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Amane - see Tamara

-- see Niphrandl

My name is a combination of my last and middle names. I’m from Dahlonega, GA, which is northeast of Atlanta.
I joined the fanclub after FOTR came out in 2001 and soon thereafter began lurking, with an occasional post. I still “listen” more than I talk. Most of the time I can be found lurking on the ME board with occasional visits here.

I’ve loved LOTR since I first read it (over 30 years ago!). Might as well admit it – I’m (cringe) - old enough to know better but still too young to care!  My hobbies are reading, cooking and music (country, southern gospel, 70-80’s rock and some jazz). I also play bass guitar for a local gospel quartet. I love cats, horses and dogs.

I am Avondster, hi everyone. This feels like group therapy. I am a young dentist's assistant from the Netherlands, have done the Musical Performance Academy for two years but had to stop because of the money issue...
I hope to start studying English Language and Literature next year, so I'll one day be as gifted with this language as most of you are. Writing is my greatest passion, most of my stuff I post on Middle-Earth.
I have been a Tolkien fan for ten years, doesn't sound like much to most of you probably but it's almost half of my life. Have been on these Boards for some two years.
My most beloved character of all time is Merry, whom I have loved from the moment I read him. Most of my writings strangely seem to be revolving mostly around him.


Belladonna Took
Hi all! I am BelladonnaTook. I live in Rensselaer,NY. I work full time for the NYS Education Dept and I go to college part time at night. Finding the fan club boards was one of the best things to happen to me as I finally found others that share my love of LOTR and Tolkein. ((((all))))

I’m a male of the hippie generation , born in China of Russian descent and grew up in California, but have lived in Arizona the last eleven years. I first read The Hobbit more than 25 years ago (was mostly a sci fi guy before that) and have re-read it and LOTR many times since. I love all things LOTR, but picked my handle because I am a nature lover and just slightly younger than Treebeard (I think).  I love reading, astronomy, travel, nature and especially music (various including opera), but especially rock.

I first posted here in August 2003, but had lurked since I became a member back in January 2003 not long after TTT came out. Thanks to the boards, I have found so many interesting websites it makes me dizzy (and busy). I love the Scrapbook most of all (proud to have made a few small contributions) and am awed by the talent that is displayed by our fellow boarders. Although I don’t post as much as some, I try to keep up with everything that is going on, although these new boards are a real challenge. I have met a number of Ringers in my area and we have done some fun stuff together. The fellowship (no pun intended) on these boards is inspiring and I feel like I am part of a real community (of all ages), which hopefully will endure for a long time.
Now that the sappy part is over with, a round of pints (of beverage of choice) on me (well, not literally)!!!


Captain Peregrine
I am, as I said, Captain-Peregrine, formally just Peregrine. Promotted myself over the long migration! I am formally of the Grey Havens--they have nice roosts there, and most of you people remember me, even after this long trek to our new Port Pony...uh...I mean, *clears throat* the Prancing Pony. hehe.

Hello! I'm from southeastern Wisconsin, and I've been a Lord of the Rings fan for most of my life. In addition to reading, I like to hike, canoe, fish, cook, and play piano. If you don't see me on the message boards for a while, I may be working on some massively important project, part of a plot for world domination! On the other hand, I may just be outside playing.

*crickets chirp in the background* 
Crashdummy is the unofficial mascot of the new Prancing Pony. He is a stuffed non-person propped in the corner, and hence has little to say.


Delphinium Took
Great, a chance to talk about my precious self *gollum* *gollum*. Or should I say "selves?" :-)
I'm a Charter Member, a Tolkien fan since my tumultous teen years (1970's--ever seen Ice Storm?) . I fell in love with PJ's vision of Middle Earth, the dark beauty of it all. I felll so in love that I travelled all the way to New Zealand to celebrate the premiere of ROTK! New Zealand is beyond description. If you get a chance to go, go!

I don't post that often, as I have a busy family life with three young hobbits underfoot, a cat, and a husband, who is an incarnation of Samwise. I am an emerging artist (emerging from what? to what? one wonders). I have also been known to write a bit of poetry, and I love to sing and listen to music (baroque vocals these days). I read a lot and do a mountain of laundry every week....right now I'm reading a history of science, a science fiction novel, and Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.
We live near Boston. I hope to see some of you there.

*whispers* Since my name Dinledhwen means Quiet Elf Maiden I tend to whisper sometimes when I post. In the RW I'm a very quiet person who fell in love with the LOTR by the time TTT came out. I discover the boards through the kindness of an Uncle who let me use his computer before I got one of my own.

As you can see by my avatar that my favorite character is Legolas and all things elvish which I have written two stories and several poems and drabbles about.

Doctor Gamgee

I am Dr.G, and my wife (Mrs.Dr.G) and I had the LOTRBoard's first child (G-Minor). I am a college professor of music, and my major was Vocal Performance. I have sung about 28 roles in operas and musicals, and currently am directing a production of 'Into the woods' with a local community theater group. I also love to bake, and write limericks. So far, I have put the Fellowship of the Ring into verse (which is archived at the Scrapbook for use in blackmailing me should I decide to run for public office), and am working on Book III from TTT.

I love to have good discussions, which I hope these new boards will help to keep them current, but also just like getting to talk to folks about nothing in particular. I have been a member since before the first movie came out, and have learned a great deal about the books and films from my fellow 'Ringers'.


Hello, (((Everyone))). I'm Elenna1 formerly elenna. Is there anything more beautiful than the night sky lit up with stars? Makes me sound rather like an elf, but I'm a Hobbit all the way. I just missed the charter membership by a couple of weeks....but before I feel too sorry for myself there, due to the location of my home and distance to towns with theaters and the holiday schedule (I'm married to a pastor) we almost missed seeing FOTR in the theater at all. I first came on the boards about two years ago now...being rather shy, I lurked a lot. I have been on much more consistently for the past year, but post more on ME. I love the friends and family I have found in the fan club.

I had read The Hobbit a few times before I was married. My hubby had this really neat hard cover set of LotR and a copy of The Silmarillion. I had to read these books! We'll celibrate our 26th anniversary this coming week. So, I guess I read the books twenty-some years ago for the first time. Makes me a bit of an old-timer I guess. I fell in love with the character of Frodo...there is so much depth there. He is my 'all' as far as the stories are concerned....and yes, I loved Frodo before I ever saw Elijah Wood.

I grew up in Wisconsin. We currently reside in the middle of Kansas. I work with 'gifted' students and have been accused of foisting Tolkien's works on unsuspecting children....they love it!

Hello!  This is one of the few places I could ever admit this.  I didn't know the movies were being made until I went to the movies one day (I have no idea what I was there to see) and saw the FOTR trailer.  I burst into tears right then and there.  I didn't even realize how badly I wanted someone to do it and I could tell right away that they had really done it!  As the fellowship made that famous hero pass between the boulders one by one, I could name all the characters immediately as if they were playing themselves!

Mom read the books to me when I was 5 and I read them for myself the first time when I was 8.  I only wish Mom could have seen the films.  I know what she would have said, "That Orlando Bloom has a pretty smile, doesn't he?" and she'd blush like she was 12.

I'm a designer, using Photoshop as my chief tool.  I am also a writer.   I live in North Carolina with my cats, Snitch & Quaffle and my husband who is basically another large cat.

Elvellon Ringsbane
Suilad, mellyn. I am Elvellon Ringsbane, I name I bear courtesy of Lothithil; it is a name she gave to Frodo in her (wonderful) tale Beyond the Sea. I joined the Fan Club in July 2002, and discovered the message boards shortly thereafter. My first encounter with the works of Tolkien was through the BBC Radio Productions of the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, both of which I enjoyed tremendously. In January ’02, before I had read the books, I went for my first viewing of The Fellowship of the Ring and have been a profoundly devoted fan ever since. Since then I have read the Lord of the Rings twice, as well as The Hobbit and The Books of Lost Tales, and am now working on the Lays of Beleriand. The history of the early ages of Middle Earth, and especially of Númenor, is of great interest to me.

