Bad Writing

An Introduction

Welcome to the Bad Writing Contest for 2004

1st place
Frodo of the Nine Fingers by Old Toby

2nd Place
Crickhollow by onone

3rd Place
Gardener Smardener by Lothithil

Other Questionable Honors within Categories:

Pestilential Prose
1st: How Mary Sue...Lived Happily Ever After by Avondster
2nd: An Extravagantly Inconsequential FOTR Vignette by Mrs. Frodo Baggins
3rd: LOTR Long Story by Elbereth

Lamentable Laughs:
Aragorn's Love Letter to Arwen by Dinledhwen
2nd: What Really Happened... by Jennan O Possums
3rd: Being Bob by Gimli's Goat

Shameful Short Verse:

1st: Sauron Becomes a Kindergarten Teacher by Goldberry
2nd: Frodo's Eyes by Dinledhwen
3rd: The Ring by Sinthor

Excruciating Epics

1st: LOTR by Lewis Carrol's Insane Ghostwriter by Lothithil
2nd: I'm So Pretty by Jennan O Possums
3rd: The Exhaustive Tale of Gimli's Relations by Celebrian

And the others were pretty bad too.

This contest was open to all members and regular posters at the LOTRfanclub community boards, plus long-time lurkers and a few oddballs.  An excercise in painful prose and other wretched writing, it ran from July 26 to September 30, 2004. 

Small prizes of questionable value will be sent to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners courtesy of the LOTRfanclub Scrapbook.
We just hope they don't send them back.

The object of the contest was a "poor writing" event, not an "offensive writing" event, so entries are family-friendly. The judges requested that writers not indulge in "netspeak" writing (u instead of 'you',  r instead of 'are' etc.) as this is only lazy typing and does not affect the questionable quality of the work, it only makes it difficult for them to read.

The contest is now Closed - Judging is completed. Congratulations and condolances to all of our winners!