Title: LOTR Fanclub Drink Definitions

Most of the company were, however, now in a tolerant mood,
at that delightful stage which they called 'filling up the corners'.

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Dessert Menu

By various fans, inspired by Namarie

Can't see over the bar? Just ring our special hobbit bell, left of the door.

The Fountain

Enjoy a refreshing Drink Today

Dr. Strider
Shield-Maid Orange
Green River
Entroot Beer

Nothing like a cold ice-cream, served to you straight from the
hands of our very own Gimli,
proprietor of the Fridge

(subject to availability - sometimes the proprietor gets hungry)

Rocky Mordor Road -- Be sure to order a soda with this one, it makes you thirsty!

Gandalf the Vanilla -- Vanilla as it Should Have Been.

Butterbur Pecan -- Nuts thicker than wood in a lumberyard are found in this buttery confection.

Lobelia Lemonpuss -- Bits of extra-tart lemondrop pepper this lemony delight. Served with an umbrella.

Rauros Swirl -- A whirlpool of vanilla and chocolate. Served in a porcelain boat.

Saruman's Rainbow Sherbet -- The treat of Many Colors.

Caradhras Cappuchino -- The coldest coffee and cream you've ever tasted, flecked with espresso bean bits.

Pippin Pineapple -- Doesn't stay long in your dish, fruity and sweet.

Minty Merry's Chocolate Chip --  What could be more practical than this perennial favorite?

Sam's Strawberry Cheesecake -- Remember those strawberries in the Shire? Well, here they are!

Aragorn's Elvish Almond -- Gourmet candy-coated almonds in rich vanilla, worth all that waiting for.

Frodo's Pistachio Delight -- Shire-green pistachio smoothness, served with ladyfingers.

Goldberry-Berry -- Mixed fresh berries swirled through a pool of soft-serve vanilla, served in a sterling-silver lily.

Lotho's Dieter's Special -- Sugar-free, fat-free plain ice-milk served in a paper cup.

Delightful Desserts

Boromir Float -- Any of the above flavors floating in a generous glassful of your choice of soda.

Fatty's Favorite
-- Mr. Bolger will have you bulging with this one. One scoop of each of our flavors, piled up in a pyramid and topped with an entire can of the sauce of your choice.  Serves a dozen Rangers or 2 hobbits.

Mt. Doom -- The quest for a hot-fudge sundae reaches it's fulfillment! Forty scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice-cream liberally sprinkled with chocolate shot and chopped nuts, all with an eruption of strawberry chunks and hot fudge running down the sides. An entire can of whipped cream and a pineapple ring tops it off. Come meet your destiny, with a spoon!

The White Tower of Ecthelion -- Vanilla scoops on a sterling silver spike as high as our server can reach, topped with a waffle cone. Best eaten in the moonlight. Served with two mother-of-pearl tipped spoons.

The Ring -- An entire golden bundt-cake, filled with vanilla and topped with butterscotch.  Lettering in red gel extra.

Bananas Denethor Flambe -- Bananas briefly sauteed in caramelized butter and brown sugar, topped with vanilla ice-cream and cinnamon, then doused with warmed brandy and set alight at your own table. One of our originals!

Elanor's Strawberry Shortcake -- What could be better than fresh strawberries and cream heaped on sweet Hobbit shortbread? Makes any day a June day.  Recommended for natural lightening of the hair.

*All Desserts topped with a freshly whipped cream and a cherry unless otherwise stated.*

The Bakery
Be sure to check out the selections in our bakery case. Baked fresh daily!

Today's Specials:
Éomer  Éclairs
       Snowmane Cream Puffs

Gandalf Drops -- Tasty and all-natural! A favorite of the Maia.

Aragorn Danishes -- Freshly made with athelas filling.

Bill's Apple Fritter -- Plenty of apple, without the core.  If you like these, try our new Beornclaws!

Legolas Spongecake -- Fluffy and extra-absorbent.

Faramisu -- Made with the highest-quality ingredients, a many-layered treat that never lies long on the plate.

Minas Torte -- That towering dessert that put us on the map for traveling Gondorians.

Hobbit Shortbread -- Shaped like feet, but sweeter to eat.

Figwit Newtons -- A soft snack for when you need it quiet. Surprisingly attractive!

Cave-Troll Pound Cake -- Hammer down a few slices of this one, it really hits the spot!

Mazarbul Marzipan -- That decadent treat of old, from an authentic Dwarvish recipe.

The Mayor's Flour Dumplings -- Mayor Whitfoot's own recipe, now available in take-out, or as a mix.

Cram -- For our Dwarven customers, an acquired taste.

Innkeeper's Special: Buy a Balrog Jalapeño Roll and get 1 dozen Gandalf Drops at half price!

Be sure to preorder your Troll-House Cookies today!

Additions? Email Primula.