Inspired by the films and the writings on this board, I began my own poetic endeavors and discovered I had a talent for writing. Much of my poetry was posted on the old boards and is now in the scrapbook. I am also at work on a fan fiction, which has become much longer and more involved than I planned (these things seem to have a tendency to do that). Though it is nowhere near finished at present, I hope to post for you someday ( or a link, depending on how far my imagination goes.)

My enjoyments include sword fighting, archery, wood and leather working, drawing, writing and gardening. If I had the time and means, I would also study iron working and horsemanship. I am currently pursuing an education in the Classics, and find the ancient authors fascinating!

The greatest blessing in my life has been finding these boards. I have grown so much as a part of this Fellowship – thank you all for being here, and for staying through his difficult move. And special thanks to Varda: after Tolkien and the films, you have been my chief source of inspiration. (Though Linaewen, Lothithil, Frodo Baggins, and many others have added much as well!) Many thanks.

Elvenstar - see Rider of the Rohirrim

"Well, I'm back. "
As most of you will know, my name is Evermind (aka Blondie, Gollum, Legolas's Daughter, Hobbit feet, or Kat.) I'm 15, and I live in New Zealand - in a little town not too far from Hobbitton. I play soccer, act, write silly LOTR poems and ride horses. I've been a Tolkien fan since my mum read me the Hobbit when I was about four. My favourite characters are Gandalf, Eowyn, Gollum and Shadowfax, along with almost everyone else.
That's about it I guess, It's great to meet so many new people! Mae govannen mellyn nin!


Fan Forever
Hello everyone, I am FanForever, without the space since we moved to the new boards… I am from Montréal (that’s in Quebec, Canada), the single mother of a lovely little girl I adopted more than 8 years ago, and I work mainly from home as a free-lance translator (from English into French).  I was introduced to the LOTR in French at 16 (a long time ago), and I remember I used to go walk alone in the woods at fall, the bright yellow leaves and white trunks of the tall birches all around me like my own little Lothlorien.  I only discovered (dared to read, in fact) Mr. Tolkien’s original work 2 years ago, shortly after the release of FOTR.  Needless to say I was literally stunned by the music and imagery of his language and his world, so different from the French (and I had been already under the spell for 20 years!).

I was struck by lightning when FOTR came out, I could not eat or stop crying for 3 days.  *Something* had happened to me, I was literally shocked, it was a dream come true, but so much more than that, a world coming into life before my very eyes.  So of course I wanted to know *more* and I found the boards in 2001 just after the first movie was out. But what I found surpassed my wildest dreams, I discovered a whole community of people as passionate as I am, and with whom I could actually share my passion very concretely, writers and scholars and artists and even scientists (having a thought for our late A, for those who have known him). I never dreamed of finding that.  Entering this community literally changed my life, in more ways than I ever expected.  Since then I have met with other ringers in Canada and in the US, who have become instant friends, some of them for life, tried to write some poetry (for lack of any other word) and I still try to contribute to the boards as much as my busy life (and the new format, sigh) allows it, mostly by commenting on others’ posts and inklings, sometimes by starting a new “philosophical” thread… :-) (thanks folks for putting up with my stuff). But I have been visiting the boards at least twice a day, if not more, since December 2001, and I am glad we have the Scrapbook to keep the flame alive, thanks, Primula, you are doing a fantastic job.

We have had our ups and downs, but I do hope this community will last long, and that however the means we use, we will continue to share our passion for many many years to come. (((fan club & posters)))


Hello I am faramirgirl. I am a single mother of three grown boys. I am in college, majoring in criminal justice and sociology. I am wanting to be a victim advocate and help abused women and children. Upon finishing school I am hoping to move out of Kentucky, I really don't know where I want to go but I want to go to a bigger city. I think for what I want to do I really need a big city.

I had gotten into "The Lord of the Rings" when my oldest son had gotten out of jail. I had taken him to dinner and then to the movies, his choice was "The twin towers." Well I had decided to go and see the movie with him. While I had really enjoyed the movie, but was so lost in what the meaning of what the show was about, so after the show I had asked my son and he had told me to see the first one "The Fellowship of the Ring" and he also told me about the books.  I first read "The Hobbit" and then "The Lord of the Rings". I had all of the books read and the first movie watched before the third one came out, so when I went to see "The Return of the King" I understood the story.

I don't remember when I had joined "The Lord of the Ring" messageboard, but I have enjoyed being here and meeting all of you. I've had some really nice friendships with many of you. I hope to be able to meet many of you. I have really enjoyed the movies and still so very much enjoy the movies, for me they hold so many meanings that holds so true in today's world. What I liked the most was the way many races had formed a friendship and worked together for a common goal.


I live just outside of Austin, Texas. (I've lived in the Austin area all my life, and at this particular house for 20 years...we don't move around alot, obviously.) I've been hooked on LOTR ever since I first read the Hobbit when I was 10. I read LOTR when I was 13, and then the Silmarillion and Unfinished Tales a year later. (I've read both LOTR and The Hobbit over 25 times...I lost count after 25. )I very much like the depth of history you can find in the stories of Middle Earth, kind of a rich tapestry of stories and legends. I joined the fan club the week I found out about it - November of 2001, I think.

As for me...I'm the second oldest of 9 children, the oldest is 24, the youngest 6; all of us still living at home. We're homeschooled, and three of us have graduated high school. I work three part time jobs - as a stable hand, janitor of a church, and helping a sweet handicapped lady down the road, so I'm pretty busy. I check the boards everyday, but can't always post, as I have to share internet time with all my other siblings and my parents. (Not that I mind - I have a great family and wouldn't trade them for anything. We're very close.)

In my spare time, I like to ride my horse, Remark. (He's an Arabian.) I enjoy reading, especially C.S. Lewis, Sir Walter Scott, George MacDonald, and Charles Dickens. ( I read lots of other stuff - that's just what's coming to mind right now.) I do a lot of handcrafts when I can find time - sewing, knitting, weaving, spinning. I cook alot, especially baking bread; and I love music. I am very partial to soundtracks, and celtic music. I play the flute and sing, too. And when I'm not doing that, I try to hang out here!

One thing I've grown to really like about these mbs, is the inklings. When I first came here, I didn't see how anyone could write a story based on LOTR, without ruining the "sacred canon", so to speak. I was very pleasantly surprised, however with the high quality literature written by the folks here, and have become somewhat of an "Inkling Addict". Thanks to all of you writers!

Greetings from the midwest!  I'm Frodosmiss and I hail from North Dakota.  I am married to a wonderful man and have two beautiful daughters who keep me happy, humble, and tired out.  I read The Hobbit when I was in 9th grade and was given a set of the trilogy shortly thereafter.  I read the books then, but remembered very little about them.  PJ reintroduced me to the stories and his movies have entranced me...some say I am obssessed?!  The films moved me in a way I can't describe, but I know that I don't have to when I'm amongst fellow Ringers!  I am impressed with the talents and dedication of others who frequent the boards and I look forward to reading posts whenever I can.  There lessons to be learned from the books, the movies, the characters, and from each other and I thank you all for what you teach me when I visit Middle Earth and the Prancing Pony!

I am the mother of two young hobbits. I'm a 6th grade teacher, and this is my first day off for the summer (yeay!). In fact, the "changing of the boards" couldn't have happened at a worse time for me- what with report cards, 6th grade graduation (a big deal at our school!), and the end-of-the-year staff party at my own house, I haven't really had time to deal with Middle Earth yet. But I digress... now I'm here and ready to figure this out.

