Title: LOTR Fanclub Drink Definitions

What's the Pony to him, or mugs o' beer? Not but what my beer's good, Gandalf.
It's been uncommon good since you came in the autumn of last year and put a good word on it.

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Drinks Menu

By Elfstone and a variety of other contributors

Can't see over the bar? Just ring our special hobbit bell, left of the door.

** Second Breakfast...A House Specialty **

Barlimans Best Ale...It Comes in Pints, Pints, and well, Pints..!!

Pony Pale Ale...Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage..

Fizzy Blender drinks vary in strength from Rainbow Goo to Surfin' the Rafters

Old Wynyard Wines..Vintage Darwinion from Mirkwood Old Wynyards circa 1296

Tea or coffee w/ endless refills: Eorl Grey, Orange Viggo, Rosie Rosehip, Half-caff Gandalf decafe..

Hot chocolate, chocolate milk, and chocolate wafers available day and night.

Osgilitath Ovaltine...vitamin fortified thick sweet goo, add milk, hot or cold.

Lembas and Athelas Teas available day and night..

Longbottom Leaf and Ol' Toby brand fine quality pipe blends

White Mountain Waters..Pure and icey cool

Fruits of the Shire: Our Special Frozen Fruity Halfling Drinks:

Banana Brandybuck, Treebeard Apple Blend, Blueberry Merry, Rasberry Brandybuck, Tutti-Frutti Frodo, Pineapple Pippin, Boysenberry Bilbo, and the Juices of Master Samwise.

Cranberries from Dunland...an exotic import that often takes visitors by surprise.

Boysinberries....(a Saruman blend: a large bramble fruit with a raspberry flavor; also: the trailing hybrid bramble yielding this fruit and developed by crossing several blackberries and raspberries. The boys may have encountered these in the wild during any number of days hiding from sight, wherein the boys were indeed in berries..)

*All Mixed Beverages served with Mallorn Tree stirrers and Gondorian map coasters*

Barlimans Best Ale...It Comes in Pints, Pints, and Pints..!!

Treebeard Apple Martinis with authentic Treebeard Apple Blend

Anduin Iced Tea..a swirling rush of unexpected flavor...watch out for the rocks.

Athelas Green Tea...iced or hot.

Rosie's Rosehip Tea...The favorite of the esteemed Mayor Gamgee.


Gandalf Carafe Premium White Wines Authentic Brand of the Hand Distilleries

Boysinberries Juice Blend w/ Hobbit stirrers

Legolas Light Sweet Cream Elven Dream

Billy's Irish Cream...add an accent of the Isle to your evening.

Flaming Gimlis, Rum or single malt Scotch Under the Rocks, 1 cloned Galadrial hair, Flamed by a Balrog

Treebeard Aged Wild Nut Liquors

Morgul Ale.. very, very dark ale

Balnog.....hot & spicy, flaming

Mishelob... A quick Six to go...

Boromir Float...Served Flaming, with Sword and Horn stirrers

VM....as in "I coulda hada VM "...or V8 if you really must..

Half-Gaffer...you know the glass is always half empty, no matter what the drink!
(half pint of ale with a shot o' gaffers' potato mash sunk in it)

dRums in the deep...shots of Flaming Rum dropped into a very tall mug of icy water.

Whiskey Sauron...leaves you with that distinctive red-eye in the morning.

Erech and Rye...a very stiff drink. Very stiff.

Boromirs Revenge...Scotch with crushed ice...best served cold.

Merry Margarita: V8 Splash Tropical Blend and rum blended with crushed ice. CinnAmon on glass rim

Estella Margarita: V8 Splash ShireBerry Blend and rum served over crushed ice with Frosted Sugar glass rim

Wacky Juice...Unique to each. Generally comes in Utter Chaos or Lil'BBlends..(non-alcoholic)..

Caradhras coffee...Cadsuane's specialty. Never trust an Elf with this.

Mrs Bolgers

Treebeard Teas Assortment.

Aragorn Alexander

Bloody Merry...no comment...

Faramir Float..A Real Smoothie..

Fuzzy Frodo

Frodo Fizz

Gollum Collins

Haldir Highball...very lively...

Singapore Sam

Rare or hard to find ingredients can usually be found in the Fridge at Khazad-Dum.
If any smurfs, or Gimli, or a dietary crisis emerge, simply yell "You Cannot Pass"..!!

Provisions and supplies by Elfstone Northern Supply Associates

Weekend Crew supplied by Scottish Highland Mens Auxiliary

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