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All prizes were donated by Decipher

LOTR Fanclub Poetry Contest

The LOTR Fanclub "LOTR Objects Poetry" Contest  ran from June 1 to July 7, 2003.

Poetry subject:
Any object from Tolkien's
Lord of the Rings
Original, in any form or length.

Best Overall:

First Place:
Gimli's Gift

 by Jade of Orc

Second Place:
 A Sable Banner for the King
by Elvellon Ringsbane

Third Place:
A Proper 1420
by Flame of Thangorodrim

Fourth Place:
One Hobbit's Precious
by jan-u-wine

Runners Up:

A Reminder of Home

by Sam Wood

Such a Little Thing
by Eowyn of Ithilien

Best Structured Poem:
Mallorn of Lorien
by Elvellon Ringsbane

Best Free Verse:
by Mel Baggins

Best Humorous:
Sam's Pans

Best Serious:
The Rope
by Avondster

Best Ballad:
The Ring of Barahir
by Old Toby

Best Short Verse:
Leaf of Lorien
by Rosie Cotton

Congratulations to all the winners!