What else do you want to know about me? I was introduced to LOTR by Peter Jackson. I went to see FOTR about a month after it came out. I decided to read the book because I didn't want to wait two more years to find out how the story ended. I read it quickly, and fell in love. I've since read it several more times, and have become, well... you know- obsessed! I've been a Ringer for a little more than 3 years. I didn't know there were others like me until I found these (i.e. the old) message boards in January. I lurked for about 6 weeks, before figuring out how to join in.



When I first joined this Fellowship - it was still hosted by Decipher ... remember THOSE guys?!? - all the obvious, LOTR-related board-names were already taken and, since I'm not a purist, I couldn't come up with one off the top of my head / while registering. So ... I borrowed the name of one of my favorite musical groups, a British band called Gentle Giant. Within me, that name had always instilled a sense of wonder and fantasy ... and so it seemed appropriate enough for use as a board-name here.

I'm certainly one of the older members - never mind exactly HOW old! - and, for what it's worth, I live in a humble cave - along with gentler-half and gentlest-third - in Lafayette, Indiana.

As with many people, the works of both JRRT and PJ have, on occasion, beckoned me; to delve ever-deeper into the realm of my own imagination ... have, at times, inspired me; to make what I had imagined more concrete by expressing it in written form.   But ... it was other members here - primarily by means of their own expressions of creativity - who both prompted and encouraged me to share the results of my own creativity with others.

I've not written NEARLY as prolifically as many members, but three of my LOTR-based writings can be found in the Scrapbook ....

Also - and contrary to what many believe! - I continue working on a non-LOTR-related fantasy novel; The Favor of the Speaking Golden. To date, 24 chapters, nine entr'actes, and the epilogue have been completed ... while six (?) chapters and two (?) entr'actes remain.  Two threads related to the novel-in-progress can be found "Beyond the Farthings" ....

Perhaps I should have taken Peter Pan as my board-name ... because I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up! But I do know the following: that there are few things in life I would rather do than a) spend more time on these boards, and b) continue thinking of all of you as friends ....

Gimli's Goat
Well, I'm the famous goat of Gimli, better known in the real world as Cat. I.ve been on the boards since I was only 16, so I guess you could say that I've grown up with all these fantastic people as my support network for teenage angst -LOL!

As most of you probably know, I'm from Ireland (and dern proud of it). It's so, so beautiful, and when you come here -as you must- look me up, and I'll show you Middle-Earth on earth :)

I understand why people are upset with the changes. I can hardly write an email, never mind navigate my way around this new-fangled technology. But I want our extraordinary community to grow and continue, and so I am spending 15 minutes writing this message and trying to figure out how to send it.


Hi all. halavana here. I'm a teacher at a public high school in Kansas. Been a fan of JRRT since about 1985 and on occasion write fan fic based in Middle-earth(Barad Lomin, Tales from the Archives, etc).

Mae govanen! Hi! My name is Harthad, and I am an energetic, young, excited hobbit. Bit like Pippin, I suppose. But anyway, my name means Hope in Elvish(and no, my name is really not hope). I live in a house with my mum, my dad, two cats and my brother. In the USA.

I first joined these wonderful boards in January 2010 and since then celebrated my birthday, wrote 4 short stories, one serial parody, 6 poems, one song, 4 inklets and. . . . . I think that's it. But, that hasn't really made a huge dent in the Scrapbook, does it? My avatar is Frodo on the message boards.
I admit that I am a fan of Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood. :)

I am blind in my right eye and I have chronic lung disease and reflux which frequently sends me into the hospital. Yippee! I was also born 3 months premature.
I first read the Books in 4th and 5th grade and watched the movies in 3rd grade, when I was in the hospital. I LOVE to watch the special features on the EE's (The Taming of Smeagol!) and all that great stuff. I love to read, write, not sing, listen to the LOTR soundtracks and work on my website, Harthad's Haven.webs.com. Doctor Who is Awesome!
And I think that's about it.

I'm HobbitNaga and am from Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) i can't remember when i first joined, except i think it was between the FOTR and TTT. i go to duquesne university and am majoring in forensic science...unfortunately though, i can hardly ever get on here. i'm VERY busy with summer classes and baby sitting/work. right now, my major hobby is typing up all of my writings and i hope to someday put themm on my website...but i never realized how much i've written!

Holly Baggins
I'm Holly Baggins - I am from Lexington, South Carolina. I have been a fan for a little over two years, and I have been posting for around a year, which is far too short a time to live among such excellent and admirable Ringers.  I am homeschooled. I am pretty involved in my church- I help with all the kids programs. My favorite LOTR character is Frodo. My best friend is Asphodel, who on the old boards was known as Princess of Mirkwood.

I am the mother of 2, married many years. and I have crummy health. I am the only member of this household to be crazy for LOTR. I love coming to these boards to read what others have to say and most especially to read the stories and poems. I love the talent here. Unfortunately I cannot contribute. and I really prefer lurking. I started out last year using my real name but found that uncomfortable. I do not post often because I have a silly habit of putting my foot in my mouth.



Hi, I am Indis. I joined the Fan Club in spring and the Message boards in autumn of 2002, but my healthy interest (some call it obsession) in Prof Tolkien's work started in 1978 (yep, I am over 40, sigh...) when my mum gave me The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Since I discovered this awesome universe I have read the LotR about 25 times, The Hobbit numerous times and the Sil and the Unfinished Tales...er, once!
I am equally fascinated by PJ's masterpiece, and the amount of joy I get from reading Tolkien and watching Jackson is immense and I am so grateful for it. But to meet other ringers and make friends all over the world is really the icing on the cake.
I was born in Germany but live in beautiful Ireland since 1994, together with my ringer-sister Elentari and our poor Dad who patiently watches the trilogy again and again and again...and secretly plays with the ToyBiz action figures that are scattered all over the house!
We rent out holiday cottages here in Donegal which is lovely because it gives us a good deal of free time to follow our hobbits...er, hobbies!
It feels wonderful to be part of this great ringer family and even the new boards could not keep me away!
Love you all!


Jennan O Possums

But when the moon is high
And the wind blows through the tree,
I send my quiet call...
Sweet creatures come to me.



Hello all! I'm KUTM, aka Jonathan aka Jon. I live in South Carolina, attending the University of South Carolina.
I lurked at the fan club boards for quite awhile before I summoned up the courage to post, and I haven't regretted it once.  I'm not quite sure when I first posted, so I don't know when my anniversary is!
Thanks to (((you guys))) I'm working right now at Carolina Wildlife Care and I love it! In fact, just today they taught me how to feed baby doves. I felt like I was on ER.


I reside in the United States in the State of Minnesota. I became a huge LOTR fan when we were assigned to read 'The Hobbit' in 8th grade. We then rented out the whole theater and saw FOTR the day before it was due to be realeased in theaters. That started my main obsession with LOTR(I had read FOTR before I saw the movie). When TTT rolled around I started checking out internet fan sites(I am still to this day in disbelief as to why on earth I had not thought of doing that sooner). I quickly became a member of the forums for Billy Boyd. I found the LOTR fan club after looking at pictures from the TTT premier. There was a link or something and I became a silent lurker for about a year before I decided to join. Now, here I am! Unfortunently, I have not had a chance to meet up with any of the great members of the fan club, but I am constantly on the look out for conventions and things. I have one ringer friend who lives 7 hours from me. I am pretty lonely and am looking forward to ringer meet ups in the future. I have one dog whom I love to death. She is a cocker spaniel, samoyed, and basset hound mix name Jessee. I also love music and am planning on majoring in Music Education once I hit college. My other dream job would be animal behavior(preferably in marine mammals). I am excited to see what LOTR brings us in the future and am very happy to be a part of this world wide family of LOTR fans.

