misty mountains
misty mountains

LOTR Fanclub Riddle Contest

This community contest ran from
January 11 - March 14

Riddles subject:
Any person, location or object from Tolkien's
Lord of the Rings

1st Place
Elvellon Ringsbane

2nd Place
Doctor Gamgee

Honorable Mention

Originality: Evermind
Tricksy-ness: JennanOPossums
Rhyming: The Foe Hammer
Best Obscure Answer: Mousechief
Enthusiasm: Fellowshipfan

Gollum! Gollum!

Good Riddling!

First prize: winner's choice of a set of limited edition black-and-white art prints by Tim Kirk and Colleen Doran, or a Glasshammer cd!
Second place gets whichever one First Place didn't take.