

I've been lurking (and occasionally posting) for almost two years on the old boards. I had never been involved in an online community but found myself drawn to this tightknit group of people.

As for myself I will be graduating this month (June 2004) and will be going to the University of Lethbridge in September as an english major taking pre-education. I live near a quiet town which is near a good sized city (Lethbridge) in southern Alberta Canada. I love living on the wide open prairies and am especially drawn to birds and trees.

I value friends, family, and the environment over things like money and possesions and have radical political veiws for a North American. I believe in equality, tolerating differences, and that "All you need is love"

I have been and continue to be a charter member of the Fan Club, which I love.
The biggest 'about me' thing is probably being part of the Dorian Mirth music ensemble. Since forming just 4 years ago we have had some amazing opportunities to play at Lord of the Rings related events:
-Bowlmoot for the first Hollywood Bowl Shore concert
-all three Line Parties for our hometown
-Two Towers One Party and Return of the One Party TORN Oscar bashes
-TolCon in Seattle
Anyway, find out more at our web site http://www.dorianmirth.com !
When not playing music, I read lots of books, watch movies galore and fiddle on my web site Audible Beauty.


Hi - I'm 'TimeWarrior' (a.k.a. Anne) - my same user handle that I had on the old board.  I originally read and re-read the Tolkein books back around the mid 70s when I was a teen, so that makes me an 'old timer'.  After seeing the 1st movie, I re-read them again to refresh my memory.  It's amazing what I forgot after all that time.  I've hopelessly falllen in love with it all over again.  I've always loved Frodo the most.  What's best now is that Elijah Wood's image and characterization of Frodo is and always will be immortal in film (alas! my hopeless drool and lamentation: *Where was a guy like that when I was young!* - Aiyeee! - guess maybe in my next life, one can hope).

I currently live in the San Francisco East Bay Area.  Some of you I've met at previous San Diego Comic Cons, the previous TORn Oscar Parties including the recent 'Hall of Fire' Oscar Party, and some So. CA Moots surrounding these events.  I'm suprised that a good number of you come from  No. CA.  I so enjoy seeing all the conversations happening on the Loard of the Rings Fan Club msg. Boards.  I especially love reading inklings!  In general, all of it really helps me keep up with all the goings on.  I always look forward to meeting everyone at any planned events I can make it to.

I do get some pictures of things at these events but it can take me some time to get the photos up, so I beg of your patience!  It's been awhile so here I post a link to my Yahoo Photos (hope it works) at:  http://f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/oceans68/my_photos  .   Photos from the previous Oscar Parties are here.  I really have to update!  I still have new ones to put in.  See you again soon!


Hello! I'm Tori*Took!
I have been with this fellowship from the beginning....I think I'm coming on 2 and a half years of being on these boards.
I tried reading the hobbit before FotR came out and I couldn't get through it, but then I saaw the movie and finished the hobbit quickly so I could read the rest of the series....and from then I was hooked (I have yet to get through the Sil though)

I've met a lot of Ringers from these boards in the RW at various events and have been lucky enough to meet some of the cast.  I'm really into acting and hope to make that my carreer someday (I want to go to Europe for college to study acting) I am also really into writing, but never knew what to write untill I came to these boards....now I think I am a much better writer because I've been able to practice on you guys I also love music...pretty much any style except HipHop....but I'm partial to Punk/Rock/Ska (and for anyone who knows them, Five Iron Frenzy!)

I love Pippin, Sam...both sons of Gondor, and Eowyn.....Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, Bernard Hill, Cate Blanchett......and actually, I think everyone cast in the LotR is PERFECT for thier part.

I don't think I could ever leave the community, as I have grown to love you all too much (however strange you may be!)

I'm Triba. I live in Missouri. I am an Admin. Contractor in a very big corporation looking for work with a small not-for-profit or educational organization. Art is my life's bliss. I am a painter, but would love to give sculpting and metal smithing a go someday. I also love to travel and have visited nearly every state in the U.S. including Hawaii.
Ummmm...I'm a charter member of the Fan Club and a collector of LOTRs movie memorabilia. I'm also a big nut for Star Wars. Actually, I'm a nut for movies. Period. Old and new. My favorite color is purple, sometimes red, sometimes green. I love chocolate. I'm a tree-hugging nature freak and proud of it. And...I'm happy to be here.

This is TruElvenPrincess here, or TEP for short. I've been a member of these boards for over two years now. I was introduced to them by Hobbitlove and Tori*Took, who happen to live in the same city as I do (Rockford, IL). I was hooked the first time I saw Fellowship of Ring. I remember that I sat next to GondorianGirl, and I had been crying so much throughout all the emotional moments of the movie that the first thing she said to me when it ended was, "You're a wuss!" Heehee. Even I have to admit that I'm overly emotional about most things (movies, Kleenex commercials, you name it!) After that first taste of Tolkien, I immediately went out and bought The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and buried my nose into the world of Middle-Earth. I have stayed there ever since.

Occasionally I have spent time away from the boards, usually because my schedule would get hectic, and then I would simply forget. I'm pledging not to do that anymore, because I miss so much fun when I'm away! My family cannot relate to the Lord of the Rings in any aspect, so I really appreciate the unconditional fellowship I feel here. I'm also resolving to write more LOTR poems. It's been awhile since I picked up a pen and wrote about the genius of Tolkien. I love writing, and it is wonderful to write about something I love.

I'm a huge swooner for Aragorn and especially Legolas, but it's far too difficult for me to pick a favorite character or the character that I relate the most too. I love Eowyn because the troubles of her heart are emotions that every woman has been through or will go through. Merry and Pippin are too cute for their own good, and the friendship between Frodo and Sam is enough to make anyone tear up in adoration. And I am fascinated by the Elves, which is why I chose to become one on these boards. Mae govannen!





I'm Woodster, and I've been a member for some time now. I'm from Nottingham, England, and a fan of (besides LotR) soccer, reading, Japanese anime, creating webpages and adventure roleplaying. I'm also a member of the British Army Cadet Force, and am waiting for my interview for promotion to Sergeant  in August



The Young Took
I've been a regular(ish) member of the message boards since FOTR blew my socks off way back in December '01. It wasn't until this that I fell in love with all things LOTR, so Peter Jackson and his magnificent vision is responsible for that. I loved all the heated debates back in the early days between the Purists and Anti-Purists (I very much fell into the latter catagory), but that was all down to how much everyone cared about Tolkien's work and PJ's adaptation.

Thanks to the message boards, I have been able to meet so many other LOTR fans and share my newly found (two and a half years now actually) passion. Life would have been so dull if I hadn't.

The best thing about it all has been meeting and falling in love with HobbitNurse whom I now have for my dear wife.


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