Ladyhawk Baggins
LadyhawkBaggins here. I first read LOTR in 1975. Loved it until the cartoons came out and Frodo reminded me of... never mind, it's all a bad memory now, for Elijah Wood is Frodo indeed. I found the boards in Jan after FOTR came out. The only thing I used my computer for was work, looking up info on the internet, and basically an expensive word processor. My how I have changed in so many ways. The wonderful people on these boards have seen my through some very difficult times, though which I would not have made it otherwise. My heart-felt gratitude. I also found several very dear friends, whom I never would have met because we scattered far and wide. I live in Arizona with my sweet child, Black Beauty; she's a dog, a very old and faithful dog. Work beckons.

Greetings and Salutations! I admit it...I originally joined bcause I wanted the fan mail forwarding service. (fan mail forwarding service, what?) Little did I know at the time where all of this would lead.

I'm a fairly active member in the rings community here in the Puget Sound. (some of you may know me as Jojo instead, or "the twins" as my twin sister is also strongly involved in the NW rings community) In my short time with LOTR i've bulit an amazing children's reading garden, experienced the Rocky Horror Ringer Show, helped to create LOTR music videos, attend an Oscar party, create a Tolkien convention, and help build from the ground up, One Small Garden. But outshining all of these amazing experiences are the relationships I've have been blessed with through joining the fanclub and other local fanclubs. You are my treasure.

In terms of more personal things, hmmmm. I'm a single female hobbit (with naturally curly reddish brown hair =P) *pats curls* with an elvish name, which means laughter. I found it when I was reading the unfinshed tales of Turin and I knew it was meant to be mine. I currently work 2 jobs, one as a Recreational Therapist and the other at Blockbuster. Someday I dream of only needing one job...maybe when I get hired by WETA *snerk* My sister's the one with the talent that WETA can use. My talent's with people...sigh. Not so tangible. No hobbitlings in my life. No hobbit men either, for that matter, so that kinda puts a damper on that hobbitling thing, unless by the devine conception of the Valar. Not that it wouldn't be nice...ahem...anyway...I do do things besides work and dream of hobbit men. I do play guitar and Irish whistle. And I can carry a tune. And no matter where I'm driving I can get lost. It's a talent. The bright side is that once you've been lost some place before, you know how to get unlost. I adore horses and hope some day of having one follow me home. I currently feed a dog and a cat. And my greatest inspiration is my brother-in-law. He was in the military and fell out of a helicopter on a training exercise and was paralyzed from the waist down when he was 29 and in his 1st year of marriage to my sis. He's 33 now and he's just had twins and he's going to start working on getting his pilot's license. He's handcycled from Seattle-Portland, downhill ski's on a sit-ski, and mentors other veterans and children with spinal cord injuries. he's amazing. And now I'm writing a novel...okay...see you on the boards!!

Leilah (Leia)
I had to change my name though. It didn't have enough letters so leia became leilah.
Well I am Dutch and an huge tolkien fan. I have read the books tree times now. Seen the movies .................?times. I have been a member of the fanclub and have been writing on these boards, well the old ones, since FOTR came in the cinema's. It feels I am as old as Treebeard.
I am a mother of two, a boy and a girl. I always miss a lot of the action because when I am on the boards, you are asleep. There is a timedifference but I still love to see what messages you left and sometimes I have to clean up the mess.

Greetings! I am Linaewen, a fan of LOTR and Boromir from waaaaaay back -- more than 30 years, in fact. I joined the Fanclub and the message boards in the early spring after the first film came out. I am a Wisconsin Cheesehead born and raised, and currently live in Reading PA -- but I call Pakistan my home, as I have spent 18 years of my life there, involved in mission work, and a part of my heart is still there. I currently work in the office of my mission sending agency, where I am a writer/copy editor; my hubby and I hope to return overseas in a few years. I learned I could write by sharing tales and poems of Boromir on this board, and now I get to do that in a way that serves people in the RW as well! Cool!


Hi, I'm Lindorie and I hail from the Dallas area, having moved here from Oregon two years ago. I had never read the LOTR books until after seeing FOTR the first time two years ago last new years. I work as a medical office 'nurse' and have been hanging around the boards for a little over two years. Most of the time I am a pretty upbeat person, but this morning life has kicked me in the teeth again so I can't come up with anything more to say. I'm gonna give these new boards a good try because I can't afford to lose the support system I have found here.

Lithilien Quicksilver
Ah, here I am in the Pony - which is still the Pony despite its new look - just as I've been... I found out about the films and the fan club when I went to Wally World to purchase a new copy of LOTR, which I have been reading repeatedly for over 32 years now. I have so loved this book, and all other works by the Professor which I have read, and I went to see FOTR for my first time with great trepidation. I felt there was more to see than could be taken in with just one viewing, so I returned... and returned... and returned... and well, the rest is history.

I joined the fan club during the charter days, and have met so many wonderful folk... these films and this fellowship have changed my life for the better in so many ways, I can never say "thank you" enough.

I have been here since three years ago. I live in Florida (thus using Disney/Universal passes A LOT) and have often come here to talk to others and post a movie/DVD review (I plan on becoming a critic one day). I recently got a new dog after losing my 5 1/2 year old Chiuwawa last year. He is a Bichon whose name is Jammer and is a loveable fluffball. I also enjoy(other than here and film watching) Golf, theme parks, and bowling, dinner/lunch with friends/family. It has been a pleasure coming to these boards during the time a wonderful film series has been going on (LOTR,of course) and seeing it end. Many happy moments in the future, hopefully.

I am 'middle-aged', single and staying that way, and I live in Wichita Kansas, alone with two cats that are my beloved 'boyfriends'. I read, watch movies, and write. That's about it! My RW friends think I have gone totally insane because I don't want to go out drinking or play X-box, or otherwise discard my time. I like to think that I have 'woken up'.

I first read the Hobbit, hmmm... in 8th grade, I think it was. I loved it totally, but my heart has belonged to Frodo ever since I first saw Bakshi's LOTR.

I found a copy of the Two Towers in a disused library in a hospital during my freshman year in HS, during a period of time that would have been far more difficult had I not had that book to escape into. I had not yet read Fellowship, but this did not deter me. I needed Frodo's adventures and Gandalf's wisdom. I read the summary of FOTR and turned straight to Frodo and Sam. I must have read it 10 times before I ever turned to the first half of the book! Soon after I took a job and bought Fellowship of the Ring. I have been in love ever since.

I don't recall when I finally got to read Return of the King, but there are many holes in my memory. I remember only that, even though I was very sad at the end, I was completely thrilled that Frodo had gone with the Elves, and that he would be rewarded thus. I still feel that powerful elation, even now in nth- hundred reading of them.

The Sil was a surprise and an effort to read. I actually abandoned it for a few years, knowing I wasn't ready to appriciate it for the art that it is. Later I picked it up and sailed through. At least I know myself well enough to judge what's good for me!

Several years ago now, I began to write a fan-fiction about Frodo Baggins's children, and I felt awful about it and kept it hidden from everyone. I thought I was doing a terrible thing, defiling Prof T's magnificent work... but I wrote it anyway. I wanted to read more about Middle-earth, and since no one else was doing it (I had not yet found the internet or these magnificent boards) I figured I would have to write it myself! (what an ego I have!)

I found these boards in Feburary of '02. I was overjoyed to discover that other people wrote Fanfiction with integrity and love for Prof T's work. Very soon I was eagerly sharing my own questionable inklings, and the support and enthusiasm I was showered with soon bolstered my confidence, and have made me the raving egomaniacal lunatic you now know as Lothithil.

