Title: LOTR Fanclub Drink Definitions

'It was understood that something quite exceptional was being planned...'

Instructions given for some seasonal games and events we entertain on our boards:

Valentine's Day Matchmaking:
It's some work to do, yes, but it's also great fun! Basically what the Matchmaker needs to do is come up with a list of things, all matched with a character, and to each a short explanation of what links the two together.

For example: last year Laerindae chose the lily from the list of flowers, which was linked to Aragorn because a lily stands for majesty and return of happiness. So if you had a list of films and someone chose, say, Lord of the Rings, they would get Sauron because Sauron is the Lord of the Rings. Hope that clears it up a bit. In the past we have used
Desserts ('02), Song Lyrics ('03), Song Titles ('04), Flowers ('05) and Classic Poetry ('06).

There are a few rules - but don't let them get in the way of the fun! Firstly the characters must have been alive during the LOTR, so no only The Hobbit or Silmarillion characters, and no actors/ "real people." The Matchmaker gets to pick one to keep for her/himself, though it is advised to choose one of the minor characters - wouldn't do to deprive others of a chance of winning their favourite!

For the contestants there is only one rule: they only get to pick once, so no giving back a date because it's not what you wanted. You can, of course, swap with other people, if both parties consent.

It is advisable for the Matchmaker to create two threads: one where people get to pick something and be matched up, and one where they can go and party with their dates. Remember to provide for both guys and gals.
Also, when you set a time and date, make sure to pick sometime when friends across the pond get to join in the fun, too!

- Avondster

Christmas Mathom-Exchange

This is an actual exchange of items that are 'too nice to throw out' as our annual gift exchange for the Christmas season.  Some folks like to add a special LOTR touch to theirs, others just send out whatever they have - it's all in fun.  Mathoms are encouraged to be 'real' mathoms, not expensive new gifts, and participants are encouraged to put in a note that explains the history of the mathom. 

The coordinator (usually Doctor Gamgee) for this event accepts real-world names and mailing addresses privately and then matches each participant up with a 'mathom buddy' to send to.  It is like a chain, so the person you send to is not the same as the person you recieve from.  Those signing up for the exchange specify whether or not they are willing to send overseas and the coordinator makes efforts to match a chain for each geographic area (i.e. European, or States). 

Fellowship Yard Sale

In the spring and in the fall we may have a two-week 'online yard sale'  set up by the Admin and/or mods.  This is a bit like our own Ebay without fees - a special forum is created just for the sale and anyone with a 50 post minimum may post their items for sale with up to two images, max. 500 pixels in size.  The price posted must include the shipping/handling.  Financial arrangements are made privately between the seller and buyer via pm.  A great way to reduce clutter, beef up our fan collections or just enjoy browsing other people's 'stuff.'

Annual Tolkien Gingerbread Contest

Gingerbread subject:  Anything that you can make in gingerbread (or similar edible materials) representing any part, person or portion of Tolkien's works.
Any size, number, height or length.  Enter as often as you have the stamina to.
Deadline is first week of January.

To enter:

1. Produce your Epic Gingerbread
2. Write up a short (or long) description of who/where it is, or what we are looking at.  Include your handle, though initial voting will be anonymous.
3. Include up to 4 photos of your work.  (If larger than 500 pixels, they will be resized)   Send your entries to Primula

Judging will be done by polling the fan community.  You will be assigned a random "candy" name until voting is done for anonymity - true names will appear after.

Enjoy your time on the boards!

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