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A Banners and Buttons Design Contest - all are welcome to enter!


Large Banners : 468 x 60 pixels
Medium Banners: 234 x 60 pixels
Small Banners: 
120 x 60 pixels
Buttons: 100 x 35 pixels

Bonus Categories we would enjoy displaying and using:
Avatars: 100 x 100 pixels max.

Squares: 50 x 50 pixels
Congratulations to our winners:
1st Place: Bregobaby
2nd Place: Ashlyn
3rd Place: Queen of Gondor

Winners now have their works displayed on the forum home page
Judging for this contest took place Nov-Dec 2006

All entries
are now displayed on their own pages at the Fellowship of Middle-earth with credit given to the artist.

All entries are open to use by anyone wanting to link to our site.

Additional entries are always welcome
even after this contest is closed - we are glad that you would consider sharing your talents with us - just post them to the forums, or send as an attachment for Primula.  Please be sure you have "LOTR Banners" in your header for any emails.

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