There is so much I could say about me, but really, it is all water running past the prow. I am who I am, this strange lady who tries to write funny stories and sad ones at the same time, who loves her friends but doesn't hold them too tightly, and who dreams in Middle earth. I don't want to be anything more than that. (smile) I am glad that I have found you all. I have made friends here that will last all my life, and I hope to find and keep more. There are no people like Ringers; intellegent, kind, and passionate! Someday I hope to meet you all!

Hello! I am LuLu from Hong Kong. I am a 3 Year Charter Member. Lurking most of the time.
I have heard of LOTR from my elder brother when I was still in high school. Yet it was until PJ started shooting the film then I tried my best to read the Books. It IS still not an easy task for me as I have to bring along the biggest dictionary everytime I re-read them (but how can you look up a word when you are being chased by orcs / black riders etc.? So my English standard remain fair.)

I love the Books, the Films and the Message Boards. My favourite quote from the Book is as stated : “The Road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the Road has gone, and I must follow, if I can.” Thank you to all so talented writers here of your postings and I will follow to whatever end you lead me.


I've been lurking around the boards for a long time now. I may not post often, but I'm often reading posts!

I have met quite a few wonderful people from these boards and look forward to meeting more in the future. The boards have opened a whole new world to me. I've been a Tolkien fan since I was around 16 and have read the books many, many times. I love the movies as well, and even though I have some issues with some things (the lack of a good hobbity scouring, for example!)I know that they are a different medium. Thank goodness for PJ et al! They are fabulous! Just think of how many new people have been drawn to Tolkien as a result!


I am Marigold. My only name change was dropping the 512 off my name. I live in Central CA. I got to CA by way of Northern MI, Wisconsin, Iowa, Denver, and Southern CA. I have been married 34+ years tomorrow; that tells how old I am. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter, and 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson. Hmmm.
My oldest son convinced me to read the books (starting with The Hobbit) after I saw FOTR. Then I resaw FOTR. I was hooked when Frodo stood on the beach and made his decision to go on. Obviously, my favorite character is Frodo. I think Elijah played him wonderfully well!
I've attended 2 Oscar parties (yes, Elijah's eyes "are" that blue when you're only 10 feet from him), went to The Gathering in Toronto and went to Comic Con. This has been a fun 2 years! My coworkers tease me a bit, but they also get envious when I tell them what I've been able to do.
I have a curio cabinet full of LOTR action figures and other memorabilia. "Sting" proudly sits on top (my favorite momento).


Hello! I'm Mathom, because I love to give presents and my dwelling is rather apt to become crowded with them. Rolling Eyes
I've been a Tolkien fan since the 1960s (so I'm old) and I'm a charter member of the official movie Fan Club. I don't like to say much about myself except that I'm from Pennsylvania, lived in Massachusetts for over 20 years, and right now I'm living in Oxford, England, home of J.R.R. Tolkien and LOTR! If you're planning a visit to Oxford, send me a PM so we can set up a moot at the Eagle and Child.  If you want, I'll give you my Tolkien tour of Oxford!

Hi everybody! I'm called mousechief, or sometimes just mouse, and I've been a Middle-Earth addict since I was 10 and read The Hobbit. I am originally from Ontario, Canada, lived 8.5 years in Northern California, and am currently studying 3D animation in New Zealand, where it rains a lot. I've been on the boards for over a year, i think, simply because I didn't know where to look for them. I have a charter fanclub membership which was given to me for Christmas by my parents, who are also ringers, in a smaller way. Besides books, I love music(especially jazz, maritime/folk, and oldies aka swing and big band and rock and roll, though i also enjoy some punk/ska like Relient K and Five Iron Frenzy). I enjoy painting, and fencing too.

Suilad! The former Mrs Frodo here. I've been a Ringer since 1976, when a high school English teacher turned me on to Tolkien's world. At college I majored in music theory and composition; minored in creative writing. Moved onto the organ bench my sophomore year and have been on organ benches in various churches all 26 years since. Belonged to the American Tolkien Society for a long time.

When I heard somebody was trying to put TLofR on film, I paid the web site a courtesy call, wished them well and put it on the back burner. Surely it couldn't be done; all that could be hoped was that the attempt should cause as little pain as possible. I didn't even see Fellowship 'til New Year's Day....

I remember sitting in the theater as the lights came up, frozen with shock, drained and totally overwhelmed. All I could say through a river of tears all the way home was, "They did it. OMG, they did it." And, "FROOOODOOOOOOOO!"

I joined the Fan Club as a 3-yr. charter member on the last day the choice was available (1-20-02), and have thanked Eru for it ever since. Can't remember exactly when I ventured onto the ME board, but was probably within the week.

I'm married (22 years) to the incredibly patient Terry and we have a sweet teenage daughter who accompanied me to Toronto last December. (She's champing at the bit for the next Gathering. We're all crazy, which may explain why we have three big, rowdy Boxer dogs in addition to two cats. Aside from writing and being online, I like beadwork and needlework. Fave composer: Thomas Tallis. Fave bands: Yes, Spock's Beard, Izz. Fave author: who else??? I write Inklings, the most long-term of which, Song for the Journey, can be found in progress in the Scrapbook ((((Prim)))). (Another chapter is coming soon, it really is!)

Screen name has more to do with my deep identification with Frodo than anything else (though believe me, I keep a sponge handy at all times--new people, that means that I have to wipe up drool whenever I dwell too much on Frodo or his portrayer. )

hey i am MrsLGreenleaf. i was inlovewiththeelf in the former board life. i have been attending the boards since december '03. i currently live in just north of atlanta, georgia. i am originally from kingsport, tennessee (near bristol). i didn't see FOTR until it had been out for a couple months and since then i have absolutely loved it. i finally read the books a couple months ago and love those also. i cannot imagine a life w/ LOTR.

i am still in high school. i will be a senior next year and then off to college. not quite sure what college yet, but i'm very interesting in Bob Jones University(christian university) in Greenville, SC and majoring in cosmotology and minoring in voice.
i love coming here and reading posts. i'm more of lurker than poster.


I hail from Michigan. I am a respiratory therapist and work in a large medical center here. I have just relocated to a new apartment which is larger than the one I previously lived in. My interests are crocheting and reading books.

Hi All
I am also (the artist formerly known as ) NorthStar, NorthernStar and Madame NS. No, we don’ts have a split personality, does we, preciousss?

I have been immersed in Middle Earth since January 2001, when I joined the fanclub and the boards simultaneously, after falling in complete and utter lust with a certain blonde elf, who shall remain nameless. I began writing poetry and fan fiction for the LOTR universe shortly afterward. In the next two years, I became devoted to a certain Rohirric king ; hence the new board handle.

I live in Maine with my husband and young son, also a rabid Ringer. Unlike me, he cheers for the bad guys. It’s a personality defect he inherited from his father, who also eschews good for evil. I’ve learned to live with it.

I think what fascinates me most about the Tolkien world is the huge amount of detail in the writing and the enormous scope of what the Professor created. It endows us all with limitless possibilities for writing and dreaming. My life has been enriched immeasurably by the boards and those who dwell there, including hobbit rangers, Irish shieldmaidens, dreamy elves, surly dwarves and certain scurvy Dames who want to steal away my king.

As they say in Maine: "Ain’t gonna happen."


