Tolkien-Themed Gingerbread Contest

A tasty contest for the fans

The 2007 Contest is now Closed -
see you next year!

Gingerbread subject:

Anything that you can make in gingerbread
(or similar edible materials)

representing any part, person or portion of Tolkien's works.

Any size, number, height or length.

Enter as often as you have the stamina too!

Deadline is first week of January.

To enter:

1. Produce your Epic Gingerbread!

2. Write up a short (or long) description
 of who/where it is, or what we are looking at. 
Include your handle, though initial voting will be anonymous.

3. Include up to 4 photos of your work

(If larger than 500 pixels, they will be resized)

Send your entries to Primula

Judging will be done by polling the fan community. 
You will be assigned a random "candy" name until voting is done for anonymity - true names will appear after!

Special prizes will be awarded!
Click on the Gingerhobbits to Submit your Entry
Submit your Gingerbread!