Old Toby
Aloha, Old Toby here sending you all greeting from my home in Hawaii. I've been a huge LOTR fan since I first read the books in the 60's (oh my, that shows my age doesn't it?) and have become a total LOTR geek since the films came out. I've been a charter member of the Fan Club since...er, since before the FOTR film came out...I have forgotten the date (oh the failing memory). I think people assume I am of the male gender, which I am not, because of my handle, which I picked for no particular reason. I just liked the scene with Bilbo and Gandalf blowing smoke rings, that's all. I am one of the founding members of the Hawaii Chapter of the Tolkien Society, called Tol Andúnë, and joined the British Tolkien Society (I call it the Mother Ship) only about a year ago. I have been fortunate enough to go on a Red Carpet tour of the film sites last year and hope to some day return to New Zealand, truly Middle-earth indeed! Nice to meet you all .Even though some of us are long-time posters, I think this is the first time we've met like this with this kind of information.

... aka "little o" or just plain "o"

I joined this nutty group January 1, 2003. I'm a music teacher with 10 students. I love it, but don't ask me about it on Thursdays, when I teach all day. I was homeschooled all the way through school and then went to Multnomah Bible College, graduating May 2003. I love writing and music. I majored in journalism, so I do some freelancing editing and graphic design.
My handle means "sister" because not only is my family extremely important to me, but so are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Greetings, My name is Tom but here I am known as Onóno Laivindur(Thomas Christ's servant) and have been Knighted Sir Ada or to some dear friends here I am called Ada, or just Big O. Big O was given me since I was introduced to these boards by onone, a sweet and dear person from my hometown, Portland, Oregon. Our August 2003 Fan Club zines got stuck together and delivered to my Post Box. Upon giving it to her she invited me to the Prancing Pony. Divine Intervention sez I.

I am a Fan club member for one year today, June 9th, but have been a thrall of Prof. Tolkien since 1967 when I read The Hobbit the first time.  I will be 50 years old this June also so I share a "Birthday" with Frodo and the LOTR books. I also Share a real Birthday with Linaewin, my dear Boromir friend and fellow inkling writer.

I love to read and write poems and stories and have written a few songs as well.
The many friends here at the boards have helped me overcome many years of depression and I love them all dearly. samwisegirl, boriel, onone, Primula, Tinidril, Hobbitlove, Linaewin, and many many others are the best. I owe them my joy, happiness, and life.

Orangeblossom Took

I have been a Tolkien fan since my mother read the books to me when I was  four years old. I joined the messageboards in 2000.
I am a librarian-in-training living in Louisiana.


I am live Maryland, USA although I am a transplant from Hawai'i, USA. I attended university in Delaware and completed both my undergraduate and masters degrees there. I am a banker in a credit card issuing company but all of my free time is spent reading, painting, loving my dog and keeping up with journal writings.
I am a huge fan of the LOTR series particularly because of te depth of thought that went into it. I am fascinated by the languages and culture that is meticuliously built throughout the books. I have read FOTR, TTT and ROTK and have enjoyed the PJ films as well. This is my first time participating in a message board format, but I joined after lurking for a bit and realizing the thoughful insights, interpretaions and emotions coveyed about the LOTR books and films were highly enjoyable. I spend most of my time in the middle earth board but I am glad that I ventured out today. It's great to be amoung people who share a common love.

- see Captain Peregrine

I started with all of this back when I first heard someone was going to be making a live-action movie of LOTR, it having been a favorite book since grade school. I had first been exposed to Tolkien's work through the Rankin-Bass animated "Hobbit," the first record I ever bought for myself with money I earned for that purpose (yes, a vinyl record - I date myself!). I still have that record, among my now rather vast collection of LOTR stuff.

With my husband, TrebleMaker, aiding me I hunted around the net - I didn't even know how to send an email then - and began lurking on the new (then only one) fanclub board. I finally got up the courage to post on it the November before FOTR came out and now, years later I'm still here. I've renewed my writing and painting skills, traveled, met other folks from the boards and generally had a Great Adventure.  I've been moderating since TTT and also run the LOTRfanclub Scrapbook, our community archive of creative writings, contests and all sorts of other things.  TrebleMaker and I host the fanclub community's current online home.

I have three young Ringers of my own underfoot, love poetry and gardening and am the librarian for a private Christian elementary school. I reside in western Oregon (the Shire!) where the sunshine always comes mixed with rain, and the grass is always greener on both sides of the fence.

   My "handle" in most places, is Pyewacket, or a variation of the spelling, or Pyewacketwizard---it's funny, I have the LOTR fan club to thank as my inspiration to learning computers to begin with--prior to that, I was computer illiterate, but one had to join the club on-line so----gave myself a crash course and learned all by my little self--Now of course, I'm addicted to computers--but alas, still don't have one of my own, so I rely on the computers at the library or go to an internet place.  I have Peter Jackson to thank for my being a die-hard LOTR fan now--although I had read the books in High School--and that was a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away (oops--wrong story)--it was his movies that have inspired me to re-read them again, and again, and again---In "real Life" I'm a photographer, but also a writer, artist, and craftsperson--in other words, a Renaissance person who's into everything!!


Queen of Gondor
My name is Queenie, at least, that’s what everyone calls me online.  I have only loved the books since early 2002, but I read them as much as I can.  I’m one of the younger ones on the boards, but I have been hanging around them for about 6 years, which is pretty cool to think about.  I would love to be a film director, and I plan on studying it out of high school. And I love everyone on the boards, who are definitely considered to be my home away from home family.


Rider of the Rohirrim (Elvenstar)
Hi I'm Rider_of_the_Rohirrim I was on the Old MB for a little over a year and it is rather hard to adjust to the new layout. I was known as Elvenstar on the old boards and I live in Cottage Grove MN.
I take horseback ridding lessons twice a week (Sun and Wed) and that is my fav thing to do other then watch, read, and discuss LOTR of course!

I’m a “RINGER”. For those unfamiliar with the term, a RINGER is a (huge) fan of the J.R.R. Tolkien saga THE LORD OF THE RINGS. (LOTR). I’ve been reading, and re-reading the books since I was introduced to them in the 1960’s, by an office buddy in the federal government. I like to start each new year with a read, but this year, instead, I reached for my extended dvd’s of the marvelous epic directed by Peter Jackson.

I started 2009, (which due to the state of things promises to be a rather tough year all around) completely immersed in a world of Hobbits, Wizards, Elves and the men of Middle Earth. It was totally satisfying. My affection for, and involvement with, the characters imagined by Professor Tolkien has actually grown over the years, not lessened. Admittedly, this year I have had some help. In February of 2008, I joined a group of like-minded people on the internet, called THE FELLOWSHIP OF MIDDLE EARTH, The Unofficial Site of The LOTR Fan Club Community. This was/is my first foray into the vast resources of the Internet. I have been welcomed into the Fellowship, which is very family friendly, by an amazing group of people, most of whom I know only by their avatars. We share a real love for the books, and now the movies. My avatar is that of one of the Ring-wraiths, or fallen kings of men. Although the Ring-wraith character is male, by adding the “wife” I made it my own.

So the Ringwraith-Wife was born. RWW for short. The photo above is a self portrait I took of RWW in the backyard of ‘her’ new home. People who know me, and remember the Halloween parties that Bernie Wrightson gave in the seventies & eighties in upstate NY, will recognize RWW as an adaptation of another character I dressed as… The Vampire Bride. (Admittedly, I’m also a Halloween junkie, and costume freak.)

When I ‘became’ RWW, I started thinking about LOTR on a daily basis, rather than as my annual enjoyable pastime. Because of this, I’ve begun to integrate LOTR into my daily life… really. Almost to the point of WWGD. (What would Gandalf Do) Even to me, it’s a little spooky. But it sure is fun. In May, I felt confident enough to start an online comic, titled RINGER. Due to other real life considerations, I had stopped cartooning years ago, and I missed it. RINGER ‘publishes’ four cartoons a week, all a parody of LOTR and it’s characters. Because it’s on the Internet, I get instant feedback on the weekly gags… I found out quickly what works, and what doesn’t, and just as quickly I adjust. What started out as a small pleasantry, has now become quite a bit more. I fully intend to try for a book sometime this year. (My only cartoon book so far, I Drive People Crazy, Too, was about Pac-Man… I got the biggest kick when another author asked to include my book in her Pac-Man collectible tome… if for no other reason than instead of being thought of as an antique, I’m now officially a collectible.) As a Ringer, I still have friends who marvel at my fascination with LOTR, the books, the movies… and let’s not forget my semi-obsession with the movie’s stars!

My personal favorite, of the actors, from the beginning, has been Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn. -Sigh!- Other Ringer friends are quite enamored with Orlando Bloom, who played Legolas, Elijah Wood as Frodo, and Sean Bean as Boromir. Heroes, all. Nowadays, we need our heroes. (Can you say… OBAMA ? …I hope… I hope… I hope.)

Anyway, all I’m trying to point out here, if my little ramble has a point, is that nothing you do is wasted. It’s all grist for your mill. A book someone casually handed me 40 (!) years ago, has all but taken over my present life… and in such a good way. So if someone tells you that whatever you happen to be doing at the moment… reading a book, painting, writing a play, watching a movie, or simply daydreaming… is a waste of time… know in your heart that it isn’t… one of these days your ‘diversion’ could just end up being the next chapter in your own book.

As for the Ringwraith - Wife photo, my “hobby” used to be taking self portraits… always in costume, with interesting props. I put my camera on a tripod, hit the self timer, and run like the devil to get in place. I lost my favorite set of photos in a move… In them, I dressed as Esmeralda, had made a soft sculpture of Quasimodo, and positioned myself & “Quasi ” on the steps of a gorgeous downtown stone church. When I clicked the timer I ran and wrapped myself in this huge hawser, and laid on the stone steps at “Quasi’s” feet. I called the best photo from that set “She Gave Me Water.” One of these days I hope to redo the “Quasi” series. (Of course, if I don’t get a move on the new photos will be titled “He Gave Her Walker.”) I also have a few humorous LOTR characters, and setups, in mind as well. But as I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are only so many hours in a day.

For now, my character ‘RingWraith Wife’ will have to do… and my cartoons, of course. And the paintings, and plays… Ain’t life grand? But still, this year, already… something’s missing. Before too long I’m going to have to pull my crusty old LOTR volumes down from the shelves. Even with the movies… I miss the books… and you know what they say… “Real Ringers Read The Books.” (They do… they do… they do.) Damn you, J.R.R. Tolkien.


I'm Rosie... and I've been here since the beginning of the first age! I met my husband, Icarus through the Message Boards. We were married and now have two wonderful sons together. We have a house-full with 6 other children (3 boys and 3 girls). I was a free lance writer for the LOTR Fan Club magazine and a commisioned artist, but mostly a stay-at-home mom. Icarus works as (among other things) a reservist with the US Navy. We relocated to New Jersey, then to Colorado where we now reside. I enjoy gardening (Yay, my tomatoes have their first fruits on them!) remodeling our new/old home, and looking forward to more moots!

Hi, I'm Ruby and although I've been lurking around the old boards for awhile I have only posted there about twice. Anyways, I'm a elementary education student at the UofA in Canada and minoring in early childhood education, for some unknown reason I have decided that I would like to teach kindergarten. So hopefully when I'graduate that will happen. I have also been working at a daycare for the past several years which has been fun as well as challenging at times.

Ruby Sandybanks
Hi I'm Ruby_Sandybanks(A.K.A. Ruby). I have been on since October of 2004. I live in St. Paul Park Minnesota. I am part of the Science Club at my school (since science is my second obsession). I love music. In fact I hope that someday I will a famous singer. Well, that's me, Ruby, hope to see you around the boards.


I was introduced to the trilogy in 1967 by my music theory teacher and was hooked. I so hated the animated movies of the 70s (though I would've liked to see George Harrison as Gandalf - haha!), I was terrified to hear some guy in NZ was filming the trilogy. I couldn't see how there could possibly be a decent rendition - I have never been so glad to be proved wrong; PJ got it exactly right!

I was writing my thesis when FOTR came out so did not allow myself to go see it until the thesis was turned in at the end of January. I immediately came online and found the fanclub, but being somewhat shy (what's that raucous laughter I hear?), I waited to join until exactly 1 day after the deadline to be a charter member (because I didn't want my RW name on the credits and was too dumb to consider putting my handle on instead). So I've been a member since then and prefer the silliness of the PP as a creative outlet to all the cerebration in my life, though I do lurk at ME and have been known to swoon at the Fellowship board now and then. I have met many of you fine, wonderful people of the boards and love you as if I'd known you all my life.

I chose my handle, Simpetarwen, from the Lost Tales by Tolkein. The Soli Simpetar were the elves that lived and worked at the Grey Havens and played their flutes along the shore - as the boats left ME I suppose. (You always should have music for that kind of thing). Since I love the elves and am a flutist (I studied with James Galway when he played in the Berlin Philharmonic back in the 70s), it seemed a natural choice. "Wen" is simply the ME (and Old English) cognate for "female" (as in "wench") - so literally, I am "Shore Piper Elf (female)." It was only after I had been posting a while that someone pointed out the "arwen" in my name. So now you know the Truth: my name is simpetar + wen, not simpet + arwen! Call me simp for short!

I am an older member of the boards (old enough to be a Red Hatter). I am an Registered Nurse (there have always been more ads for nurses than for flutists!) and presently work in public health (I have graduate degrees in both Public Health and Nursing). My area of expertise is parent-child health, having worked in Labor&Delivery, both Peds and Neonatal Intensive Care, am an expert lactation consultant, and have also worked/taught nursing informatics. I still play the flute professionally (church musician) and recently acquired a set of bagpipes, but that's another story! My favorite character in the books is Legolas (he is quite droll in the books) and in the movies, umm, I'd have to say it is Sam (though I didn't arrive at that opinion until after seeing ROTK). For plain ol' fun - it's Haldir anyday. I am also one of the Pony NOGs (Night Owl Group) since I live in California and usually post late at night (boardtime).

Strange Elf

I've been on the boards since January 02, though under a few different handles as the mods may remember. Have been reading LOTR on a regualr basis since the 70's (yes. I'm an old one too)
I'm a 20+ year veteran of marriage and mother of two boys, both LOTR fans.
Born and bred in England now residing in the US of A. I play mostly at the FB, and I love all the actors, though a few of the boys do induce major drooling and swooning moments.
I am very thankful for the close friendship I have made with several of my fellow posters, my life has been enriched since meeting them.


Hello from Massachusetts!  My name is Tamara and I was born in New Jersey in 1972.  I now live in Greater Boston after 7 years in San Diego.  I fell in love with New England in 1991 when I came to Boston to attend BU.  Now, I work at Harvard and I can't imagine ever living in a place without 4 distinct seasons again.  Still, I run the website for actor Anthony Cistaro, who is based in L.A., so visiting the "left coast" is always fun for me.

Amane, my previous handle, was actually a Japanese name, which is actually one of the few ethnicities I am not (I'm the traditional American melting pot- Dutch, Irish, French, Italian and Cherokee).  The name is a contraction of two Japanese words, ama and ne, which loosely translated means "sound of rain".  Not a bad choice for someone who was born in the year of the water-rat, raised in Oregon and loves water in all forms.

I'm a recent fan of LOTR, as I refused to read the series for 15 years, shocking as that seems now.  As a bookstore employee in high school and college, I was constantly having Tolkien's books thrust on me by well-intentioned customers who insisted I read them. Like most people, it was a turn-off and I doggedly dug in my heels of refusal.  I even avoided the films when they came out, the feeling was so ingrained in me. Then, in fall 2003, I was at the library and they had FOTR as a free rental.  I decided to give it a try. Luckily, the extended edition of TTT was due out in a couple of weeks, because I was hooked.  I bought the extended editions of the first two films and began hunting the internet for more information.

That's how I found The Fan Club and TORn's Line Parties, which led me to become a member and join with local fans to see ROTK.  I'm now the events coordinator for that line party and we have branched out into Boston's Magickal Mythopoeic Movie Group at our own website, www.expectopatronvm.com, so we can continue to have fan gatherings for the actors who brought Tolkien's words to life in their future projects, as well as other film's.  As most people in our community know, Tolkien fans are just fun people,to be with, so we like any excuse to get together.   I look forward to eventually visiting New Zealand and the UK, hopefully with fellow Ringers.  There's no better company.

I discovered LOTR from my first viewing of FOTR. I had never read the books until that point and have loved them dearly since. When I saw FOTR I asked myself "Where have I been and look at what I was missing!!" I have seen the films dozens of times and can never get enough of them. I have written poetry for LOTR characters in reflection and hope to get a little more prolific in the near future. They are written from the heart- tis the place where they will stay in forever.
I wanted to attempt something I had not done before- From January to Late June of this year I have built from scratch Frodo's Orc Armor. Twas quite a feat within itself!! I have more pictures I hope to post very soon from the Houston LOTR costume contest and progression shots as the costume was made. It weighs in at a whopping 76lbs!
I am blessed to have found my family of Ringers here who love the books, the films, and the memories we create along the way as much as I do!!! Thanks dear Ringers!!!

I belong to the Alley Cat LOTR Costume List and someone posted a link to here. I decided to check things out around here, liked what I saw and here I am!!

I am one of those very rare fans who wanted to read the books before seeing the movies. So I could understand what all the fuss was about and being interested in Medieval History and also Fantasy, I can't now believe I didn't pick up LOTR until the Spring of 2001. However, I didn't.

I remember reading through Concerning Hobbits, Tom Bombadil and the encounter of everyone's favourite hobbits and the Barrow wight and thinking, "Sheesh this thing is slow going." A good friend of mine and a fellow Ringer told me to hang on and get to The Prancing Pony. There was a Ranger named Strider waiting for me and the hobbits. Once that happened, things would pick up. Boy, was she right about that and that started this on going love affair w/Aragorn.

(Don't let Arwen know I said that, okay?  )

I finished the books by March of 2002, but due to me being in the middle of nowhere and the nearest movie theatre being three hours away in Sudbury, Ontario, I didn't get to see Fellowship on the big screen. I saw it for the first time on our Movie Network here on my sister's TV August of 2002. That finished it for me and I've fallen head over heels in love w/Middle Earth ever since.

I love all of the cast, but w/Aragorn being my favourite, I was hoping that PJ would get that one cast right. Yes, I know the story behind Viggo getting the role and all I can say is that the stars were lined up right that day for all of us. I knew who Viggo was thanks to A Perfect Murder and his poetry before LOTR, but Aragorn made me a bigger fan of his. I am proudly a Ranger Girl and very big Viggo fan. Sigh...I just wish I could also afford one of his photos, but we can't have everything in this life I'm afraid.

Let's see...What else...

I love crocheting, counted cross stitching and embroidery. I also knit, but am still relatively a novice/beginner at it as I've only learned to knit in the past year. The other crafts I've been doing for years. The knitting is coming along though.

I also love to write and have written several LOTR fan fics and poetry. Huge music fan and I also love to sing. Third Generation Toronto Maple Leafs fan and also a huge Blue Jays fan. My real sporting passion however is figure skating. I can't do it due to health issues, but I love watching it and following my favourites as the season is now well and truly underway. A Post Olympic year is always an interesting one as the young ones are trying to make a big splash and those who have decided to stick around are trying to show they still are on top of the sport.

Speaking of health issues...I'm legally blind. I have Retinitis Pigmentosa, which is an eye disease that's slowly taking away my periphal vision and night vision. Basically all I have is tunnel vision. What I do see, I see well, but it's extremely limited and I do need to use a white cane while out and about in public. I am however starting to do research and finding out what I need to do to go around getting a Guide Dog.

People these days...Everyone's in such a freaking hurry anymore that I can't swing my cane anymore. Because when I do, someone cuts in front of me w/out saying ''Excuse me", and warning me they're coming up on me, and will end up going flying because my cane trips them up. Oh and then they'll turn around and tell me to watch what I'm doing w/that thing. 

Also whenever that happens, the bottom of the cane gets bent. It's only a hollow aluminim metal tube after all, so it doesn't take a lot of force to bend it. When that happens though, it changes the feel of it in my hand and can throw me off. So, for the last two years and a bit, I've had to use the cane in the position of someone who only needs it for idenitfication as visually impaired. I've fallen down more steps or tripped over more things since then because w/not swinging it, I'm not getting that advanced warning. So, I really do need that extra pair of eyes and soon too.

I'm also a kidney transplant recepient. My anniversary is coming up too. December 10th, 1993 was the day I was given the greatest early Christmas present ever. I nearly lost it due to a rare allergic reaction to what was the main antirejection drug at the time, and between that reaction and the treatment for it...It was a close thing, but they were able to get things turned around.

Anyway....That's a bit about me.  I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone!!

I watched FotR on opening night... after I picked up my jaw off the theater floor and went home, I found the official Fan Club from a link at the bottom of the official movie site. I joined as a 3 yr. charter member shortly thereafter.
I've been a Tolkien fan for over 35 years. It began when my 7th grade homeroom teacher had us read The Hobbit as a class. The following year I discovered The Lord of the Rings novels on my grandmother's bookshelf. She was an avid fan of hard-core sci-fi rather than fantasy... so when I commented that I knew and liked Tolkien she told me I could have her books! They were the first novels I had ever read all the way through on my own... it took me 3 weeks reading constantly, even during meals! I've reread the story many, many times since then.

It was during my sojourn here with other fans that I first realized that I was actually married to the real-life Samwise Gamgee! It only took me about 27 years to figure that out! Anyway, I am very thankful to have my dear "Sam"...

We are Portlanders, not too far away from our own dear Primula, and very near to Onono (Big O), Onone (Little O), and Gimli's Sister.


In my rich fantasy life, I am a Ranger of Ithilien busy protecting the land of Gondor  from the menace that threatens our beautiful way of life. My heart's desire is to one day  meet Faramir (who I've had a crush on since I first read The Book way back in the 70's)  and to study in the Houses of Healing.

Alas, the Real World intrudes all too often and when I'm there my life is full with being  a nurse + herbalist + massage therapist = healer; freelance writer; fiber artist;  gardener; lover of all things furry, feathered, finned, scaled and creepy; voracious  reader; dancer; watcher of Japanese anime; and without a doubt, I am huge fan of LOTR  (both the book version and the film version). The gorgeous Pacific Northwest is my home and Seattle is my current place of residence although Portland is calling me to come south and stay a while.





If you ever hear a sneeze in the Pony but can't see anyone, that will be me lurking in the rafters!
My handle comes from the name of my farm, which is a Hobbiton in Middle England - green rolling hills, lush woodland trails, pint-sized ponies and badgers and foxes abound! I know the Hobbits are there somewhere, if only I could tip-toe quietly enough.
I have my Other Half (one day he will get round to popping the question!) and two gorgeous little boys...Twiglet and Wheathillock.
Two things you will never sway me on - Tolkien was a genius. PJ is a genius. Everything else is up for debate!!





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